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Jennifer Lopez: 'Goin' In' Launch Party!

Jennifer Lopez:  'Goin' In'  Launch Party!

Jennifer Lopez sparkles while celebrating the launch of her latest single “Goin’ In” on Saturday (May 26) at Hyde inside the Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

The 42-year-old entertainer held hands with backup dancer and boyfriend Casper Smart as they made their way inside.

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Goin’ In” will be featured on the Step Up 4 soundtrack, and will be available for download on iTunes beginning June 17.

If you haven’t heard Jen‘s latest single, check it out here!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart at the launch party…

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Credit: Judy Eddy; Photos: WENN
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  • Ortiz

    JLO with her bought and paid for white boyfriend which is all she ever wanted in the first place. She couldn’t have Ben so now she has settled for this ugly stupid face male hooker who laughs behind her back while he takes her money.

  • Horrible Mother Jlo

    Wonder where her abandoned twins are? At home with their real nanny mother.

  • Alaia

    And the award for Most Ridiculous Excuse For An Event goes to…

  • notafan

    Thank God Ben dumped her when he did i lost all respect for him when he was with her. I will never forget what led to the break-up it was memorial day and channel 7 eyewitness news had a lead in story about bennifer been engaged the anchor person an older man was so pissed he is like It’s Memorial day and this is what we lead off with i couldn’t have agreed with him more. Next ting you know Ben dumped her ghetto puerto rican diddy used ass

  • Lorelei

    She is a pure disgrace.

  • KN

    She held a frigging party for that awful song of hers???!! Seriously, a party for a single??! What next?!!! That is one of the lamest reasons for a celeb party ever.

    That dress looks like the one Kim K. wore in Cannes. Looks better on Jennifer, no doubt she looks great. However, I still think she looks like Casper’s much, much older sister or a Mom who had him as a baby as a teen. She is delusional if she thinks she looks the same age as him. And Casper is one unfortunate looking dude. He looks like a much downgraded version of Jon Cryer!!

  • Boston

    She never had a chance with BEN he was justing rumoring this ghetto trainwreck until the right classy Jennifer came along then he married her.

  • JHO

    WTF ! Launch Party for that sh!tty song?

  • Megan

    @least when Britney dated and married a unemployed stupid backup dancer she herself was an inexperienced, vulnerable 21. But this old 43 year old 3 time loser doesn’t have that excuse. JLO will do anyhting to hang on to her flagging youth: Numerous cosmetic surgeries, skin bleaching, dating a boy all to not remind herself that she isn;t an aging mother (terrible one at that) trying to recapture the thrill of being in her twenties again. She is the laughingstock of Hollywood with everyone whispering about how she is paying this kid loads of money to help her forget. Even though Marc Anthony is a long time Heroin addict he is still a better person than this delusional TV personality will ever be.

  • Karen

    LOL she must have a lot of free time on her hands.

  • Gossipgirl

    He really is fug; if she loves younger men, there are plenty of good looking ones out there!

  • touche

    She had the worst taste in men. It’s okay if she wants her young cub but i wouldn’t be flaunting it and I certainly wouldn’t marry him.

  • brenda

    I hope she marries him and he takes her for what ever he can get. Then maybe she will wake the Fu@k up, stop being such a tr@mp and act her age.

  • Yep

    Strange how when a woman dates young like a man they, women, get called all kinds of name even by other women! Jennifer looks beautiful, love the dress!

  • DarkEmpress


    Don’t start rumours about skin bleaching. She spray tans. She has said that. When she looks lighter she hasn’t spray tanned. Ppl who spray tan to look darker definitely don’t bleach their skin.

  • Heidi44o

    like Evelyn replied I’m surprised that a mom can get paid $6970 in four weeks on the internet. did you see this

  • troy

    @Ortiz: he also *ucks other chicks behind her back

  • snow white

    @ and other men from what I heard .But she likes them that way remember Chris Judd.

    Totally agree Megan and Brenda !

    I hope when the tour ends he dumps her old a$$ and leaves her high and dry and she has to beg skeletor to take her back because nobody wants her anymore.

  • Yo Chola

    Yeah, she looked a lot different when she first came out she was about three shades darker and had black kinky/curly hair so she definitely bleached herself. Her children were born and still are the same color she was before she changed that’s why she dislikes them.

  • NYC

    two of the fugliest kids i have seen but as soon as its possible for her to get the plastic surgery you will see her with them

  • Michael

    LOOK AFTER YOUR KIDS, woman!!!!
    STOP chasing young dudes, YOU are a disgrace!!!!
    YOU’re 43 y.o. already..
    A Cougar, craddle snatcher, gross…

  • nanci B

    Why date a young guy ……………. You will still age and age

  • isabel

    JLOW doesn’t have class at all and to top it all, NO TALENT!
    The contestants of American Idol are way better singers than her, embarassing!
    Without make up, she’s not beautiful!
    Good thing there’s cosmetics, hair extensions and the whole nine yards or else she looks like JLOW from the ghetto, LOL!

  • helen

    pathetic haters!!!!!JEN ROCKS!!!

  • mimi

    @helen: Not haters, one hater using different names. It is proabably the first husband who has been trying to extort money from her like foreverrrrrrr!!!or his girlfriend who is also trying to get a piece of Jlo’s money!!!

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    WOW, here they are,….look at them, a bunch of JEALOUS HATERS!! Jennifer’s HOT, SUPER HOOOOOT!!!!!! GET A LIFE, LOSERS!!

  • Lalalove

    This annoying piece of crap excuse for a “singer” with her son, I see.

  • She Stinks!

    Looks like mother is taking her baby boy out for ice cream. A party for another one of her crappy songs? Ryan Seacrest must of paid for this, you know the record company would never pay for another one of her flop singles. Again, out getting her picture taken and ignoring those kids. Hasn’t the world had enough of her trashy, tacky low class antics? The gossip blogs should just stop covering her.

  • Yeah

    JLo the most envied woman in showbiz looks just as young as Casper.

  • mariana

    a red carpet, lunch….for a single ???!! this must be a joke. it has to..

  • Mikee25

    So many hateful people!! Your all hateful and u need to look at yourselves!!! You need to stop hating because jealousy is not a good human trait!! Get a life haters!!!

  • ray

    Omg these comments are just a mess.
    Don’t you know how to discuss without using swear words?
    C’mon this generation is really lost!!!

  • She Stinks!

    What a tacky, lewd name for a song, ‘goin’ in’, but I expect this from gutter trash like JHO……..yup, Casper is going in all right. But, its like a tiny baby hot dog in the JHO Bag Lincoln Tunnel! Aye Carumba!

  • lisa

    @Ortiz: Oh, so true. She is so shallow, has no voice and untalented. Some women get wiser as they get older, she gets more idiotic as she grows older.