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Katie Holmes & Suri: Matching Outfits!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Matching Outfits!

Katie Holmes and Suri rock nearly identical outfits as they walk back to their apartment on Sunday (June 24) in New York City.

The mother-daughter duo came from a relaxing weekend brunch. How cute do they look in their matchy-matchy skirts and tops??

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The day before, Katie and Suri went to see the new computer-animated fantasy adventure film Brave, which opened in theaters this past Friday.

The Pixar flick took the top spot at this weekend’s box office!

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Credit: Jay Thornton; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • lauren

    doesn’t suri have friends?

  • Alia

    Suri smile and walk by her self o_O
    this’s new

  • Sweetheart32

    How old is this child? She’s ever around kids her own age just her mom, who has the posture of a rotten banana BTW…. Do scientologists home school their kids?

  • Gi

    Even thu they have all the money of the world they seem sad . Tom is never with them they always seem to be alone

  • Creepy

    Something just ain’t right in the Church of Scientology.


    @Creepy: something ain’t right Judaism

  • kudos

    Suri is a cutie. She looks like her cousin William Mapother.

  • Kristy_Q

    Those are the boots! :X

  • Nika

    again with those boots! C’mon Katie, these make your legs short and fat AND they never match the outfit…someone take those away from her.

  • Frozoid

    Katie’s trotting out the old boots again… in the mistaken hopes that they make her calves look thinner.

    Is Suri wearing makeup?

  • Tina

    Even though her career is over, at least Katie seems to be a good mother!

  • ugh

    Like I said on the other thread… ALL DOLLED up with no important place to go other than be relevant somehow in hopes to increase Tom’s popularity. Its ridiculous that these gossip mags/sites mention all the details about their lives, including their new films out, in attempt to create somewhat of a newsworthy story… it just creates a situation where Katie’s out paping herself again in hopes to score headlines … it’s like one fueling the other, and vice-versa. Katie must love that new “Suri burn book” blog, she’s worked on creating her kid as a media sensation for yrs… I feel so bad for that poor kid.

  • SERIOUSLY!!!!!
  • famousa

    Okay WTF is it with Katie and those horrid old boots?? She wears them like Suri clutches onto her security blanket – it’s constant. And where is Tommy Girl these days, you never see them together. Are we finally going to hear that “shocking” divorce announcement?

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Matching Outfits! If they have matching brains I feel sorry for the kid.

  • Tom’s A Deadbeat Dad!

    If you provide tons of money, but don’t spend time with your child you are still a Deadbeat Dad! Shame on you Tom!

  • Suri is stimming

    That delayed kid is stimming big time with her left hand.
    Both are incredibly FRUMPY.

  • Tina

    @Tom’s A Deadbeat Dad, well someone has to work in the family. Katie Holmes hasn’t had a hit film in years. She was nominated for a Razzie award for her last film.

  • famousa


    Forget about Suri, she’s a lost cause, just like Mommy and Daddy. She is already incredibly spoiled and completely lacking in a realistic perspective of the world around her, and it’s only to get worse in time. I can’t stand that little brat plus Mommy needs to smack herself in the head with her ratty old boots – time to wake up zombie girl, get a life already!

  • jaspisgirl

    good thing; the little one will have the money to get a good therapy bad thing: she will have those super-parents for ever( and yes this is sarcasm)is it really that hard to protect your child and not to give her to the paps every single day.i know mrs.holmes needs this girl for attention but is is worth it? there is never a little friend with them.i mean she does not have a regular job,only when you count strolling and shopping and dinner with you 6-year old as a least give that kid a chance to have a child of her age around .and if it is not possible to go on playgrounds or things like that ,invite a friend .i am sure ,cruises have the money and they would make this kid happy,but i think mommy.bear does not want to share her doll!!!!!!

  • Suri is stimming

    JJ cropped off all the pix from the same outing how Suri the challenged and never schooled had a meltdown.

    She turned from precocious, cheesy and trailer-y to down right furious! Not at the paps but her own mother.
    Kaka Homely must have said something to offend her to make sure their pictures printed.
    Kaka is addicted to the attention.
    She needs her daily fix. Suri may be indefinitely held behind. Luckily her pimp\legal father has the money.

  • red

    thirsty woman she is … thirsty for attention… when i look at her that’s all I see… a tabloid piece… fodder. She doesn’t see herself that way I know. In that business, everyone is always kissing your ass, telling you haw talented you are, how “BRILLIANT” … “BRILLIANT” is completely overused . She has magazines putting her on covers and I’m sure all those people are blowing smoke up her ass… But, in my circle and to my knowledge… most people thing of Katie Holmes as a joke… You would never say ” I’m going to see the new Katie Holmes movie”!! NEVER. I live in New York though, ppl here are tough to please. I’m sure she has some sort of fan base… but the reality is, she lost a lot of respect when she married Tom… It is just the most awkward relationship ever.

  • Janie

    LOL… They wear the same shoes all the time.

  • Janie

    kudos @ 06/24/2012 at 5:35 pm #7


    Suri is a cutie. She looks like her cousin William Mapother.
    She looks more like William Mapotha than she does her own dad, Tom.

  • Kilem

    I think the little girl does have friends, but what about Katie? How come the only other woman she is seen with is a Sciento handler??

  • zzzzzzz

    the thing that is kind of sick is that she thinks people really are envious of her… it’s writen all over her face and when you see video it’s in her body language… she takes those dramatic long slow strides … gross … I’m sorry but she is so easy to hate.

  • xoxo

    I bet Suri will be an author, dancer, singer, designer and motivational speaker by age 10.

  • ugh

    Katie knew she’d get lots of cutesy tweets and headlines by wearing matching outfits…. I can’t stand this woman, she’s the worst famewhore in the business. You’re not cute Katie Holmes, not in the least.

  • ali

    In New York, she doesn’t need to walk anywhere. Wealthy kids and their mothers have drivers at their disposal at all times. Why make her self-conscious? It is the worst thing for a child. Wherever they need to go, she can run her life so that she protects her child. Her building probably has a drive through where she can be picked up without anyone knowing. The paps are intrusive, but there are smart ways to handle them so that you protect your young child.

  • Hamlet

    Many celebrity parents home school their kids, #3. TomKat is just one of them.

    Cruise is busy making movies and thus money for hiss family to continue living so well, #4.

    You’re an idiot, #26.

  • AddisonDeWitt

    I think KATE calls the PAPS and tells them where to find her and Suri. They are photographed DAILY.

  • all of us

    seriously JAred= please stop posting pictures of Suri Cruise- give that little girl a chance at some sort of a normal life

  • Bit

    This is all so sad. People should just marry for love not image. What a mess.

  • @


    You post the same excuse all the time ” Tom is busy making movies and thus money for his family to continue living so well ” NEWS flash 10 families can live their whole lives and never work on the money Tom has. Your kids are only young once and if you have the financial means to work less and spend a lot more time with your family why wouldn’t you.


    WTF! The boots again! What a Frump!

  • Nika

    guys you have no idea what they actually do and how they spend their time so don’t judge. Maybe they see Tom after and maybe they go see Katie’s friends, who knows really…you can’t tell what’s going on just by looking at some pics.

  • Piperwest12

    Scientologists don’t believe in Autism. Look at how their denial of the disorder led to the death of John Travolta’s son. There was a lack of proper supervision because according to scientologist cleansing was all he needed.

  • shanghai

    Bet that’s one spoilt little brat!!

  • picklefacededSURI


    r u serious?????? oh my gawd!

  • mya

    If only Katie is fond of shoe-shopping too. The always little brown boots for her and the always silver shoes for Suri. Suri seems fine wearing the same shoes. She’s supposed to be a little brat.

  • erjbv

    Jared, PLEASE stop posting news about Katie or Suri! I’m tired of them!

  • siennagold

    Nice to see Suri smiling and walking by herself! She should do this often. :D

  • maria

    kate seems so sad , sth is wrong with this family but I cant’t figure what.

  • joel

    Katieboot is being spiteful with those boots. She knows it annoys everybody.

  • L

    @maria: You’re being sarcastic right? Tom Cruise is said to be a gay man who has never come out of the closet. Besides, he is a complete lunatic scientologist (and aren’t they all lunatics?). This woman is putting up with all that, so she is crazy too for sure, and it seems that her favorite activity is to let paparazzi exploit her child. Do you need more to figure out what is wrong with this family?

  • jaspisgirl


  • LFR

    Katie’s legs are so ugly! Suri has lost her cuteness as she’s getting older. At least the hair is out of her eyes in this pic.

  • DailyNightly

    After that fiasco of an outfit that Katie wore last week, Suri has decreed that Katie can only go out in public if Suri dresses her.

  • Janie

    Tom and Katie do not live together.

  • My way

    I bet Katie read everything on this site, hahaha! Some people were commenting on her smiling to the paparazzi now she’s not. She is obviously seeking the limelight. PATHETIC!!!