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LeAnn Rimes: Mexico with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes: Mexico with Eddie Cibrian!

Bikini-clad LeAnn Rimes and her new fiance Eddie Cibrian have a pre-New Year’s celebration on the on Wednesday (December 29) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

“Sugar sugar sugar!!!!” the 28-year-old country songstress tweeted, along with a picture of her desserts (below). “Carrot cake, coconut sorbet, coconut macaroons, chocolate whatever OMG!!”

The day after, LeAnn and Eddie were spotted holding hands while walking along the beach in Mexico.

Just this past Monday, the happy couple announced their engagement.

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leann rimes mexico eddie cibrian 01
leann rimes mexico eddie cibrian 02
leann rimes mexico eddie cibrian 03
leann rimes mexico eddie cibrian 04
leann rimes mexico eddie cibrian 05
leann rimes mexico eddie cibrian 06
leann rimes mexico eddie cibrian 07
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  • http://AOL Pat

    She is pathetic.


    Haters are just gonna hate but they look really happy and in love. Sometimes the first marriage is a mistake, should people stay in them when the love is gone and they have a second chance? People on this board are so quick to judge, hiding behind their computer monitors.

  • Julia

    She should have gotten a less obvious boob job.

  • boo

    Sorry but she doesn’t have the shape, just like me.

  • Carly

    Jared why do you give these two famewhore douches the time of day? Are people really interested in two cheating spouses that are now engaged and flaunting their pathetic relationship?

  • wild


  • StarJacker

    I prefer the non-ripped LeAnn.. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers though.

    Cabo San Lucas beats 10″ of snow!

  • marie

    why do people give them such a hard time? (rhetorical question — don’t answer.)


    Hmmm, what’s going on here? She has gotten WAY skinny but her boobs have gotten bigger. How does that happen?

    P.S. She should have gotten hip implants to go along with her boob job.

  • boo

    I don’t care about their cheating. Becaus all are moved on. Her ex is engaged, his ex said she cares less . The story here is she doesn’t have bikni body.

  • deke

    Boob job alert!!


    I never ever gave a sh!t about LeAnn Rimes’ or Eddie Cibrian’s so-called “careers”. I just heard about her when the dumb movie “Coyote ugly” was released and about him when the even dumber TV-show ” Sunset beach” was running.
    I live in France and these 2 human beings are unknown by most people.
    They’re only famous in Anglo-Saxon countries.
    God help people in those countries who have to see regularly their porn-star-faces on the covers of magazines.

  • Aitch

    LeAnn and Eddie:

    No One Cares!


    Hmmm, what’s going on here? She’s gotten WAY skinny but her boobs have gotten bigger. How does that happen?

    P.S. LeAnn, you should have gotten hip implants along with your boob job.

  • Hilarious !!!

    The little girl on the last pic doesn’t give a cr@p about Miss Rimes who struts about as if she was a top-model !! HAHAHA !!!
    She seems to find her pathetic and to feel sorry for the doggy who is at a high-risk of catching herpes now.

  • boston61

    When did she get the silicone balls put in her chest. Those are not real. When she had the silicone put in her chin? When she had her nose job?
    He’s not into that fake crap. Him and Portman’s user fiance should get together for a beer.

  • PoP

    Dumb bitch. Can’t wait till Eddie dumps her for someone else. She can get all the boob jobs in the world but she can’t fix her attitude. Buck teeth.

  • mare

    omg boob job. Not a great face…poor thing…

  • Dawn

    Now that they are engaged, I see we are back to photo op after photo op of them. They are pathetic.

  • Roxy

    ENOUGH with these two. This entire twitter, facebook and other social network is getting out of control with people posting every second of every minute what they are doing. LeAnn you life is really not that interesting…seems to me the woman does protest too much.

  • ivanka

    the new speidi or what?

  • ina

    uhm, most definitly boobjob when I compare to the bikinipics from her bithday… The face is still horrid though

  • lauren

    maybe the boob job will stop eddie from cheating on her (since everyone know he is doing just that, according to multiple reliable sources).
    probably not. in order for that to happen it would require a face and brain transplant.

  • Lucy

    Wow, eat some of that SUGAR LeAnn and stop tweeting about it! You need to gain a good 10 or 15 lbs to have a shape and to help those bad implants look a little more natural. I bet Eddie is missing Brandi about right now.

  • laverdadduele

    Enough of these two POS already!

  • Kacey

    She should of got a nose job!!!!11

  • Addie

    Uh that’s impossible they were in new york that day see

  • Gilmore

    I don’t know why but her bikini body looks a little disturbing for some reason. They really have nothing better to do than annoy other people with their presence?

  • Julia

    I hate it when these anorexic looking women get these big fake boobs. It looks awful

  • jojo

    the skank got a boob job to try to hold onto the douchebag, that is effing hysterical!

  • Sammy A

    Is she wearing a MIKOH Swimwear bikini? She’s got a great bikini bottom. Loves.

  • she loves him way more

    so needy, insecure and pathetic i bet she blows him all the time and does a nal and god knows what else to keep him pleased ROTFL

  • oOoOo

    she looks like a little child , no hip at all ugly

  • smh

    What are you talking about?..”big fake boobs.” Those look big to you? She’s maybe a B cup? I think the boob job looks good, and she didn’t go too big like some girls do. Very tastefully done. She was pretty small before so I think this was a good decision to get implants. I don’t like flat-chested women, most men don’t.

  • Lawrence

    Come on Ed take the shirt off!.

  • juniper

    I hope she is not looking the way she does because this is what Eddie wants? Funny how now (after her boob job) he wanted to engaged.

  • LastWord

    Before I saw these pics I wondered why is Eddie Cibrian, who is yah I’ll say it man pretty, with that ugly country singer. Now I know. Leann’s body is f-ing on point and I’m noticing that when she isn’t showing her 5 foot teeth Leann, dare I say it, is kindda hot. Look at that booty.

  • meme

    Eww at her body

  • Just Sayin’

    She sorta has a man’s body (besides the fake boobs) to go with her man face.

  • butt$$

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  • Go Ask Alice

    Her boob job is just slight. Looks oky.

    She could gain like 10 punds all around to look softer.

  • Jen

    I am not a fan of Leann or Eddie’s but to be fair I do not think she is ugly……and although I am not a big country music fan her new single “Crazy Women” is kinda catchey. But, for the last time there is no comparison to them and A listers Brad and Angelina. Brad and Jennifer did not have any children, and before the divorce Brad and Angelina did not do the public display that these other two have. But, I would like to see Leann on a talk show in about 20 years. I can hear her saying (I was so young, what was I thinking). The way she is so lovey dovey about Eddie shows that she is not smart enough for a pre-nup. And in just a couple of years Eddie will be in his forties with teenage sons so he also won’t be the same hunk she thinks he is today. Just two publicity hounds…..

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1) “Haters are just gonna hate but they look really happy and in love. ”

    WEWE, but there are photos of you and EC looking happy and in love with your spouses. So looking happy and in love doesn’t mean that a person is happy and in love.

    2)”Sometimes the first marriage is a mistake, should people stay in them when the love is gone and they have a second chance?”

    Wow, how many times are you going to use that line?
    More importantly how many different names are you going to use to say this over and over?

    3)”People on this board are so quick to judge, hiding behind their computer monitors.”

    WEWE, You knew that you were going to get slammed by the public.

    So don’t get mad because you keep tipping off the paps in hopes that it will make you and EC the next HW “royal couple”.

    You hide behind a moniter, how many different names do you use in these threads?

  • gwen

    Really JJ another Leann thread and all these “fans” writing about just how nice LR body is, and yet she isn’t even included in any of your most popular lists? What gives?

    If you are going to post about LR so much, shouldn’t you at least give her the honor of being on one of your most popular something lists?

    All these “fans” that keep showing up should feel rob by the fact that all their dedication and support isn’t even being recognized by JJ.

  • Kassie

    Dang, Leann got really skinny…a little too skinny if you ask me. Her hip area looks weird.

  • gwen

    The photo-ops that Leann has been staging in the past couple of days is why no one takes Leann’s charitable deeds seriously.

    We said that she was only doing that “It Gets Better” concert because she thinks that doing “good deeds” makes it okay for her to stage these pda photo-ops with EC.

    This photo-op must have really backfired, because Leann is making the rounds.

    How is she going to give EC his allowance if she paying so many blogs and the media to hype up her disgusting behavior?

  • jazzy

    No hips! She is built like a MAN.

  • Lalalove

    Is she f**kin sick??! She looks sick!

  • Ronda

    Gray binkini? GRAY??? Really, I can see wearing gray if you’re tanned or dark skinned, but when you’re pale, eww.

    Nicollette Sheridan who is 45 years old looks way hotter in her binkini!
    45 years old.

    Oh, for somebody of Leann’s “fame” she getts snapped by the paparazzi in Mexico more than Paris Hilton, and actual big celebs currently in Cabo. Leann’s fans won’t use common sense or logic, or admit it publically. It’s all “staged” shots for PR. So sad.

  • Ronda


    Stephanie Seymour, 47 years old looks better than Leann.
    Pictured here on 12/29
    Poor Leann, in her prime, and these women blow her away in a bikini. They have meat on their bones!