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Zac Efron: Kobe Bryant T-Shirt at Lakers Game!

Zac Efron: Kobe Bryant T-Shirt at Lakers Game!

Zac Efron heads into the Los Angeles Lakers v. Denver Nuggets playoff game at Staples Center on Saturday (May 12) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actor was decked out in Lakers gear including a hat and a t-shirt featuring Kobe Bryant‘s face.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

This week, Zac is expected to attend the premiere of his film The Paperboy at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival along with his castmates Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey, and John Cusack.

Also pictured inside: Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kanye West sitting courtside at the game.

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zac efron kobe bryant shirt at lakers 02
zac efron kobe bryant shirt at lakers 03
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zac efron kobe bryant shirt at lakers 05
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Credit: Zodiac; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • me

    gay as usual

  • wooo


  • Marina

    @me: Shut your dirty gob!

  • lauren

    why are kim and kanye pictured? who gives a shit about them when its’ a zac post?

  • Peapo

    Ewing, you had to sneak I some horrible pics of publicity whores K&K. can’t we do with out them for awhile…like forever!!

  • Peapo

    It meant to say Ewwwwwwww!

  • Lana

    Still waiting for a day where he and Kevin Zegers will play brothers.

  • me

    he is there with his boyfriend

  • http://Fanpopgirl Pete

    Honestly zac is such a nice person like it’s been over 2 years since he and Vanessa broke up and he’s still single and so down to earth!!!!And on the other hand I don’t know what’s got into Vanessa seriously she’s making out like her and zac never happened and that they were nothing? I really wish they get back together Amen:) they ar perfect for each other plzzzzzzzz just get back together and Vanessa get rid of that fame whore tha u carry around with you for god sake plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • R U sure

    For Heaven sake’s folks he went to a Lakers game with friends

  • Amy

    I’m a fan of Zac, and I think he’s gay too. There is no shame to be gay

  • kami

    he looks fierce in these pix. wonder what he got him mom for mothers day.

  • ADAM

    he is in the down low,if he comes out his career is over.have you ever thought why he still get acting jobs though he got no talent.hollywood exec are mostly older gay jews men he do what he need to do, simple math

  • amanda

    hollywood been doing it for years.young gay actors have more chance to get parts in movies , FYI ithink he is gay too.nothing wrong with that, he is aterrible actor but good on the eye.

  • R U sure

    @Adam Happy Mother’s day to you too. I bet your Mom is so proud of the raciest little boy she raised.

  • david

    well who knew zac efron hade to suck some d@#k to get a job.considering his lousy acting,and that his movies are flop that dont do much money.he need to suck lot of d@#k .LOL

  • veronica


  • Lizzy

    i more look forward to zac posts than anyone elses cuz he doesnt come up everyday like certain people *cough* vanessa *cough*

  • savannah

    Looking good!

  • Bunnylover

    @david: some of you people have a wierd idea of ‘flop’ making twice it’s production costs is a flop? Such horrible hateful people on here.

  • Rachel

    Zac!! He looks amazing! And love the Kobe Bryant shirt!
    Hoping that he attends the Paperboy premiere at Cannes!!

  • Rachel


    The Lucky one has done well! And made more money than expected. But people have to come here and write the otherwise. I agree, their idea of ‘a flop movie’ is very different.

  • lauren

    since you so called experts apparently know zac’s life so well, then explain how you know his life then? do you live with him? are you friends with him?
    apparently he can’t hang with guys endless people think he’s gay? how about you live in his shoes for a day and see.

  • Karen

    You people are F#@king horrible if you have nothing nice to say about Zac why are you here??? He has come along way since his high school musical days. He is still young and learning. Go be nasty some where else.

  • R U sure

    @lauren Zac is a very hard working young man who went to the Lakers game with a friend. If he was here with a girl , these same haters would be calling him a player and manwhore. His current movie is topping over 50 million domestically alone. He is about to go to Cannes for his next movie. He works hard , he gives to charity and is a very kind and all around good person. The people here hate the lives they live so bad they have to vent hate on others.

  • Lona

    Love him! <3

  • mattie

    Zac looks good. Hope Zac goes to Cannes and have fun.

  • tumblr

    Do you think this is the only way to find a job?
    Well, probably it is your only way of finding//get a job ..
    because how else such a fool as you can get a job.
    You’re too stupid to have a any job!!!

  • proudofzacnessa

    Te amo Zac, i’m proud of you, how u are growing up everyday, like a man, an actor :)

    Everyone have haters, i don’t know why but dear, u’re not the exception…whatever, what the hell who cares that?
    Zac has many fans, many people who support him….

    And if Zac has no a girlfriend, what is the problem of that? for that is gay? WTF with u haters!

    whatever…sorry for my english, no es tan bueno^^

    como el vino Zac, cada día más rico ;)

  • R U sure

    @proudofzacnessa Your english is not only fine , but your words are beautiful. Thank you for them

  • my 2 cents

    Lots of predudice,judgemental,homophobic hating people on Zac’s board your Mom’s should be so proud. NOT!!!!! I’d really like to ask you people if you comment on other celebrities post when they are alone and or with friends of the same gender and call them names? If you do then I guess you think the same way about them , but if your just singling out Zac Efron then you have a whole lot of other mental issues. Your jealous he has everything going for him, you I would guess have nothing. So it makes you feel better to anyomously post of this handsome man’s post and call him names I feel pity and sadness for you. Think about what you are doing outside of murder Hate and Bullying are the biggest crimes of all.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • crrl

    Gorgeous as always! I would do so many naughty things to him. lol. Just because he’s single doesn’t mean he’s gay. He’s only 24 and most guys are single in their 20′s. A lot of handsome actors get that label and its not fair.

  • kyle

    I’m looking forward to his new movie, The Paperboy!!!


    So hot. Wishing he and Vanessa got back together! They were fudging perfect for each other !!!!!!!!!



  • Deb

    That wish is never gonna come true, honey. They’ve both moved on. Enough already.

  • http://google barbara

    i am really proud of Zac, for putting his career first, he is working hard, i went to see the lucky one with a friend i really liked,it it is making money, they made another 7 million this weekend, it cost 20 million , to make they proably all ready made 80, million world wide, hiis next movie the paper boy, is going to cann festival, which is a honor, this week, van, has put her relationship first, with that ugly guy, she said she was going to put her career first,she lied, she has to have a man in her life, she doesn’t know to be single,besides her and toyboy, won’t last.

  • crrl

    I really like Zac and Vanessa professionally but try to keep my opnions about their personal lives to myself since I don’t know them. A lot of people would sound less ridiculous if they did the same. I don’t understand why Vanessa is always coming up in his post and vice versa. Its been like 18 months and people still aren’t over their breakup. Wow.

  • LMAO

    @barbara: And I am really proud of Vanessa for knowing she can have a career AND love in her life. Workaholics are usually miserable people. You need balance in your life to be happy. Vanessa is doing just fine in her career, with her last movie pulling in over $300 mill, and has 3 movies in post production. Her personal life is not hindering her career. You’re just pissed you were so wrong about Zac and Vanessa, and now you’re bitter taking it out on her. Get over it.

  • Dogface

    @LMAO: Just because we do not see what he is doing in his spare time doesn’t mean he isn’t off having fun. He just doesn’t get papped everyday so you don’t see it! This very post is about him having a fun night out!!

  • LMAO

    @Dogface: Never said he wasn’ t having fun. I was responding to barbara, who thinks that’s the only way to live. Focus on your career. Plenty of actors focus on their career AND have a relationship. Cause normal people want a special person in their lives. Zac’s special person is his career, according to barbara. Pity him.

  • R U sure

    @LMAO Maybe he has a relationship he wants to keep private. He can have both if he wants and he can live both how he wants. so go look in the mirror and get a real good laugh.

  • Tony

    Zac kept Rumer Willis “private” for over a year. They met up at clubs and private house parties and pretended to be “just” friends. Now he’s doing the same thing with “I’m a good girl” Lily Collins. I don’t believe fame hungry Lily will allow Zac to keep her a secret much longer. She’ll make sure ppl find out.

  • R U sure

    @Tony So you believe every thing you read or is it just when you can try to bash Zac? Rumer Willis and Zac were just friends. You have the wrong guy for who she was seeing.

  • mar

    @R U sure: Oh really? Then why the big need to appear like he’s a swingin’ single? His imaginary GF must have loved all nis canoodling with Schilling on the promo tour and everywhere else. Oh, and he/she must have loved how he thought his sex scenes with Kidman were the highlight of his life. Wecome to the world of being Efron’s servant. I guess this serves him for now.

  • R U sure

    @mar I said maybe, but I will give you a possible answer. it’s called PR. What better way to hide a relationship? Especially one you want to keep private. I belive it is love scenes not sex senes with Kidman. They fade to black nothing happens on screen, it is left to the imagination

  • sam

    Why would a person want to hide a relationship unless he is ashamed of the girl he’s hiding? I will never understand why celebrities do that kind of thing.

  • Rachel

    Zac fans, check this out:
    Cannes 2012: Zac Efron, Dennis Quaid Drama ‘At Any Price’ Makes Market Debut

  • Bunnylover

    @sam: perhaps the other person doesn’t want the hassel they will get if they go public? Plus it isn’t really our business.