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Kristen Stewart: 'I Like Pushing Myself'

Kristen Stewart: 'I Like Pushing Myself'
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  • Danny

    When you have to “defend” your choices.. is it really artistic? Or just poor decision making from a no talent actress like Stewart? Bad reviews all over the place.. Quit making a fool of yourself

  • sam

    OMG! There are like 2 posts about Kristen Stewart on EVERY page!! I’m sick of her and her arrogant leering face.

  • Tollde

    She actually got really good reviews for otr. The movie itself was lackluster because the source material isn’t suited for adaptation into a movie. The reason why she has to defend her choices is because it is a controversial role unlike anything she has ever done before. She really raised the bar now for everyone.

  • Creed

    Are parents to stupid and moronic to read the MPAA ratings before taking their kids to movies?

  • sara

    “Defend her choices?” I didn’t know an adaptation of a really famous and highly popular book was controversial. The movie looks like a 2 hour Levi’s ad, anyway.

  • Tammi

    It’s not like anything a young starlet has ever done before. There will always be controversy when a popular actress from a teen franchise breaks out into more adult roles. Her charcter is a sex kitten in on the road. Nothing like Bella, the charcter that made her a household name.

  • P

    It’s always a stupid excuse when actresses say that they got naked in a movie for pushing themselves.
    You don’t have to be naked to prove that you’re a good actress and brave.
    And in her case, she can do everything she wants, she will never be a good actress!

  • peon

    Too bad she can’t act. She’s getting slammed by critics for her “acting” in OTR.

  • Jay

    Jennifer Lawrence got more critical acclaim for her role in a teen franchise called The Hunger Games than Kristen got for her so called artistic role. The girl can’t act. Critics are saying she “criminally underplays” the character and that she is expressionless and unsmiley.

  • tom

    To all the haters!!!
    you are really invested in an actresses , you don’t like.
    makes me always wonder

  • Ryan

    To the pathetic people that have never seen a movie outside of the Twilight series that claim they have never seen the Twilight series you are making yourselves look even more insipid.

    TWIMC: Think about it, if all her other movies outside of Twilight have gotten great reviews, shouldn’t that tell you its not any of the actors fault?

    Kristen Stewart killed it at Cannes! Rave reviews from critics everywhere, plus she looked dynamite. Jealousy is not a good look the Pattinson boy still wouldn’t look at you if she wasn’t around.

  • aquarius64

    @Ryan: Again the ridiculous “jealousy” defense when there’s criticism of the idol. Not everyone likes her; accept it. And not everyone is required to like her because you do.

  • Kristen Stewart reviews

    On The Road reviews from Cannes critics.

    “The hope that this actress is now mature enough to branch out and immerse herself in a character other than Twilight’s Bella is quickly, disappointingly dispelled. While the other actors appear strong, albeit in need of some sound writing, Stewart simply registers as weak.

    “Stewart as Marylou completes the awkward threesome for a large part of the film and whilst there is little for her to do here she also makes very little out of what she has to work with.”

    “Marylou is played by the typically unsmiling Kristen Stewart”

    “Stewart flatters to deceive, offering brief moments of passion…criminally underplaying a character in Marylou who is supposed to burn with energy”

    “There is no hope for this actress”

    Kristen Stewart can’t act. Thank you for proving the point.

  • Oloya

    Horrible actress. She’s way too awkward and makes every character she plays awkward too. I think she should stick to modeling because she is pretty there’s no denying that and she will get to keep her mouth shut too.

  • Jane

    Kristen haters can stop watching her films if they don’t like her acting. It is strange that you would invest so much of your time to something you hate. Everyone who waste their time hating on her is pathetic. She is a young actress at the top of her game, making money and enjoying what she does best, acting. Fashion comes with the job but it is in no way a replacement for her day job.
    On the Road is one of her best and most daring performance yet. Get a grip and stop spamming her comment page with lies. Anyone can do a simple google search for kristen’s acting reviews. No one will trust the source of a Kristen hater.

  • chloe

    PLEASE GO AWAY! She acts like she’s the best actress around lol. She can’t even act. I agree. She should stick to modeling or something so she doesn’t talk because everytime she opens her mouth, she sounds like an idiot and she has this permanent sour pvss face.

  • P
  • justin

    Whatever she says is better than what is spewing out of your mouth chloe. All you can put together is insults to a harmless but naturally gifted actress. She won’t go away because you type it out on an anonyous message board. You know what you can do? Boycott her films, create a petition to stop Kristen Stewart from acting, boycott the theater you go to, write letters to the editors of your local newspapers, write letters to the people who run your state. But nothing I repeat NOTHING will get done by you whining anonymously on an entertainment site. ANd you know why you won’t do that? Because you know people will laugh and call you out on it if you do it for real, because it is stupid and a waste of everyone’s time. because she is harmless.

  • Lemmy

    @Kristen Stewart reviews: You must have spent some time compiling that list of negative reviews. Are you slightly overinvested, perchance?

  • Meem

    I love Joshua Jackson! What a doll. I hope Diane treats him right.

  • tim

    Hopefully Kstew gets a nomination for best supporting actress…her role is very daring and stands out quite nicely. A best ensemble nomination/win at the sag awards would be nice, too.

  • V

    Kristen is awesome. Love her.