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Beyonce Announces Memorial Day Concerts

Beyonce Announces Memorial Day Concerts

Beyonce shows off her amazing post-baby body in Victoria Beckham while heading into The Greenwich Hotel on Monday (March 19) in New York City.

The 30-year-old entertainer attended a fundraiser dinner hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Bey recently announced she’ll be performing for the first time since giving birth to baby Blue at Revel in Atlantic City, New Jersey!

“Brand new resort + Memorial Day Weekend + summer kickoff party + new live show = BeyoncĂ© getting back to business live on stage at Revel. Three exclusive shows with the unstoppable star at the brand new beachfront resort,” her website reads.

Also pictured inside: Bey carrying Blue while going to Nobu in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood with hubby Jay-Z on Saturday (March 17).

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Credit: Jayme Oak; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • hello

    so who carried the baby? because beyonce was not pregnant. i believe that too now. just look at her

  • blah blah blah


    You are an idiot. Not everyone eats everything under the table when they’re pregnant. She was in shape before she got pregnant and remained extremely active during her pregnancy so of course her body is going to have an easier time getting back in shape.

    The perception that it takes pregnant women MONTHS and sometimes YEARS to get their body back is false. If you take care of yourself before and during your pregnancy, you too will look fierce before and after baby.

  • sad

    She looks like she just finished crying

  • Heh

    She looks beautiful ,she is glowing mother. Good to see her getting back to work ,but I thought she would have taken year off to enjoy motherhood.

  • Jane

    She looks amazing for just having a baby.

  • Courtney

    @Blah Blah Blah your not taking into account women who have complications during pregnancy that cause them to gain more weight than they planed. doing shows barely 5 months after birth is pushing it what about bonding with your baby especially considering Blue Ivy came after a previous miscarriage. after Joanne Woodward had her oldest daughter Elinore Teresa she didn’t go back to acting for 9 months to bond with that beautiful baby girl who sure had nannies most celebrity kids do but she didn’t want to hand her baby over to hired help to quickly after a miscarriage a few months before she conceived Nell. Beyonce is an opportunist pointblank if she so cares about her baby she wouldn’t let her husband push her back to performing so quickly

  • blah blah blah


    Who cares what Joanne Woodward did? This is Beyonce! And last I checked, Beyonce is not going on a world tour. Beyonce is doing three shows that are like 30mins from her house.

    And you are a dumbass thinking Jay is pushing her into anything. Let me guess, you read that FAKE report from the New York Post? Newsflash, Beyonce isn’t even managed by him and she has her own business. She doesn’t need Jay to negotiate anything for her.

    If she’s an opportunist for performing three shows, so are the MILLIONS of women who go back to work 6weeks after having a baby. I guess those women don’t care about their babies too, huh?

    Having a child does not mean that your life stops. I wish women would stop with this stupid mentality

  • sillyme

    This woman did not carry a baby. Please. And, enough with the blue clothes, nail polish etc. We get it, the baby’s name is Blue.

  • Me.Phillippe

    That most stupid comments I read here.

    As said ‘blabla’ women worldwide will be working within two months of giving birth. Why Beyonce has to be the exception?

    Also many women regain their figure after a few months or even weeks of giving birth. Why Beyonce has to be the exception?

    Anyway she still not fully recovered her body. If they click on the images you will see that your legs are still swollen, you may notice even still a little belly.

  • Lizzy

    @blah blah blah:

    Drag her!!
    They read fake reports and preach it like gospel
    Beyonce looks gorgeous

  • welp

    “Strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business.” Yas Queen!

  • dodo

    I knew the media would try to push the “look at all the weight she lost after her short pregnancy! What a perfect woman! All women should be like Beyonce! crap on us.

  • Opinion

    I believe Beyonce was pregnant however she did not carry to full term. I believe she did the celebrity thing and was induced at the end of her 7 month, which explain how quickly she looks her normal in less than a months time. She cheated.

  • flamboyan

    Beyonce wears Victoria Beckham dress. Great!

  • camillus

    Why can’t she stay home and take care of her little ape (white ape no less) she’s a fame whore who has to be in the media all the fing time, I don’t care anything about this Who+e other than she’d go away

  • Karen

    wow this fake preganancy shit is still going on again? was I the only one who saw her pregnant pictures on the beach? it seems like haters can never give it a rest! not everyone looks the same at pregnancy and not everyone looks the same post-pregnancy. plus she is a celebrity so she would have trainers or something to whip or back in shape! and she’s not the only celebrity who looks good post-pregancy.. how about angelina jolie, j-lo , and victoria beckham to name a few.

  • Helen

    @sillyme: I never thought about all these blues but u are right,also her nails are long and scary. How can she carry the baby with these nails

  • Tara

    FANTASTIC dress, chic, appropriate for the event, and sexy for her curves, she looks amazing!

  • Jennifer Garner

    Camillus, why should she stay at home to take care of her litte “ape”. JLO never stays at home to take care of her two little apes.

  • Justme

    She seems happier and glows more in pics when she is not with the baby compared to the pics of her walking around with her baby. She is addicted to attention, can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight. Both Beyonce and Jay-Z look like they have massive egos. Sorry Beyonce you ain’t no Whitney in the talent dept. despite thinking you are.

  • blah blah blah

    @Just me,

    STFU. When she’s with her daughter, that’s her time with her daughter. I wouldn’t be smiling too if the paps were all up in my child’s face. Some of you must be teenagers.

    I hope when you folks get pregnant, you don’t eat everything under the sun and sleep in all day because you think that’s what being pregnant is about.

    Why would she want Whitney’s talent when she has Beyonce’s talent? The one that has gotten her into so many history books?

    Some of you really need to STFU!

  • blah blah blah


    These people are idiots. They seem to think that everyone is careless like Jessica Simpson who has admitted to eating everything possible and has admitted to eating lots of fast food. That’s why I’m saying the posters are showing their age and apparently, they’re aren’t very bright either. Beyonce was in extremely good shape before she was pregnant and kept performing throughout her first 5mons of pregnancy. Even during the latter stages, she remained was very active so of course her body is going to have an easier time bounching back. She took care of herself while pregnant and now, her body is taking care of her.

    The recommended weight gain for your first pregnancy is 20-25lbs. If you stay within that limit, you too should bounce back fairly quickly. Not to mention, she could very well be wearing a body shaper that is making her look skinnier than she is. Just a couple of days ago, the same people on here were calling her fat when she was out with her daughter and yet they can’t put two and two together to come to the conclusion that she put on spanx.

  • Kae

    OMG!!! Some people are ridiculous. Look at Beyonce’s stomach. Remember how big her thighs were the other day when she was walking with her baby. She delivered Blue. By the way, she is filthy rich so she can buy the best Spanks or body wraps in the world. Oh yeah let’s not forget she can get Lipo anytime she feels like it

  • lafamepoma

    hey people, she was pregnant that’s a fact, there are pictures on internet, where she was on the beach and you can see clearly the pregnancy, and why do you think she wasn’t pregnant? and the most important thing, if that was true why she lied about her pregnancy?

  • Haha

    You guys are idiots! Are you all that naive? Boldy Sculpting, Liposuction, exist! A lot of celebs do that and even get lipo after giving birth! Obviously no one talks about it cos theyd get criticisms because America has such high double standard you see. Not only is this society doomed to fail morally but even intellectually