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Charlize Theron: Grocery Shopping at Bristol Farms!

Charlize Theron: Grocery Shopping at Bristol Farms!

Charlize Theron looks pretty preppy in a cute gray cardigan and white oxfords while grocery shopping on Monday (April 16) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 36-year-old actress has been busy raising a new baby boy, promoting her upcoming films Snow White and the Huntsman and Prometheus, all while remaining active with her charity project, the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project. Charlize recently donated designer dresses from her closet for her online Charity Buzz auction. Proceeds from the auction will go towards aid in South Africa.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Charlize Theron

Catch Charlize this summer in Snow White and the Huntsman and Prometheus – both out in June.

FYI: Charlize is wearing Dana Rebecca Designs “Lauren Joy” Mini studs.

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61 Responses to “Charlize Theron: Grocery Shopping at Bristol Farms!”

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  1. 1
    EmilyB Says:

    That`s nice to see her out and about again . I guess see going home and cook for her boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard .Where is baby Jackson

  2. 2
    Terri Says:

    This is the first time I have ever seen her doing an ordinary thing like grocery shopping. I’m sure she has done it herself in the past and not sent her assistant out to do it but the paparazzi never bothered to take her picture then.

  3. 3
    Donut Says:

    She is vert tall.

  4. 4
    MamaDearest Says:

    Is she gonna make Swedish Meatballs?;D

  5. 5
    wow Says:

    wow what a papwh°re!!!

  6. 6
    roda Says:

    Sorry, I don’t believe the stuff about AS:(

  7. 7
    bee Says:

    @EmilyB: she doesnt date losers

  8. 8
    Jeannie Says:

    Bristol Farms is a pap hotspot. She knew they’d be there. In any case, she looks good, happy :)

  9. 9
    Oh what a shame. Says:

    So charlize hires people to look after jackson just so it doesn’t disturb her sleep, oh what a shame welcome to mother hood,
    and I expected better from Alexander skarsgard, his mon raised 6 kids whilst she was studying for a medical degree, think of her sleepless nights and stellan has raises a total of 7 and an 8 th on the way thinking of his sleepless nights and he still looks good including his Mamma my

    Little peace here in Aussi land

    Who’s the best rested new mum of them all? Charlize Theron, of course! The 36- year old may be thrilled about newly adopted son Jackson, but she’s not letting him get in the way of her Z’s. “Charlize has long been obsessed with beauty sleep as her secret to looking young and hot,” a tattler tells NW, so she’s spending $30k a month on child care to give her time to nap. “She employs two nannies, a housekeeper/cook, and a personal assistant to handle the raising.” Sounds like a nightmare bill!

  10. 10
    EmilyB Says:

    @bee:Well maybe she changed they both are acting different in my eyes sorry but it is true

  11. 11
    Ice Says:

    Hello piece of ice!!!

  12. 12
    gross Says:

    Kinda reminds me of the scene outside the bar from young adult…and we all know how that movie ended. Except..this aint a movie…uh ohh. I think her and a.s would suit very well. They should shop together, they would have an ABSOLUUTEEE BALLLL of a time in the haberdashery section weeeee

  13. 13
    FAKE Says:

    Fame who***, fake “mom”

  14. 14
    SLoser Says:

    haha that because she herself is one. famewho** at it’s finest.

  15. 15
    karl Says:

    yes not good to be dating viking, you get called very bad things from very stupid people.

  16. 16
    Mel Says:

    @Oh what a shame.: If that’s the way she is, I seriously doubt ASkars is actually dating her. He’s said in interviews that he wants to settled down and have kids, but he gives the impression that he wants to actually be a family man like his father and would want a woman who was an involved mother like his own. It certainly doesn’t sound like Charlize would fit that bill if she’s spending $30K/mo to make sure she gets in lots of naps. He’s always sounded in interviews like when it comes to raising a family, he wants a bit more “normal” life… nothing like that. My guess would be they are nothing more than friends who were seen out and rumors went wild over them!

  17. 17
    gross Says:

    Mr bean..& charlize, only if he remains in character from the maths test episode with the pink panther…rahhhh!!! perfect couple, honey to the bee, wildflower! sweet as sugar candy cane, fireworks! weeee

  18. 18
    Agreed Says:


    You should check out the AS jj post dam it’s gone wild 234 comms bickering about who was in the car and it’s charlize he is dating bla bla.

    I agree with you Alex is a family man and I wouldn’t think he appreciate a high maintenance women spending 30k on childcare a month that’s someone yearly wages , let alone having some stranger taking care of his children.

    I agree friends until something more happens.

  19. 19
    hey you Says:

    OMG, the ASkars old fat psycho fangurls have arrived in Charlize’s posts *runs away *

  20. 20
    JillyRo Says:

    She is so bitchy looking all the time, even in allowed pictures she comes across as an icy cranky person, it’s not just in pap pics, but allt the time. I hope her little guy learns to laugh and smile having such a sourpuss face for a Mom, she’s a beautiful woman, but so little joy in her face.

  21. 21
    Mel Says:

    @hey you: I happen to like Charlize as an actress. Personally, having knowledge of Alex’s interviews and expressed interests regarding family, I just don’t see the two of them as a relationship match if she is honestly spending that much a month in hired child care.

    I’m not a “fangurl”. Alexander Skarsgard is an interesting actor who takes on a variety of roles, not just Eric Northman the vampire. My favorite role of his so far has been the Marine Sgt “Iceman” in “Generation Kill”, a far cry from his character on True Blood.

    Get over yourself and don’t immediately judge other people by their comments or opinions.

  22. 22
    HateCrew Says:

    @hey you:

    You’re so wrong and right! But just to let you know; not all the haters are some fatty ASkars loons. That yucky granny page for Swedish actors are gearing up for AS/CT hate fest b/c of that few sec vid clip. Funny thing is that most of them are not even his fans, why so concerned about his private life when they go blindfolded when it comes to their own idols, let’s say Kinnaman and Manganiello? They created their soddy forum for Joel Kinnaman but use Alex to get hits and members. One of the mods is actually AS hater from start. They are so busy to bash Alex they hardly ever comment anything else in other threads. I’m sure they are trolling here as well, as obsessive, crazy cows they are. Oh how I miss those old good days when AS had only Moyer fans up his a$$. It seems that the more popular he becomes, the more he gets the haters.

  23. 23
    luppy Says:

    charlize need to dump skargtrash because she looks already miserable

  24. 24
    Amanda Says:

    I think ASKARS fans have gotten the power roles in this relationship reversed. Babes, this isn’t Bosworth and Askars.

    Charlize is way above his league- she is an Oscar winning respected actress in Hollywood-has two huge blockbusters she is headlining. Respected by her peers and runs in the highest power circles in Hollywood.

    CHarlize is smart, funny, down to earth, and not into the hollywood crap. If she is dating Askars she needs to stop. the moment he starts pulling his hollywood crap, he will get dumped. Charlize is notoriously private.

  25. 25
    Amanda Says:


    Charlize is a single mom with a ton of work on her plate. She produces, runs a charity, has promo to do, two huge films coming up and movies to act in.

    So what if she spends money on child care?? She needs to otherwise she wouldn’t be able to do everything she needs to do to work and support him- she loves him and is not a neurotic nutcase.Nothing wrong with a nanny.

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