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Erin Heatherton & Adriana Lima: Very Sexy Jet Tour!

Erin Heatherton & Adriana Lima: Very Sexy Jet Tour!

Erin Heatherton, Adriana Lima, and Candice Swanepoel blow kisses at the Victoria’s Secret Angels Very Sexy Jet Tour at the Mondrian Hotel in Miami, Fla.

The ladies showed off the Very Sexy Bra and chatted about what they do to get in shape for the annual VS fashion show.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Erin Heatherton

“I work out on a constant basis – I love boxing! I also eat healthy food,” Adriana told “Plus, I run back and forth with my daughter who keeps me in the best shape.”

FYI: Erin is wearing a Michael Kors dress.

10+ pictures inside of the ladies of Victoria’s Secret at their Very Sexy Jet Tour…

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  • Liz

    Am I the only one who thinks Erin looks totally out of place standing next to Adriana and Candice…


  • jax

    leos girlfriend looks like the less attractive step sister.So boring.

  • Dieter

    Erin’s is my most favourite Angel !!!!!!

  • j

    rumour has it that adriana is pregnant too but she sure doesn’t look like it. maybe she stopped eating and drinking water a week before this appearance just like she did before the vs “fashion” show.

    i generally like candice better but i really think erin looks better than her for once.

    she’s irreplacable but people are too mean to her for no reason. who cares about her

  • al

    the one on the left is not within miles of the gene pool to the right

  • j

    people can dislike my comment as much as they want adriana lima said that herself. that is insane i’m sorry. one of the worst role models ever

  • Too bad

    Woh too many blonde bimbos here….. which one is Erin Heatherton? She’s so generic, I haven’t memorized her face and features yet!

  • Samantha

    Honestly, I do not know why Erin is a victoria secret model. She’s plain. Candice and Adriana are BEAUTIFUL.. but Erin’s just okay.

  • Fan of Models

    Really… I like models, and think what they do for a living is in some case helpful. But getting paid for blowing kisses and holding bras is rather degrading.

  • @#9

    lol, lol! How many times do they have to blow kisses during a photoshoot? Poor girls.

  • Dieter

    Blowing kisses is my favourite pose of VS models !!!

  • keshaluv

    omg Erin is so great!!!! Now that she is dating leo she is the best VS model out there, way better than Bar, Erin is with leo because she loves him, bar was with him to further her career.

  • Tracy

    Adriana is always so gorgeous!!

  • 889sherrie

    Dieter, do you purposely write things to instigate arguments?

  • Sayer

    This Erin person is sleeping with Leo so VS doesn’t kick her out. As long as she is with Leo, she gets attention, because on her own, she’s worthless.

  • serena

    Adriana and Candice are so pretty, love them!

  • Joy

    Sometimes it’s hard to believe that there are people this beautiful out there. This has got to be the easiest job. I wonder how it feels like to be this beautiful, take pictures all day, and make millions of dollars. That’s something many of us will always wonder.

  • al

    leo should get back with what if she has a child.Being a step parent is amazing.It would be good for him.

  • golden

    @Joy: I worked behind the scenes at models shoots. IMO definitely preferred that than being in front of the camera. I know many will disagree but modeling is not as easy as it looks….early-late call times, 24/7 dieting,being away from family weeks at a time, gettling yelled at and told you’re not good enough. etc doesn’t sound too fun to me. The new models especially have it hard. The photogs and everyone yells at them if they can’t get a picture that they want and the girls can’t even sit down one time for 8+ hours at a shoot to get one picture….not my cup of tea! I definitely think modeling takes a strong spirited person.
    The only good thing about modeling is the pay. Nothing else. Its NOT as glamorous as everyone thinks…

  • neversmile

    adriana looks old and please keep those austin powers teeth hidden.

  • twihm

    Oh you Leo fangirls are SICK. you hate ALL his gf’s! and when they break up you don’t hate them anymore!!! talk about wasted energy and time LOL. you tweens got too much time on your hands go make some friends instead of pretending Leo was supposed to date you…

  • gettinupthere

    I think the VS blowing kiss,fling a bra around is fine for a few years but when models do it for YEARS *cough adriana cough* it just looks pathetic, Im sorry. She is a mum now and still flinging bras around her head? she could at least be classier about it. You didn’t see Heidi acting like this in her 30s.

  • Sancho

    Erin better keep an eye on her 37 year-old rumoured boyfriend as he was flirting a pretty tall blonde girl in a short white dress the other night at the Weinstein’s pre party.

  • AKZ

    adriana bloated chipomunk face nasty

  • Lucy

    Adriana is stunning, the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • Shawn

    overrated panty models. they are nothing compared to the stunning classic supermodels of the 80s and 90s…looks or career wise…you had to have perfect beauty,perfect teeth,curvy bodies and actually know how to model outside of mens mags to make it back then.

  • @28 Sancho

    LOL. Some very bright gossip source even mistook the blonde for the skinni Erin. It was reported somewhere.

  • Wow

    Candice and Erin <3

  • sad

    @twihm: Sadly I dont think they are tweens, I know one hater is in her 30″s just sad, lonely, unloved people who hate to see others happy.

  • Frolix


    I don’t think that leo followers hate his gfs, they want the best girls for him but leo deserves only the girls that he deserves and it simply hurts them!I dont see the great happiness for him with his choices,sadly

  • Frolix

    Who was happy with leo?I suppose nobody.Even airhead erin looks miserable with him!

  • Frolix

    I know two cool old hippies that dont care about leo and his behaviour at all!It is worse than constructive unpleasant truth that ignorant people see as dull hatred!

  • These models…

    The way they take their bra….Thanks, girls, I will buy my new Bra in Etam.

  • XMyuj3ab5t

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