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Kate Bosworth: MOCA Los Angeles Gala with Rachel Bilson!

Kate Bosworth: MOCA Los Angeles Gala with Rachel Bilson!

Kate Bosworth dons a floor-grazing Spring 2011 Chanel black dress to “The Artist’s Museum Happening” MOCA Los Angeles Gala held at MOCA Grand Avenue on Saturday (November 13).

The 27-year-old actress ran into her BFF & Baby co-star Rachel Bilson and actress Malin Akerman. She also chatted up stylist Rachel Zoe (rumored to be pregnant) and her husband Rodger Berman.

FYI: Like Kate‘s lipstick? Celebrity make-up artist Amy Nadine used the Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Color in Magnolia.

20+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth at the MOCA Los Angeles Gala

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kate bosworth moca los angeles gala 02
kate bosworth moca los angeles gala 03
kate bosworth moca los angeles gala 04
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Credit: John Shearer; Photos: Getty
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  • yep

    beautiful! talented young lady.

  • twenty-two

    The dress is really nice.

  • cindy c

    what an awful dress. this person is suppose to be a stylist. ha ha. to whom or what? where was alex? is she wearing her own tacky jewelry? guess after the holidays we will be hearing about her engagement to alex. god help him!!!!

  • twenty-two

    Not sure about the hairdo though.

  • becca

    I kind of love this look but the hair is all wrong.

  • pretty in pink

    I think Kate needs brighter makeup.
    She looks kind of washed out.

  • ModestMouse

    She looks great.

  • just me

    This is a good length for her but it hides her bony legs.
    Now if she would just lax off the botox.

  • Wonderful

    Kate looks stunning! I love everything about this look, dress, make-up, hair, jewelry… perfection

  • elfin

    I think the gown is pretty. It’s a classic, floor length Chanel. Hard to go wrong. Kate always looks better in classic styles. She looks kind of sick though or maybe it’s a bad makeup job.

  • Comic Con

    She looks like a corpse in a designer dress.

  • atari

    She’s cute but I can’t get past her shiny forehead. It’s huge.
    She should try bangs.

  • Mich

    I just noticed she has man hands. What a contrast to the girlish face.

  • luke

    just wondering, you got a buck every time you mention rachel bilson?

  • Stella

    She looks nice but her face seems frozen.

  • trish

    the dress is pretty, but it’s not right for her- she’s only 27 yrs old…the dress and hair style make her look much older than she is. Malin is actually 4-5 yrs older, but looks much younger/hipper than Kate. It’s almost like she’s trying too hard to be taken seriously, or look like a serious mature actress or something. Not working. Also, will sombody please get Rachael Bilson to trim her hair- she’s a pretty girl, but the ragged ends are all I notice!

  • WTF

    What’s up with Bosworth’s Face? I was liking her style for once until I clicked on this pic:

  • WTF

    She looks like a wax figure next to Bilson.

  • mickey

    ugly, balding chick

  • muppet show


  • jmho

    Anyone would look quite good in this dress. It’s almost universally flattering and if you’re too thin, it hides your lower half so it looks more balanced.

    I think she needs a darker lipstick shade.


  • seven dust

    Kate Bosworth seems to have only two expressions. Is her face so tight it hurts to smile? She looks like she’s grimacing in some of the photos.

    I do like the dress.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Her head looks so huge on that tiny body … ugh. Nice dress though.

  • truly

    I’ll go with nay on the lipstick. The makeup is good. Simple and pretty but the lipstick is just so underwhelming and ruins the whole effect.

  • Wilson

    She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • nicole

    She looks like Alien head with that hairdo and her face is like wax. She looks creapy is some of those pics especially around her chin. Girl is not aging well at all. What the hell happened to her? Her face is starting to look as bad as her acting.

  • nicole

    If alex is engaged to this joke then he proves to everyone how dumb a person all the swedes think he really is. If you are looking for a talented, handsome swedish actor then look up Joel Kinnaman.

  • hmm

    Since Miranda is going to give birth in LA, I wonder if Kate will take over a baby gift? You know, to show that she can be a grown up and is happy for Orlando.

  • TrueBlade


    1.Big designers will lend her clothes. Clothes are fitted.

    2. Can wear other colors besides beige….evident by last 3 events she attended.

    3.Other celebs do talk to her and will be pictured with her, therefore not a HW pariah.

    4.Managed to stay sober at event and not look cranked out..

    We now have tons of pictures to prove this.

  • slanted view

    I love how early in the day the KB stans get up and going. Great job! Truth here is that is an amazing dress but needs someone taller. It swamps her and ages her. Her hair – well, with all the weave and add-ins, again, she looks like a middle-aged matron. In the pics at the bottom with the woman with the dark hair, she can barely move her face, she’s got so much botox going on. I don’t get it – does her stylist (who went with her, I think) not like her? Look at Malin and Rachel – they both look their age and much more vibrant. And I’ll make the obvious comment – no Askars as her date. Why? He’s in town, he has the right clothes, other SOs are there. Why not bring him if you’re so tight this board is burning up with your engagement notices? Warning – she has a press thing today for Warrior’s Way so I’m sure we’ll see her in yet another stunning fashion combo. Maybe she’ll bring the Jewelmint this time.

  • Monarch

    Wow – she looks stunning. Perfect. I love this picture – she has the most gorgeous eyes.

  • slanted view

    @TrueBlade: Oh, I’d debate the cranked out part. Look at the last row of shots. Her pupils are huge. And she looks vacant in half of the table shots. Half of the celebs other than Bilson look trapped into the photo. Maybe Chanel didn’t do beige this year…overall, PR fail if that’s what we were supposed to learn.

  • Brightside

    Dear God her face is so alien it’s extremely disturbing! She doesn’t even bother to look passably human in these pics. Definitely a pod person…grown somewhere in a dark cellar and brought to life by alien alchemy.
    You’d think she could make a fortune playing the female freak in horror films. She has that kind of face especially in that dress. She’d creep me out splendidly in a horror film!

  • TrueBlade

    @slanted view:

    I don’t really like looking too closely at those soulless eyes. She usually looks vacant…but I’ll concede that she probably had some kind of chemical romance going on. At lease it isn’t as bad as the Scream pictures. People always look like they’d rather be elsewhere when pictured with her.

  • Fashionista

    Best looks of the night — Kate Bosworth and Gwen Stefani.

  • Who Cares?

    who she is dating or doing? I don’t care if she is a fashion plate or not. I am just tired of JJ, posting about this girl everyday. I come here for good gossip, this is not gossip. In fact its over saturation.Please give us a real celeb. I don’t know who this bobblehead is, except through JJ.

  • Who Cares?

    who she is dating or doing? I don’t care if she is a fashion plate or not. I am just tired of JJ, posting about this girl everyday. I come here for good gossip, this is not gossip. In fact its over saturation.Please give us a real celeb. I don’t know who this bobblehead is, except through JJ.

  • Oh, brother!

    Must it always be about Kate Bosworth? Kirsten Dunst awas there too, you know. So where’s her post?

  • TrueBlade

    @Oh, brother!:

    She didn’t pay for one.

  • Bunnykk

    Why hide you egg-shaped head, when you can enhance it with this fabulous haido?

  • slanted view

    BTW – if you look at wireimage, looks like the real A-list event last night was the AMPAS Governor’s awards. But Bosworthless doesn’t rate A-list, so sorry. She was at yet another fashion event in her borrowed clothes and jewels. JJ – post on real stars, not these has beens like KBos and Bilson.

  • R&M

    Can someone please return this wax figure to Madame Tussaud’s?

  • Erika

    Holy mask of make-up

  • TrueBlade

    @slanted view:

    AMPAS Governor’s awards? That small hokey event that nobodies like Natalie Portman, Clint Eastwood, Francis Ford Coppola, Marisa Tomei, Hilary Swank, Elle Fanning, Ryan Gosling, Sofia Coppola, Sharon Stone,etc. attended? It’s obvious what happened, Hole decided not to attend this event like she chose not to attend the Oscars. Too bad, poor Kevin Spacey had to take Heather Graham instead.

  • rumor

    that engagement rumor was made up by a crazy poster posting under two different names he/she is just trying to stur up some trouble for the AS fans to get a reaction there are always some people out there that are willing to believe the engagement.
    it’s strange how kate is not wearing the supposed engagement ring that alex gave to her. the poster also claimed it was a simple ring and nothing spectacular like a huge dimond or elizabeth taylor ring (something along thoses lines) and that kate was very happy but pi**ed off that alex would not let her wear the ring in public LOL

    The crazy poster also claimed that alex visited kate TWICE on the BFF set. this poster claimed to be a friend with Ritter’s aunt. well correct me if I am wronge but alex was in baton rouge the previous weekend, that very same weekend that the poster claimed they got engaged and gave her the ring. obviously the thick and crazy poster actually forgot that alex was pictured in baton rouge at a football match and kate was still filming BFF post 131 & 140

  • YouBetYa


    Talk about hypocrisy. You do not want to know the ladies that this guy dates. As this is what some people here judge talent from, including you it seems.

    You should talk to Dr Atkins.

  • slanted view

    @TrueBlade: And the real question – where is Ryan Kavanaugh in this mix? Hmm. that would have made the evening complete. Poor Bosho. She cannot catch a break even at a Chanel event.

  • Annie

    Botoxed, boring, balding, beige, blah. And then more beige.

  • Tanter

    She really is a Monet, isn’t she? Quite pretty here – from afar – but then you look at the HQ’s :O Count me among those who think she looks like an alien. An alian with only two facial expression. Scary.

    I do like the lipstick though. Very pretty.