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Willow Smith's 'I Am Me' Video - Watch Now!

Willow Smith's 'I Am Me' Video - Watch Now!

Willow Smith sings her heart out in her latest video, “I Am Me.”

The 11-year-old singer premiered her video at the 2012 BET Awards, which she attended with her big brother Jaden.

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Willow‘s song focuses on her search for her identity and how she deals with the commentary on her choices. She sings, “Express myself cause it’s my liberty / I’ve been lookin’ / Your validation is just not that important to me.”

Willow Smith’s “I Am Me” Video
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  • RCope

    Oh god. This sucks. She tries too hard. How original Willow. I hate you. Her parents suck, she shouldn’t feel accomplioshed, she didn’t earn any of her fame herself. What the hell does she think she’s wearing. I hated that talking nonsense at the end, think you’re funny?

  • Kennith

    She’s expressing how gay she is already.

  • Brangaloonie

    Two words, Willow: GET LOST

  • mn

    i get it. willow isn’t going to appeal to everyone. but i can appreciate the fact that this 11-year old girl is creative, confident, and has a strong sense of self. she still has a lot of growing up to do and her parents still have a lot of parenting to do…the real test will be what kind of adult she turns out to be in 10 to 15 years’ time.

  • AnnmarieZ

    She just makes me want to say….GO AWAY!!!!!!

  • kan223

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  • an opinion

    I see she went to the Taylor Swift school of singing.

  • Kirsten

    She is so young and I don’t want to hate on an innocent little girl but wtf did I just watch?

  • lilloo

    ok! is she kiddin’ with this video and this lame ass song…

    I’M ME I’M ME…YOU FREAKIN’ 11 YEARS old!!!

  • gio

    retarded! this is really not cool!

  • Cho

    I have to give her credit she wrote and helped to direct the video…no matter how the video might look she did something she is proud of. At the end of the day she is speaking how she feels and clearly if you listen to the song you will realize that she is saying that she is trying to find her identity. It’s sucks to see people hate on a child..I’m not a fan of hers but I can relate with wanting to figure out who you are as a person.

  • Not A Fan

    So much wrong with this video. First you can tell producers are using all there tricks to make her sound good(not her real voice) , and second i hate to say it because its really mean but she looks like a boy. Which i think is an unhealthy image for young girl.

    Also am i the only one freaked out by the handsign and Symbols Hidden in this?

  • Mann

    This is an awesome song. I know she has rich and famous parents and we all hate that but she is a bold singer and great talent. She has held a level of fame for 3 years now because of talent, lets not kid ourselves.

  • Luke

    She looks like a boy, not a girl…

  • jely miriki
  • Emma

    It’s so creepy how people, many of whom I assume are adults, go online and make fun of 11-year-olds they don’t know. REEVALUATE YOU LIVES

  • Jane

    I think the song is unbelievably good… Too big for such a little girl. It’s uncanny how she looks like a mini Will Smith to the core.Anyways kudos to her for her confidence! Esp on what she was wearing… OMG!! To all ya haters out there, don’t hate on a kid.

  • Barbara

    I do not enjoy her visually…her voice is pleasant…but that is all for now.

  • April

    This kid is so cute and she is talented. Don’t hate…appreciate. She does not need your validation. Baby got SKILLS!

  • Hot batchelor

    I am do happy there is a little girl put there singing such a gorgeous song and be an amazing role model to girls and women everywhere that we don’t have to try and be sexy or wear silly dresses to still look beautiful and be famous and cool. Go willow! Be free!!

  • RCope

    Why would an 11 year girl be hanging around by herself downtown at night?

  • Adelle

    Go to school Willow. Stop worrying about music videos. The industry will chew you up and spit you out, and stomp on you when you’re down. I’m just sorry your parents arent teaching you better..

  • BarneyLegendary

    first I thought rihanna sings, than I realized that she sounds a little bit better than rihanna. this song isn’t the best, but its “cute”. glad, that she didn’t wip her hair anymore. ;D

    her facial expressions are the same way like her fathers – sadly, that she looks more “boyly girl” than “girly girl”.

  • Jinx

    She’s so thin like her mother. Awful! She’s 11 years old. She should play with her friends (if she have some), playing with dolls or something like that. Not making music videos. She should be a kid.

  • JJ

    nice song, lame video

  • miapocca

    =well these rich folks can sell you crap and you still buy it

    = she need to take herself out of that scientology crap and move on

    -=what happened to just jared jr

    =is jj schilling for the scientolobitches that he also considers little kids as adults?

  • Katherine

    Actually if her parents were not famous her and her brother would not be famous and would not be able to make music now. I fear in 10 years or so she will be just another has been. I am not trying to put her down but facts are facts. Most young stars especially those in the music business don’t have long careers.

  • Love The Shoes

    @RCope: You “hate” her? Pretty strong reaction to another human being isn’t it? Shouldn’t “hate” be reserved for actions; harmful actions and not an 11yr old kid whose song you don’t like? Gee whiz.

  • Danielle

    And this is why kids should stick to performing for their parents in the living room.
    Trying to find her identity? She’s 11, there are 20 somethings still doing that. I think she is going to look back and cringe.

  • Love The Shoes

    I ike that she’s not slaved herself to European weaves and false eyelashes like waaaaaay to many black and brown girls feel the need to do. I find it sadly narrow-minded and limited of people who’ve decided she’s gay just because she’s not trying to be owned by too long fake locks, too high heels and too tight/short ass hanging out skirts. The music isn’t my cup of tea but I give her props for trying to convey to this generation that they don’t have to roll like anyone else but themselves.

  • Brangaloonie

    The only reason she is famous is because of her parents. I can’t stand those kids.

  • interesting

    “Your validation is not important to me.” I love that, there are adults who don’t have that kind of confidence and she shows that clearly her idea of beauty isn’t long hair and dressing like a 10$ hooker, which is refreshing in this business. I’m diggin this kid, Team Willow.

  • solecito

    It’s disgusting how mean-spirited some people are. At least Willow is doing something positive with her life, instead of sitting in front of a computer writing mean comments about a 11-year old girl.

  • ?

    I’ve seen 11 year old’s on youtube more talented than her
    even younger, so what she does or has ‘achieved” is not THAT impressive. plus they don’t have auto-tune
    they just don’t have will and jada as parents so their not all over the place.
    I’m sure they have more complicated life than hers. so I don’t understand what shes complaining about, at 11 years I don’t understand what she has. Plus about her fashion taste, shes 11 guys, wait till she is 16 and I wanna see if she doesn’t wear weave n false lashes,etc. Thats when girls really get into those stuff.

  • jade Collier

    ikay,i jusr got finidh watchin the video….Willow thx for the song it really touched my heart…people ariund the world should thamk u for this song.I feel u have answer my way to express myself.Your very talented amd pretty nd i love yo swag its YOU.For the people who have negative comments thats not cool …but willow ar least we all know that the HATERS take time out if their day to say harsh thing girlly thier just thinking about YOU.But they hate si much they cant c how words hurt …i mean im 15 going on 16 on september 2nd and i live in the projects….haha but i live it..i might not have all the miney in the worls nd the best glothes but i express myself with clothes me nd my friends make nd the way i sing nd write songs thats just me being creative……SO FEEL LOVED.FEEL FREE,FEEL CARE FROM THE POSITIVE WORDS.
    yours truly,
    ……………………firework is my stage name lol this name expresses alot abiut ME

  • Kenny

    How is Willow confident? Many adults are using this word to much. Willow is not confident when it comes to her school work or school period, because she has stated she has issues. Willow always looks sad and to me it seems like a cry for help, why doesnt she tweet about school, learning, behaving, etc? Willow tweets pictures of her being on a stripper pole, shaving her head, fake rings, etc and she is only 11 years old. Instead of bashing other adults for speaking out you too should be concerned.

  • Anna

    First of all, you’re 11… You don’t know who you are at 11…. Second of all.. My God does she look like Will Smith SO MUCH in this video or what??!!

  • Marieke de Graaf

    I know she’s only 11, but.. I kinda wanna hang with her.

  • I Said It

    That looks like a snout not a nose and by the time she turns 15 she will have it corrected

  • Tongue A Wagging


  • Lea

    the thing is, Willow doesn’t act like an 11 years old so why should people treat her like one? She wants to grow up too fast and that’s just wrong. I’m actually sorry for her because she doesn’t get to live a regular childhood.

  • Cerebral

    You sound really mad. Why in the world are you hating on an 11 year old CHILD? You hate her? Do you even know her personally? No, you do not. I can understand hating her Music, or even her fashion, but you can’t HATE a person without really knowing who they are. You sound a little envious of her aswell. Yes, she is 11 years old. Yes her parents are rich. But that shouldn’t stop her from loving what she does. She may not know who she is just yet, but what she’s saying is that SHE LOVES HERSELF NO MATTER WHAT ASSHOLE’S LIKE YOU HAVE TO SAY. You can love yourself at a young age, you can love your style at a young age. There is no rule that says a child is not free to express themselves through their clothing or hairstyle! The sooner you all get that fact through your thick skulls, the sooner our little girls will STOP hating themselves when they older. Be proud that Willow has enough courage to break whatever imaginary rules society has built for our children. You should be thankful that children nowadays are becoming more confident, more self assured, and more expressive with who they want to be!

  • jjazz

    She is 11yrs old. What do ppl want her to sing about? Sex, cars, money, baby mama drama.. AT 11 close to twelve, you are pre pubescent or going through puberty. Hormones, physical and emotional changes take place and sometimes you need a fricking outlet. This song does that for her and many others who are probably feeling miserable and frustrated.

    Suicides resulting from bullying is occurring frequently song like these can become a mantra of empowerment. So for all the bitter and miserable adults bashing an 11yr old SHUT UP

  • lola llacey

    Guys, don’t say bad things to her, she is just trying to express herself and who she is, and the reason why she shaved her hair was because she wanted to teach girls to be confident and that they really didn’t need hair to be beautiful, Don’t hate on her,she is just a child.