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Nina Dobrev: got milk? Ad with Mom Michaela!

Nina Dobrev: got milk? Ad with Mom Michaela!

Nina Dobrev rocks the signature white mustache in got milk?‘s latest ad campaign.

The 23-year-old Vampire Diaries actress posed with her mom, Michaela, to help launch the “Like Her, Like Me” program, which celebrates special moments mothers and daughters share and the power of positive influence.

Nina and her mom are teaming up with Seventeen to search for three mother-daughter teams who exemplify what it means to be good role models for each other.

The winners will score their own got milk? ad that will be featured in one of the issues of Seventeen this fall. For more info on this contest, check out the got milk? Facebook page!

Also pictured inside: Nina‘s boyfriend Ian Somerhalder (in a Rogue henley) picking up lunch at Whole Foods on Thursday (May 10) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Nina Dobrev – got milk?
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25 Responses to “Nina Dobrev: got milk? Ad with Mom Michaela!”

  1. 1
    Dave Franco Says:

    Nice to see some mother/daughter bonding. Nina is a great role model.

  2. 2
    Julie Says:

    They look nothing alike?

  3. 3
    ohyoufancyhuh Says:

    Wow they are twins

  4. 4

    i want to kiss Nina <3

  5. 5
    Nana Says:

    beautiful mom!

  6. 6
    Johnny Says:

    Shame on Ms Constantine for raising a terrible, two-faced, selfish daughter who isn’t a very good actress either. Parenting: You’re doing it wrong.

  7. 7
    surf's up Says:

    Milk is disgusting. Drink milk and you’re basically drinking pus. Look up mastitis.

  8. 8
    adam Says:

    she’s cocky i saw an interview of her and she was talking about logen lerman becouse she was doing a movie with him and she said the kid got talent in a very cocky way like she is so old in the business and logen lermen is the new commer LOL, the kid is the star of the movie the leading man and she have a very small part in the movie.hhhhhhhhhhhhhh,she needs reality check she is on a tv show .and her acting is for tv not movies.time someone tell her that.

  9. 9
    Fruit Says:

    She is nothing like her mom :-S mybe she looks like her Dad and Yeaa I hve seen some of her interviews she sounds very two-faced but when I met her in Toronto 2 yrs ago she was very nice :-) well she just came from the after party so I m sure she wz tired but she wasn’t drunk I knw this much she was sober. And her acting is alrite in some scenes I find her acting is very weak and awful whereas Paul does so well same with Ian. :-) She is mostly famous because of those two guys and Degrassi. That show was HUGE in Canada/U.S.A and the show is still sort of big in those two countries especially Canada since all the actors are Canadian in it. Nina is a pretty face, she looks innocent and acts like one too so people love her. PLUS she is dating IAN so that’s even more publicity for her. But I hve nothing against her just the fact that she does sound very fake in some of the interviews and her acting is average.

  10. 10
    dfs Says:

    those pictures of Ian.. oh god he’s perfection.

  11. 11
    jamie Says:

    Oh god now she’ll be tweeting. Only time she tweets is to vote for her, when she is going to a big celeb dress up party and wants to name the designer to brag and get the dress or whatever free. People that know her know how arrogant and such a show off she really is. She walks around the set and expects people to kiss her butt and extra’s are nothing in her eyes. Such a show off. btw, not watching season 4 of the show.

  12. 12
    Lucy Says:

    Stuck up!

  13. 13
    Kiera Says:

    Sick of seeing her!!

  14. 14
    Jenna Says:

    She really does seem very cocky! It makes her unattractive!

  15. 15
    T Says:

    WTF, You guys are so haters, Nina is like the sweetest person -_- o.O I might not personally know her, but Nina seems like a sweetheart!

  16. 16
    WOW Says:

    even with a mustache, she looks good!! great campaign.

  17. 17
    anon Says:

    Chill out, you’re reading too much into it.

  18. 18
    Susana Says:

    I love the pictures of Ian <333

  19. 19
    molly Says:

    Oh such a natural beauty!

  20. 20
    dani Says:

    Aw sweet! Ian is so adorable with the papz, never seen a celebrity so calm! ♥

  21. 21
    jes Says:

    -_-actually milk is not healthy….*sigh*i know i’m wasting my breath…

  22. 22
    lori Says:

    I love Nina and VD but she seems to be insincere when talking about drinking milk. She suddenly starts pausing, looking down… there is a stark contrast between Nina talking about her mom, with warmth and sincerity, and then hemming and hawing when talking about how great milk is. I don’t believe that any of these celebs really drink glasses of milk.

  23. 23
    Jennifer Says:

    I agree with jes, milk is not healthy. It’s full of hormones and antibiotics and is meant for babies. Why drink the stuff when almond and soy milk are healthier and taste better?

  24. 24
    AHHHHH?!?!?! Says:


  25. 25
    Verite Says:

    Its an adorable campaign and something to do with her mom. At least she’s promoting something healthy (and yes, for most people it is healthy even though some have issues digesting it, like me) and not like POP or something like that. Its a nice ad campaign — she’s got a definite demographic.

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