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Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley Adopt Second Child!

Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley Adopt Second Child!

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley are expanding their family!

The couple have adopted a baby, a rep for the 33-year-old actress tells No further details were available.

The family’s latest addition joins older sister Naleigh, 3, who Katherine and Josh adopted from South Korea in 2009.

“My feeling about adoption is, Why not? There’s nothing about it that makes it any less meaningful of a relationship in my mind,” Katherine previously told Redbook.

“I don’t think it’s for everybody, and I don’t think everybody should adopt,” she added. “I’m not some crazy idealist. It’s not about the cause for me. But I do think no one should ever rule it out.”

Congrats to the happy family!!!

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • losa

    The next Angelina Jolie!

  • futuremrsdicaprio

    Well, Heigl has been nothing but honest about the hardships that come with adopting, but I guess the pros outweigh the cons, so congrats to the three of them! But is she adopting because she/ Josh can’t have kids naturally? I never wondered when they first adopted but since they’re doing it again there’s probably a reason she can’t get pregnant right?

  • congrats!

    Classy woman. She doesn’t pretend that she is pregnant and wear fake belly like Beyonce did.

  • Markus

    A few weeks ago she was complaining that she had a hard time to bond with Naleigh and now she’s adopting a second child.
    As a psychiatrist I think it’s not a good decision, Naleigh is only 3, she still need her parents’ attention. She’s unconscious.

    Adoption is a great thing but you have to make sure your others kids don’t feel left out, especially if they’re also adopted.

  • Get-a-life

    @futuremrsdicaprio: Why is it any of your business and why should she tell the world WHY she can’t get pregnant. You are ridiculous!


    something wrong with her eggs?

  • sally

    @futuremrsdicaprio: Oh now you want her gyno test results too? I command her for adopting and not shooting out more kids into this world like every other celeb. The world is overpopulated, and too many orphans as well.

  • futuremrsdicaprio

    @Get-a-life: Oh, please, don’t come on your high horse to a GOSSIP SITE to preach to people to mind their business. It was a simple question, with no malice or jokes, and if you don’t have an answer or anything polite, then shut your trap and pick a fight somewhere else.

  • sally

    @LINDSAY LOHAN WILL WIN OSCAR: something wrong with your head?

  • Get-a-life

    @futuremrsdicaprio: Get a life ugly loser. DiCaprio wouldn’t even wipe his shoes with your ugly face.

  • Jen

    Oh, I didn’t know in order to adopt you had to have fertility issues. I thought adopting was for giving a family, love, and home to babies/children who need one. my bad!

  • sara

    Angie taught Hollywood well !

  • Jen

    Also didn’t know Angelina is the only celeb allowed to adopt, and everybody else is copying. You all teach me so much!

  • futuremrsdicaprio

    @sally: I realize it’s easy to interpret what someone writes on the internet in whatever way you want, but I don’t understand all the huff and puff about my simple question. I wasn’t making fun of her for adopting, wasn’t saying she was stupid to do it, in fact she’s been nothing but honest about the troubles and joys that come with adopting, so why shouldn’t I wonder if she’s also explained why she did in the first place? You people are too sensitive about people you’re also on this site to gossip about!! No, I don’t want her gyno results, you idiot!

  • Jen

    @futuremrsdicaprio: She adopted the first time because her sister was adopted and it means a lot to her, so she had always planned to adopt. She’s said it was such a great experience that she would consider adopting again in the future.

  • shanelle

    are they infertile? not to sound rude or anything… but it’s great that they’re adopting!

  • Carrie


  • Sofia

    Correction; she wasn’t complaining, she simply said she had a hard time bonding with her when she first brought her home I think anyone who adopts a child would have that trouble in the beginning.
    I don’t see anything wrong with adopting another baby it could be good for Naleigh.
    Congrats to happy family.

  • Jen

    @Markus: she had a hard time bonding with Naleigh because Naleigh was still attached to her foster mom. Now her and Naleigh are super close. I’m sure they’ve considered everything, Naleigh’s feelings included, before making a decision to have another child.

  • Marko

    @futuremrsdicaprio: y don’t you call and ask her if you are so curious???

  • nora

    What the FUK are you people talking about ? do u think that adopting a child is some kind of competition and she wants to be the next Anjelina ? they are practicly giving a better life to an inocent human being and not many people dare to do so. People can not deal with their own children and some even give it away but look at them, they are great enough to take other people biological kids and bring them up as their own. That is a wonderful think to do and these people are amazing. You should appriciate that on our lousy planet there are still people like them

  • Jen

    @nora: SO MUCH WORD!

  • Asha


    It doesn’t have to be the reason why they’re adopting. I know a couple (the husband was adopted) that didn’t have any problem to have kids, but they preferred to adopt. I think Katherine’s sister is adopted, right? Maybe they feel the same. Who knows.

  • julie


    i believe she has an adopted sibling.

  • futuremrsdicaprio

    @Jen: THANK YOU for the straightforward answer. Heigl has been nothing but honest about adoption and I only wondered if she’d ever explained how she came to adopt the first time. If she’s doing it because of her adopted sister, that makes the second adoption that much sweeter! @Asha: I didn’t know Heigl had an adopted sister, which was why I wondered if she’d explained how she came to adopt. I understand you don’t have to be infertile to adopt.

  • sorella

    Good for them!! She has never addressed why she has not chosen to have biological children as well, has never said she is unable to have any or anything at all. Not that it’s any of our biz, but with celebs, they tell us everytime they take acrap or need a PR boost, so why I’m skeptical why she has said nothing, maybe she’s saving that scoop for when she has to pimp one of her crap movies again.

  • chris

    awww another purchased Hollywood baby

  • Amy

    @markus “As a psychiatrist I think it’s not a good decision,…………`yea dude, your are so believable. you sound pathetic and its obvious from the way you write that you didn’t even pass high school.

  • Mary

    Actually, Katherine’s sister is also adopted from South Korea, so she just grew up with a very positive idea of adoption. And she’s mentioned that they plan on having bio kids too, but they wanted to start out with adoption.

  • Hamlet

    You’re disgusting, #27

  • mimi

    @losa: No, because she is responsible and not just collecting them but actually taking the time to invest with each child, and not just add every couple of month in such an instable way.

  • futuremrsdicaprio

    @Hamlet: Do go on. You sound so rational.

  • futuremrsdicaprio

    @Mary: Thank you, I actually didn’t know Heigl had adopted siblings. It must mean that much more for her to adopt and I find that incredibly sweet of her.

  • Ann

    I soo totally agree with you. Even though many people that adopt have problems with infertlilty it doesnt mean that EVERYONE who adopts does it for that reason!! I know people with genetical diseases in their family who chose for adoption instead. I know several people with biological children where the pregnancy and/or birth has been sooo terrible, that they just dont wanna go through that again.. Whatever reason she and her husband has I dont think its anyones buisness but their own, Im just happy for them and Naleigh who is now a big sister! :)

  • niles

    Did the stars not learn anything from Mommy Dearest?

  • Emma


    What are you talking about adding every couple of month in such an instable way?

    Zahara Jolie Pitt was adopted 3 years after Maddox and Pax two years after that. If you add the bio kids Shiloh was born 1 year after Z was adopted and the twins were born three years after shiloh and two years after Pax was adopted. So we’re do you see them being adopted months apart.

    I guess you must think Mariska Hargitay is Instanle for adopting a baby 6 mounts after she adopted her first child, she must be collecting them right?

  • Jane21


    Did you read the book or watch the movies becasue your comment makes no sense.

    Mommy Dearest is about the abusive and traumatic adoptive upbringing of Christina Crawford at the hands of her mother…screen queen Joan Crawford.

  • Jane21

    As someone already said you must think  Mariska Hargitay is NOT responsible for adopting a baby 6 mounts after she adopted her first child. Mark wahlberg, Tori spelling,  Denise Richards and Heidi  Klum just to name a few all have kids a year apart they all most be not only collecting kids but irresponsible as well from your comment.

    Anyway congratulations to Katheerine and Josh on the new baby.

  • Jane21

    My comment above is directed at Mimi?

  • Sarah

    Congrats to them both. It’s wonderful she has adopted another child. You can see in pics how much she loves Naleigh. She comes across as a sweet and caring person.

  • Aoede

    @congrats!: Funny, Beyonce actually gave birth. She’s adopting, a great thing, but she did say she didn’t want to get fat being pregnant. Classy!

  • sara

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  • kelly

    Good for them! Children are a blessing regardless of how they come into our lives. Congrats to the happy family

  • Love The Shoes

    I really her and I am a big BIG supporter of adoption. God Bless them and their growing family. Love is love is love ya’ll.

  • Christian

    Wow, for the first time ever, most of the comments about her are positive!

  • NYC

    @congrats!: Agreed, and then proceed to flat out lie today in People Magazine that she is more beautiful because she gave birth.
    OOOPs I Just threw up in my mouth

  • susan

    to Markus

    Naleigh is unconscious?!? really, here i thought the little girl was wide awake and functioning normally. in any case a three age gap between children is just perfect.

  • susan


    you were asked a very good question. where do you get the idea that it’s any of your business why Katherine and her husband have not chosen to have their own biological child?

  • anon2

    Congrats on the new baby!

  • Elizabeth

    It’s nice of her 2 adopt but is something wrong with her that she can’t get pregnant.