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Chris Brown Charged with Two Felonies

Chris Brown Charged with Two Felonies

Chris Brown has officially been charged with felony assault and criminal threats by prosecutors.

These charges come approximately one month after girlfriend, Rihanna, was found with visible physical abuse. Both Chris and Rihanna canceled their Feb. 8 Grammy apperances.

TMZ got hold of the picture of Rihanna, taken the night of attack.

His hearing is scheduled for 3:30pm PT today. Chris is free on $50,000 bail and if found guilty, could face up to five years in prison.

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  • thats_right

    She is still with him how sad and I thought she would dump him so fast.


  • thats_right

    RIHANNA is still with him how sad and i thought she would have dumped him by now


  • iwanthimdead

    charged, but will he go to jail? please lock him up. details of what he did to rihanna can be found on the yahoo main page.

  • Whitney

    I hope justice gets serves. No man should hit a woman regardless of the situation. He needs to be an adult and take the consequences of his actions.

  • G

    Look what i am saying is that what he did was wrong but 1st of all it is his first offense and 2nd He is black so they are trying to make something out of this..If RI doesn’t want to charge him WTF..
    In a time when we have B Madoff relaxing in his 7 mill home like a Celebrity..2 people killed themselves over losing money form this man and many others bankrupt.Isn’t it nice to see there are truly 2 different set of rules for Black and white people..WOW..
    Remember Jon Bennet..Wait did any of her parents see the inside of a cell..NO!

  • sara

    Okay, I am not a big Rihanna fan but she needs to leave Chris Brown. Chris needs to go get help and try and become a better person. This is all gonna take time but the healing for both party wont start for a while and being together is not gonna help the situation. They need to step away from each other for a while. Also both of their parents should step in and talk to their kids about this. Just coz they are famous does not mean you stop parenting. Its a very very sad situation and I wish everyone involved the best

  • sos

    If Rihanna is cool with him doing whatever he did why should the
    D.A even care??i hope he doesnt get more than a year time..hey him and T.I can be jail budies!!

  • iwanthimdead

    THIS IS NOT ABOUT RACE!!!!!!! stop that sh!# already.

  • Sabrina

    did anyone read CNN’s article??? They have a lot of details about the fight… It’s crazy… I really hope Rihanna will leave him.

  • zzzz

    All you doubters can shut your mouths now-he definetely beat her. But sos has a good point-if it’s within Rihanna’s boundaries to be pummeled, why did she go to the cops? She’s already signed up for more beatings…I guess the system has to protect the rest of us from this criminal, even if Rihanna thinks he’s cool.

  • Halli

    What does it say about me that while reading this headline. A big grin began to grace my face? Lol.

  • oh, G…

    Oh, G…, they are not trying to make something out of this because he’s black, anyone who beats a person is gonna be charged it the proof is there. And as for first offenses, that doesn’t count because the second offense could be murder. If it’a a black issue, just look at OJ and all the times he got second, third chances, until he finally killed his victim.

  • dont care..

    why do people always bring race into the picture?
    It’s an assault, he was booked and a judge gave him bail.
    Rihanna may have recanted and refused to testify but a crime was
    still commited. The evidence was collected prior to Rihanna, not wanting to testify. So, all in all it’s time for Chris to get the max sentence. if and when he goes to jail, I really hope he becomes someone’s b i t c h!

  • oh, G…

    His white victim. SO put aaway the race card, G.

  • zzzz

    Haha, don’t worry, 13, I have a feeling the other inmates won’t like this spoiled woman-beater much.

  • dont care..

    85-95% of all domestic violence victims are female.
    Over 500,00 women are stalked by an intimate partner each year.
    5.3 million women are abused each year.
    1,232 women are killed each year by an intimate partner.
    Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women.
    Women are more likely to be attacked by someone they know rather than by a stranger.
    Rihanna is now just another statistic. Let’s just hope Ms. Fenty is smart enough to get out before he beats her worse or even kills her.

  • Fashion lovah

    I HOPE THEY PUT HIM UNDER THE JAIL…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lil’pooter

    # 1 and 2—

    what does this have to do with Brad and Angelina???

    They won’t last either……so, better get used to it.

  • baby ike&tina

    I’ve lost respect for both of these two bishes! How the fcuk is she going back to him. I know its hard to let go when you love someone but she should have more self respect and love for herself, first and foremost.

  • ed

    OMG!! The CNN article gives the details of the police report and it is MUCH worse than I thought. He’s a monster. Anyone who says “he just made a mistake” is sick! He should serve time and get lots of counceling. Unfortunately, he’s going to get a slap on the wrist and go back to Diddy’s house (with Rihanna in tow), jet ski, flex his muscles and smile his arrogant smile. Disgusting!

  • furiousnow

    is tommy lee black? he went to jail for beating pamela anderson up.

    anyhow, i hope rihanna doesn’t go back to him. she can and should forgive him so she’ll be free to move on but please, please, please don’t take him back.

  • icecream

    Eh…sadly I’m almsot certian something will come up that will either mean the charges & case gets dropped, any trial will be stopped etc & he’ll just get off scott free. That or he’ll just get some measly punishment that doesn’t even come close to what he should serve.

  • Ha!

    G – Huh? Pull your head out.

  • Kim

    Knew it. LOL

    Someone owes me five bucks! Hehehehe! He’s already in anger management therapy which is what the court would have ordered for him anyway. So maybe since this is his first offense he won’t have to do time.

    Unfortunately most men don’t end up doing time due to the actual crime, they end up doing time due to missing therapy classes.

    So this is his first strike, if he misses therapy just one it will be his second strike, if he misses it again or get any other strikes like dui’s etc then it’s life in prison.

    I bet he misses a therapy session sooner or later and the we will see Dog the bounty hunter tracking him down. Hehehe!

  • BRAD

    I hope u go to f…g jail dude!!!

  • Pretty Girls Wear Pearls

    It’s never okay for ANYONE to put thier hands on someone else. (male or female). No one wins here, there have been allegations against Rhianna as well, I will hold off on judgement on either one of these individuals until I hear from THEM about what truly occured. This is teachable moment, unfortuante, but this happens all the time and I’m hopefully that something positive can come from all this.

  • here
  • geezzz

    OMG… if you read the report, it was like Chris was really trying to kill her! what the heck? she went back to him a couple of weeks later? this is beyond crazy! This doesn’t look like the first time it happened if he said he will beat her more when they get home…”wait and see”. This is very sad… so very sad… Regardless how much he apology, this is going to happen again. Unfortunately, she’s young, in love, insecure… she thinks he will change. He won’t change, not anytime soon!

  • pooter

    #5 you are full of baloney. stop trying to find excuses for what people do. He beat the crap out of Rhinna. Skin color did not…idiot

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    lock him up


    lil’pooter @ 03/05/2009 at 3:54 pm # 1 and 2—

    what does this have to do with Brad
    LOL.. 110 % agree. There are some people actually have Brad and Angie in their every night dream so they constantly relate any issue and thread to them. That is so fanatic!

    Rhinana must have issue of her own when she gets back to Chris. Her album won’t be selling because she has lost respect in many fans now. By getting back with Chris she encourages domestic violence against women. She needs to set an example and help to prevent social issues like that. It is unacceptable in our society to have battered women unspoken about their pain and continue to accept battering and violent men against women in our society.
    I don’t think she deserves any sympathy from anyone at all because in a way she let that happen and she accepts it. So let her be where she thinks she belongs

  • jen

    chris deserves it. plain and simple. he did the deed- he suffers the consequences of what he did.

    Rhinna is young and has a lot of growing up to do. Too many celebrities are such idiots


    He deserves to be locked up, and soon!

  • thats_right

    #18 dreamn on chinifer maniston, Angelina and Brad will always be together they are the perfect couple, go worry about your Jennifer Maniston she is sooooooooo lonelyyyyyyyy.

  • thats_right

    #31 So true I agree with you so true she will lose a lot of fans what kine of role model is she? and yes I’m a fanatic :) I love ANGELINA AND BRAD SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much at least I’m not beating anyone physically :)

  • chloe

    i understand everyone who feels that chris brown should be punished but i just have to say that if the police and courts are making an example of him and being harsh on him its not because he is black it is because he is famous and is a role model for alot of young peope and it really should be said that race does not come into domestic violence and i think its disgusting that anyone would presume so.


    Chris Brown must be locked up for at least 5 years in prison without parole. He must serve the time and Rhinana must press charge against him.
    It is unbelievable that he beat her up in such inhumane and animalistic way as stated in the Cnn report.
    When he is in prison he will get beaten up like that to get paid back.

  • Sophie-Maree

    Rihanna is silly to take him back. Violence is bad!!! No matter how big of a celebrity you are, it’s not o.k. He should’t be able to get off light just because he is famous!

    BOO to Chris Brown!! I think 5 years isn’t long enough!

  • zk

    He should go to jail for this. Shame on him!!!

    And where are the leaders of the black community in all this? They should be speaking out against violence like this!!!!

  • lil’ pooter

    #34- just right…
    have to burst your bubble……brad and ang won’t last….no matter how hard you pray or dream. angie is a mental case and brad will eventually see the light. sad for the kids though-

    by the way…i don’t care for aniston.

    oh, and pull your head out of dreamland…..there is no such thing as a perfect couple. perfect anything does not exist. u are true fanatic……and can’t see real life. so , sorry

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    omfg shut up about brad and angeline! its fcking pathetic how everything is about them.

  • granger

    G- such an idiot comment! I’ts only his first and secont offense…so….he should get off with a slap to his wrist?????? Next thing…he will have a third offense….murder? how idiot to think that way.

    At NO TIME should anyone beat another person unless he/she is fighting for their life- defending the attacker.

    Chris had a hissy fit and did a stupid, low class thing- beat up a person.

    I say……dump him in the cell and throw away the key. he is damaged goods.

  • Lavette

    I hope he does go to prison because he will come out wearing a dress, he is such a little punk.

  • Err….?

    Errr… about the domestic violence, more and more males are also coming forwards in regards of domestic violence against women everyday and the statistics are getting worse, the net result is, it takes 2 to tango! What ever the reason of Chris attacking Rihanna is and regardless of his color, the law is there for a reason… You break the rules or do a crime, Whatever the outcome, you will do the the time!

  • thats_right

    why do you have to be hating on them like that Brad dumped Chinifer and found his diamond Angelina and he has beautiful kids with her.

  • Just Interested

    i hope he goes to prison

  • to # 46-thats_right

    u for real? sounds like you are stuck in a trailer park with one half a brain and no real education.

    beautiful kids, whatever…does not mean they both are happy.

    I agree with the burst the bubble comment….you need to get a real life and stop dreaming about celebrities.

    wake up and smell the real life!

  • meh!!

    Im so over this, i don’t agree with her choice to go back to him, he shouldn’t have done what he did, but if she want’s to go back to him that’s up to her. 5 years jail time is a pretty long time, i don’t think he will get that long, esp now that they are back together, Rhianna is making it look like it’s all ok. If Rhianna is back with him she wont want him to do jail time. He has beat her onece he will do it again, leopards don’t change their spots, And unfortunatley women in these relationship won’t learn and wont leave. So i wouldn’t get too worked up about it, because it will happen again.

  • ganymede30324

    She’s an idiot, but she’s an adult. What bugs me is that eventually kids usually make an appearance, and they either wind up on the receiving end of abuse or witness it or both. Too bad the court can’t mandate sterilization.

  • thats_right

    #47 i live in a beautiful house, you are probably ugly just like chinifer go collect your long chin from the floor ugly looking untalented, selfish witch, ya you know beautiful kids? or is it hard for you to picture it scince you have none?