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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes' Hottest Red Carpet Moments!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes' Hottest Red Carpet Moments!

From their first appearance together at the David di Donatello Awards in April 2005 to their last at the Academy Awards in February 2012, we’re taking a look back at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ hottest moments on the red carpet!

The 33-year-old actress filed for divorce from her 49-year-old husband of five and a half years on Friday (June 29) in New York City. The couple has one child together, 6-year-old Suri.

After their first red carpet event together, Tom and Katie were seemingly inseparable, making countless appearances at premieres, award shows, and fundraisers around the world.

WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TomKat moment on the red carpet?

40+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes through the years…

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tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 01
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 02
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 03
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 04
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 05
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 06
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 07
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 08
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 09
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 10
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 11
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 12
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 13
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 14
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 15
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 16
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 17
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 18
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 19
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 20
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 21
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 22
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 23
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 24
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 25
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 26
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 27
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 28
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 29
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 30
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 31
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 32
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 33
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 34
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 35
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 36
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 37
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 38
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 39
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 40
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 41
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 42
tom cruise katie holmes hottest red carpet moments 43

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  • Carol

    who cares

  • nushooz

    That goes to say that… some CRAZY things surely doesnt last.

  • gossipgirl

    at least they ended in a high note that last picture is flawless Tom looks so awesome i love it

  • Kiley

    There’s an article online saying all of his wives divorced him at age 33… Wonder what happens at 33 for these ladies to finally wake up?

  • hap

    Now this is just uncalled for. The couple is divorcing and you put up a post of them together? I know it’s all about “remembering the happy days” but I’m sure they’re going through a tough time right now. Or at least Katie is, I’m not sure how Tom’s mind works.

  • Kayle

    I love her with the short bob cut, like the one where she is wearing the red dress. It makes her look so GOOD!

  • Sasha

    So TomKat no more.

  • nightnight

    TomKat has been put to sleep

  • Crazy liar

    As fake as the Smiths…Show me a couple constantly reinforcing their love for each other and I’ll show you a Publicist’s created charade.

  • Stunna

    Uhhhhhh JJ what’s the need for this?? I mean, really?

  • Kirsten

    This is a bit unnecessary.

  • sarah

    Come on Katie did what women have been doing for years. Gets pregnant in order to get the guy. They get married and she is set financially for life. Sure she does a movie here and there because she loves attention. Bottom line she just won the lottery. Hope Tom gets Suri full time and Katie doesn’t. I remember reading when they got married her dad (he’s a lawyer) had a lot of conditions with the pre nup. Katie deserves what she came into the marriage with. Not money from Tom.

  • tim

    I cant stand her for take out suri only for for the pr.I think if two aduldts to that its ok , but to use a child for attention is ill.

  • M

    What is this? they are getting divorce, why are we glorifying them?

    Unnecessary Post

  • Josh


    Tom Cruise is GAY. Sure Katie was using him for money…just like he was using her as his BEARD!

    Katie deserves half his money!

  • Xenu

    You mean THE FAKE-EST red carpet moments.

  • Gh

    She used to have a great carpet back then, especially when she had a bob hair. I guess all this was thanks to the friendship with Victoria Beckham.nBut recently she dressed HORRIBLE!

  • HA HA!

    Master Thespians at work!!! Who says Katie can’t act? Just look at these pics- Gazing lovingly into Tom’s eyes.

  • sarah

    @Josh Is she that selfish to also use a kid to make sure she gets more money. She knew exactly what she was doing and getting herself into. She knows she’ll never have to work again. I just hope Tom black balls her from using his name to get parts and has an iron clad pre nup.

  • Susie#1

    Now that Katie and Suri aren’t visible, we are treated to “The Best of Times Past.” Ugh. Waste of space. Let the divorce go on quietly behind closed doors, and stop force-feeding TomKat to the world.

  • sar

    That was her goal the first time she ever marry tom she know some day she file for divorce and get hand on toms money..

  • Only a Fan

    So many people predicted this would happen because people did NOT buy this “marriage sham” knew they would eventually divorce and it happened. The public didn’t buy this marriage contract even if they (Cruise’s PR machine) thought that by him getting married to a younger female, have a baby (capture the younger demographic) they could project a successful, good looking couple and subliminally promote Scientology. They thought people would see them as this young, attractive couple with a cute, photographic child (Suri), that was successful, good looking, healthy (Katie supposedly ran the NY marathon), they thought would make successful movies, live in a Beverly Hills mansion, fly all over the world, and both have successful careers NOT. It didn’t work out that way and mostly Katie’s many attempted careers have not been successful at ALL. So many unanswered questions about this couple: Is Tom gay?), Who is Suri’s real biological father? A marriage contract? Etc., This is the age of the Internet and people don’t easily forget the past. I don’t think Tom Cruise will have the same custody as he did with Nicole Kidman’s kids. I think the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes marriage was NOT what Cruise and his PR machine expected. It turned out BLAND just like Katie’s career. I think from a economic standpoint, Katie came out on top. She will make more money out of this marriage than if she had not married Tom Cruise. The last five years of her life she travelled the world, stayed at expenise hotels, met a lot of interesting people, and who knows what else she experienced. But now her only daughter is getting to an age where she needs some spiritual guidance and I think that is what really is motivating Katie. Not to mention if Suri has any development issues that need to be addressed. Happy Birthday Tom Cruise. Ironically, Katie drops this bomb on the eve of his 50th birthday.

  • Only a Fan

    - I do NOT think from this point on Katie’s career will take off. She is an ok actress at best and should have stuck to television. Clearly she saw Nicole Kidman’s career as a template to follow and thought the same would happen to her, it didn’t turn out that way. If Katie did in fact blindside Cruise, she might incur his influencial Hollywood wrath. Katie is your average girl that happened to marry someone that was once one of the biggest movie stars in the world before he REVEALED his passion for Scientology and Cruise took her on a BIG LUXURIOUS ADVENTURE (that included fame and fortune at the cost of giving up her soul/faith) and she was able to shop to her hearts delight, fly on private planes (imagine how important she felt, not commercial but a private plane or heliocopter no rush hour traffic for her and Suri), get supporting roles in movies, television shows, a Broadway show that would have gone to someone else connected just like she was at the time, able to be a presenter at ENDLESS award shows (Tonys, Golden Globes, Desk Award, Emmys, etc.) which gave her visibility and kept her picture and name on the celebriy/entertainment industry rags/blogs, wear expensive designer labels (Armani, Gucci, Adeli, Channel, etc.) sit in the front row during Fashion Week, live in a Beverly Hills mansion, be chaffured around with bodyguards (I would hate this lack of privacy and production), spend whatever she wanted, etc. but this was NOT ENOUGH. In the last months she looked MISERABLE, SAD,
    VACANT EYES, DRESSED like a slob, and you can tell Tom Cruise was no longer interested because they would spend a lot of time apart. Sad thing is that they didn’t realize the public didn’t buy this sham and they were the ones that were blindsided.

  • Only a Fan

    The person that is the sacrificial lamb here is Suri Cruise. She was born into this and based on the last few outings (now that we know they are getting divorced), its Katie who’s trying to “up the price for Suri’s custody payments. I think she wants to send a message to Cruise that Suri creates a paparrazi frenzy when she takes a walk outside. This means publicity and keeps your name, upcoming movie name, and image on the celebrity blogs/rags, if you want Suri around you better give me a good settlement. I think this is a disgrace.

  • Lane

    Two phonies plus a horrid brat…….so….long

  • aquarius64

    This whole thing is going to be a hot mess this summer. This is the gossip press’ dream come true.

  • Hmmm

    - WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN??? All Three of Tom Cruise’s wives filed for divorce when they were 33 years old, and were 34 when the divorce was finalized. Is that a coinidence???

    MSNBC and a bunch of people on Twitter noticed that former wives & the future ex-wife of “Tom Cruise Ex-Wives Club” all have something in common and it might give you nightmares of the number 33. This is some creepy numerology stuff.

    FIRST WIFE: Mimi Rogers, who started all this by introducing Tom Cruise to Scientology, was 31 when she became the first Mrs. Tom Cruise in 1987 and 33 years old when their marriage ended in 1990. Mimi was 34 when their divorce was finalized.

    SECOND WIFE: Nicole Kidman was 23 when she married Tommy in 1990 and 33 when their 10-year contract ended in 2001. Nicole was 34 when her shackles officially came off after their divorce finalized.

    THIRD & CURRENT WIFE: Katie Holmes was 28 when she became the third bride of Scientology in 2006 and she’s now 33 years old. If their divorce goes through after December, she’ll be 34 when she’s officially free.

    So every one of Tommy’s wives was 33 years old when they split and 34 when the divorce was finalized. Is 33 the age when the wife’s lightbulb finally turns ON from being Tom Cruise’s wife and wants her soul back in a rock, paper, scissor match with L. Ron Hubbard (the founder of Scienetology) on a neutral planet (Neptune, obviously)? Does the mind control spell wear off when she’s 33? And each of Tommy’s wives is almost 11 years younger than the last one. If Tommy is shopping for a “fourth beard” wife already, then that means he’s trolling the IMDB pages of all actresses born in 1989 or 1990. Hide all the 22-year-old actresses!

  • The Age Question

    33 could be the age Tom put in the contract. He may be trying to stay young and fresh and feels he needs a younger wife to keep him interesting to the younger demographic, which is very shallow, but I wouldn’t put it past him. We’ll have to see what the age of his next hired piece will be.

  • Only a Fan

    On Radar there is an article that says “Tom Cruise to File for Divorce in California.” I think IF Cruise does fight for custody of Suri, he will get joint custody and that is the price Katie will pay for bringing Suri into this dangerous agreement. For years people said Suri was not Tom’s biological child because he’s sterile or whatever, even if that’s true, to now reveal the REAL FATHER would be so much bad publicity for Katie and the real father who will look like money grubbers trying to pull the wool over Tom Cruise who will get the sympathy for being Suri’s provider / father. I think they will end up having joint custody of Suri and Katie will try to raise Suri as a Catholic and that will create a huge conflict with Cruise and the Church of Scientology. Then what is the solution? Katie is going to find herself pushed against the wall. I don’t buy this “her father is a lawyer.” Yes, he’s a lawyer but Cruise was still able to get Katie to sign an IRONCLAD prenup agreement (regardless if her father was a lawyer or not). The fight is going to be over Suri Cruise. At this point, Cruise knows Suri still generates publicity and paparrazi are after Suri’s picture NOT Katie’s. How long will the interest in Suri last? She was cuter when she was younger but can still take some photographic pictures which is why the paparrazi are chasing after her. As strange as this sounds, but if you look at the Internet, celebrity blogs,rags, etc., Suri who was born April 18, 2006 became very popular in the year 2007 when they started dressing her in designer clothes and parading her through Germany, Paris, London, New York, etc. while Cruise filmed Valkyrie, and Katie then appeared in the Broadway play All My Sons in New York in 2008, and it was Suri who kept Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in the news. In 2005, Cruise made those terrible missteps in public on Oprah, Matt Lauer, Brooke Sheilds criticism, etc and outings with Suri kept him in the celebrity news. I think Cruise would like Suri to go into the entertainment business because he thinks she has something special about her.
    A talent? Who knows because Suri haven’t really shown any talent
    yet but that she does have some kind of development issue with her
    hands that some say may or may not be autisim or stimming. Time will
    tell but Suri has reached an age where school, faith, discipline, family,
    friends, developing socially is becoming very important. And Katie
    has a fight on her hands. She played with fire getting involved with Cruise and she brought her daughter into this. Personally, I don’t think
    Cruise is the biological father but I think at this point he is the father
    Suri knows and he has been her provider, along with Katie’s, and his
    mother, sisters and their children. Cruise has to carry a lot of people.

  • thetis

    @Only a Fan:

    Whoever filed first that court is given sway and Cruise’s absurd behavior over Scientology and the fact he and his church have encouraged his other 2 children to basically ignore their mother (which Scientology is known for when one parent is not a member) doesn’t stand him in good stead with either court actually

  • Bennz

    Suri looks exactly like Tom….she’s his alright. I have no doubt about it. I don’t buy all this contract horsecrap. The truth is probably ALOT simpler. She was young, impressionable and available and idolized Tom. He was open to being idolized. He’s older, rich and has a glamorous life and some young women are turned on by that sort of power. For a while they probably were very much in love. I don’t doubt it. But, just like all the songs and stories say, love is NOT enough. She was always “Tom’s wife” and I presume she wanted her own slice of fame. She’s too young to be a trophy wife instead of hanging at concerts and beaches and parties like other people her age did. (You don’t see her and Tom hanging out at Coachella) I just think she got way more than she bargained for and it hasn’t been the right fit for her. I doubt in Tom’s world there’s much room for anything more than Tom. He’s as good as what he does because he is this enormous PERSONALITY. That would be too much for most of us to handle.

  • Effy

    They look SO awkward in picture #5! It looks like they’re strangers taking a picture together…

  • Hmmm

    Katie’s big payday will come NOT through alimony payments but trying to negotiate child support payments that are “suitable.” Katie signed an IRON CLAD pre nup that surely must include a lot of confidenitality things she can never discuss. But I doubt she will come out of this the way Nicole Kidman did “left like a bandit with a truck load of money and property.” That is NOT gonna happen with Katie. I don’t think Cruise is Suri’s biological father BUT he has been her father for the last six years. To now try to back peddle and say he is not her biological father would also create a lot of other issues like she lied to Cruise and kiss good bye child support payments, let the real father support Suri. There’s a quote from the movie Wall Street where Daryl Hannah tells Charlie Sheen’s character Bud, “When you’ve had money and lost it, it can be much worse than never having had it at all! ”

    Before Katie married Tom Cruise, she wasn’t poor, but she was NOT wealthy and does not come from a wealthy family. She is middle class at best. Her father is a lawyer, mom a homemaker and five brothers and sisters. The 5-6 years Katie was with Cruise, she went to Europe for the first time, experienced a lot of luxurious things with Cruise that she will never forget. Surely it was fun, you can see pictures of her in 2005, 2006, 2007 and her eyes are filled with excitement, what appears to be devotion. But when she sees her own career NOT take off with the disaster of the movie Mad Money, and all the other things she tried she begins to appear sad, depressed, no longer dressings in designer clothes, she has no discipline in that area. Even her “famous” friends like Victoria Beckman distant themselves from her. You see Victoria Beckman, Kate Beckinsale, Eva Longoria, Ken Paves having dinner in Los Angeles or New York but NO Katie Holmes in that inner circle. You see Suri and Katie alone or with the nanny or Katie’s mother.

  • Hmmm

    - A lot of things did not work out the way Tom Cruise and his PR machine had hoped back in 2005-2006 before they KICKED OFF this Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes Marketing Plan: Back in 2006 or 2007, they bought the $35 million mansion (in a terrible economic recession), plus United Artists Studios (which didn’t work out the way they envisioned), plus married Katie Holmes Nov 2006 (now filing for divorce), didn’t expect the backlash from the Oprah Winfrey couch jumping to hurt his career as long as it did (thanks to the Internet), Matt Lauer video on Internet forever, Scientology leaked video on the Internet forever, Valkyrie did not become the successful hit they expected for United Artists, nor did Lambs for Lions, etc. Fought with entertainment executive of Paramount Pictures Sumner Redstone and got kicked off the Mission Impossible IV movie but REVERSED this decision and Tom Cruise got himself back into this successful franchise of Mission Impossible IV (and shut the mouths of a lot of people in the entertainment business who thought his career was done and buried),when the movie did VERY WELL in the U.S. and worldwide, adding to a respectable movie return in foreigh markets with Knight and Day. Rock of Ages did not do as well as expected but Tom Cruise was able to TURN THINGS AROUND. He already finished one movie which will be released in December and the movie he’s currently filming Oblivion will be released in 2013. This coming week he will be 50 years old, he’s lost weight and still looks good, and I am betting this divorce is actually coming at a perfect time to CHANGE the Tom, Katie, and Suri family unit image and start thinking about the new image that will make him continue to look marketable, believable, successful, admirable, attractive, etc. He’s an actor and has an image to sell after all.

  • Hmmm

    Image is VERY IMPORTANT for POWERCOUPLES in Hollywood. Especially the big, successful actors (brands) like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, George Clooney and his girlfriend of the month, Cindy Crawford and her husband Randy Gerber, Mark Walberg and his wife Rema, David and Victoria Beckman, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner, Harrison Ford and Calista, Ellen DeGeneras & Portia de Rossi, Gwen Stefani and her husband, Julia Roberts and Danny Moder, Beyonce and Jay Z, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Steven Speilberg and Kate Capshaw, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, Jay Leno and his wife Mavis., etc. Robert Downey Jr and his wife, Jennifer Aniston and her current boyfriend, etc. I know this sounds terrible but it one just looks so much stronger, successful when you see two people attending an event especially as a solid couple. The look so attractive, like if you really do have it all (even if its an act).

  • Maleficent’s bigblackhorns


  • Hmmm

    And Hollywood is all about image, an illusion, a beautiful, successful image, an exceptional storyline, music score, set decoration, we want our actors to live charmed lives. At least some of us want that. Good luck to them. They are in priviligied postions and making a lot of money. Hope they know how to keep their feet on the ground in the process.

  • Okay

    Sucks for Tom but it’s looks like a win for Katie. She’s getting paid.

  • annie

    nobody knows what happens behind closed doors, paticularly actors closed doors, but katies physical appearance changed dramatically, look at other actors/actresses, divorce remarry ,breakup, start again, their expressions never change, that huge smile, whatever happens, but at times she looked traumatised, unhappy, depressed. gaunt.
    everybody starts things in good faith, even potitians, then it goes off the rails, whatever the reason she hasn’t been happy for a long time and it showed, she was playful, smiley, with big teethy smiles, they disappeard
    katie was infatuated with tom, in love too , i guess, but he is still 16yrs older
    everything is speculation, because nobody will know the real truth exept them, but you can see things here and there that makes you wonder.
    something is up when you marry 3 times,and can’t make it last, also with katie, she was with a 21-25 yr old young man, then jumped in with a man in his 40s with 2 children.
    tom has a big ego, because only a man with a huge ego would bring his ex girlfriend (p cruz) to his house to see his new born daughter, bet Bardem didn’t return the gesture, but i always wondered what katie thought about it., of course it may have been ok, it’s only my take on it, but left an impression on me about tom that i hav’nt been able to shake.



  • Hmmm

    Opps! Forgot to include Gisele and Tom Brady. Both attracitve and successful. Also Matt Damon and his wife Lucina. Wonder
    how Leo Di Caprio’s future wife will change his public image. Kate Winslet also used to be a power couple with Sam Mendes but that changed. Power couples are interesting merger.

  • Hmmm

    Annie, agree about the insentivity of Tom to bring Penelope to see Suri as a newborn but I don’t think he cared about Katie’s feelings and Katie was too overwhelmed to say anything. Probably in the beginning she was so in awe of her surroundings, the planes, mansions, important executives, celebrities, black American Express card, that she put her feelings aside. She was as she put it, “a young girl from Ohio.” I think Tom wanted to seriously marry Penelope Cruz but her father intervined and stopped the marriage. Tom was reportedly after Sofia Vergara and she also ran for the hills, among other actresses.

  • Hmmm

    In the beginning, I think Katie thought she was dreaming to have married Tom Cruise. I think she THOUGHT she won the lottery…little did she know what lay ahead. Yes, there are some things we (the public) will never know what happens behind closed doors in the entertainment business. I mean look at Rock Hudson in the 50′s, his publicity machine knew he would be more successful as a heterosexual man who married a pretty lady then come out of the closet and say he was gay. I think even in this day and age, you sell more movie tickets if you are trying to be the lead male role, as a heterosexual than a homosexual. I’m not anti gays but that is what I believe, this is a money business, selling tickets to the buying public is the thing. You have to understand that. This is where art and commerce intersect.

  • kathryn

    you can see her smile fade as you go through the pics..

  • julie

    Where is Romeo and Hamlet? How come they are so quiet. They always depend this not couple anymore.

  • hehe

    Hamlet requests that you all respect his privacy during this difficult time.

  • dani


    Yes, there is a lot we will never know about Kidman-Cruise and Holmes-Cruise, but it appears that Mz. Holmes learned a great deal from Tom’s divorce with Nicole. And it is doing her best to protect Suri from Xenu.

  • Lot


    It takes a really big ego to come on a gossip site and preach to people like you know something, when you don’t.

    Guess that is why you relate to TC lol Big egos and big mouths .

  • @lot

    I found Hmmm’s postings very insightful. Anyone who works in the business could tell you how important image etc. is. Most of what Hmmm posted can be put together by tracking TomKat’s timeline. So I wouldn’t say s/he is preaching. Just using common sense. Do you have any Lot?

  • Hmmm

    #49 – Thanks. Yes, we live in an age of communication, the Internet, etc. all you have to do is goggle these two and see their timeline, activities, Wiki, IMBD, images, videos, etc. These are different times. anything that is uploaded to the Internet is up forever. People can upload, download and reload images and videos, its not like years ago when if you didn’t buy a magazine than you missed the scoop. Not today, you can videotape entertainment programs on television, or watch on YouTube, and or the many celebrity blogs and newspapers online. Plus the many civilians walking out there with a camera/video anxious to sell their video clip to one of the many media houses online.