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Tom Cruise is Hollywood's Highest Paid Actor

Tom Cruise is Hollywood's Highest Paid Actor
  • Tom Cruise raked in $75 million in the past year- Huffington Post
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  • Katie Holmes gets ice cream with Suri- ASL
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  • oracle

    that is a joke, right?

  • Orlando

    I feel so sorry for him :( poor Tom

  • Debbie

    Yes he’s got the bucks!

  • Derek
  • Suri


  • Xenu

    Time to boycott this nutcase films people.
    Stop giving him more money to finance his evil and ruthless CULT !
    Tom, you may have tons of money but you’ll have no one to share it with.
    Stay away from Katie and Suri, they had enough of your wacko psychopath tendencies !

  • Ryan


  • Ryan


  • Tennessee

    I am happy for Katie…he’s a tool

  • Stan

    Say hi to your lover David Miscavidge for me. Two insecure, evil and short freaks what a nice couple you 2 make.

  • Lindsay

    She was blind for too long

  • Love

    He must be hurting


  • lol

    Yay more money for Katie! Now go back to work asap Tommy boy.

  • hottiepatrol

    Tom is sexy

  • pattilee


  • Fortune

    His dream came true!

  • wait wat?

    How is that even possible?! Mission Impossible and Rock of Ages were the WORST movies made this year, no wonder they both TANKED big time.
    The dude can’t act to save his own life between two sessions of brainwashing auditing. Can’t even father his own child: Suri is either Kleins or Davis. By next year he’ll be at the bottom of the list for sure.

  • r u serious?

    Tom Cruise and Kristen Stewart highest-paid actors that everyone actually HATE.
    Hollywood is nothing but a JOKE!!!

  • Lisa


  • One step ahead of his a$$

    Katie Holmes filed for an emergency hearing in NYC yesterday, forcing Tommy to get himself a New York lawyer and show his face in court on July 17th for custody. This is Katie’s way of letting Tommy know that she’ll happily break Scientology’s fourth wall and darkest secrets if he tries to mess with her. He can’t file in California anymore. The trial is going to be public too.
    They are scheduled to appear before Judge Matthew Cooper on July 17 at 9:30 AM.
    SH*T JUST GOT REAL Tommy ;)

  • Katie’s words


  • Payback time!

    @One step ahead of his a$$:
    Considering he blindsided Nicole with divorce papers 2 months after they renewed vows, I am glad he was the blindsided one this time around.
    Looks like Katie has a big chip on her shoulder. And I’m sure she has plenty of dirt on him. She’s going to take Tom — the highest paid actor in Hollywood — to the cleaners for good!

  • Just My Opinion

    It doesn’t matter if he’s the riches man on earth. One naturally thinks he would be receiving the BEST LEGAL ADVICE and PR STRATEGY to over come this divorce. HOWEVER, those of us that have been following the entertainment business for over 15 – 30 years, remember back in the year 2004 Tom Cruise fired one the best PR representated Pat Kingsley. Who gave him that advice? Surely it was the church of Scientology because Pat Kingsley before would wisely advise Cruise NOT to mix his involvement with the Church of Scientology with his career and so we never really saw that side of him. PROBABLY by 2004, someone in the Church of Scientology probaby David Miscavisge advised Cruise to fire Pat Kingsley and convinced him that he was “untouchable, too famous, too box office successful, etc. and this was the moment to step up to the bullypulpit and start talking about Scientology publicy” bring Scientology into to his career. This BAD ADVICE did NOT really sink into Tom Cruise’s head until he saw his career in SERIOUS trouble and he had to go back to Oprah’s show and almost explain his outrageous behavior of his couch jumping appearance. He had to go back to Matt Lauer and apologize for being so rude, abrasive, he had to go to Brooke Shields home apologize for putting her down for using antidepressants and judging her career moves. Tom Cruise THOUGHT being humble and apologizing to these people would bring him back to the good graces of the public but NOT SO FAST. It took him from the year 2005 all the way to 2011 before he saw a significant change in his movie career and that was thanks to the Mission Impossible IV movie. But Knight and Day did ok business. Rock of Ages didn’t break any records. And now he’s in the cusp of what could be an explosive divorce/child custody fight with Katie. I personally do NOT think Tom is the biological father but that doesn’t matter because he has been Suri’s provider for these 6 years. I think Cruise had plans for Suri to grow up as a Scientologist and become a Poster Child for that cult. Suri was now 6 years of age and was at a point where her education was becoming very important and also her religion/belief system. And then there’s the issue of autism and or if Suri has some kind of development issue. She clearly is always holding things in her hand so they don’t begin to stim (a sign of autism). This could have also been a TRIGGER for Katie to leave Cruise behind. She want to get help for Suri and Cruise was opposed to it. Katie is smiking thinking she is getting out of this like a bandit but as the article begins, Cruise is one of the highest if not the highest paid actor. He doesn’t just act in movies, he also produces them and the reality is making a movie is like hiring a bunch of contractors for x amount of time (directors, grips, make up, designers, music, etc). Cruise has influence in Hollywood and Katie is no where near his influence. She might even find herself fading to the background when all of this is said and done. I doubt Katie will be a big movie actress after this. She had many opportunities but the talent was not there. She’s an okay cute t.v. actress but that’s it. Good luck to Suri. She did not ask to be born into this enviroment.

  • Kloe

    Katie surely has some major dirt on him and his money sucking cult to be so confident to have sole custody of Suri. It’s looking like it with this open court thing. But I’m beginning to get really scared for her. Better start wearing a bullet proof jacket and hire a food taster cause The NY Post says the Midget is “furious” and flew straight to L.A. to meet with CO$ about what course/fair game tactics to take.


    @pattilee: how? mi4 was smash success, tom brings in the money

  • Guy

    … and one of the most beautiful and hottest dude in Hollywood, too :) I love Tom Cruise.

  • not

    Who the hell cares….

  • Paloma

    Well for one he’s certainly not Suri’s biological dad. Asking for a DNA test will confirm it to the world and put an end to their previous scam agreement. But she’s got to have some b^lls to admit that in an open court, if it was my child I would do it in a heartbeat to keep her away from Scientology!

  • Kentucky

    This is not fair at all

  • Just My Opinion

    Cruise’s more open attitude to Scientology has been attributed to the March 2004 departure of his publicist of 14 years, Pat Kingsley. He replaced her with his sister, fellow Scientologist Lee Anne DeVette, who served in that role until November 2005.[98] DeVette was replaced with Paul Bloch from the publicity firm Rogers and Cowan.[99] Such restructuring is seen as a move to curtail publicity of his views on Scientology, as well as the hard-sell of his relationship with Katie Holmes backfiring with the public.[100

  • In the end

    Tom’s biggest role in his life will be his real life saga we all are about to view for free! Better get your popcorn ready!

  • Just My Opinion

    As stated in Wiki: Their HARD SELL of his relationship with Katie Holmes BACKFIRED with the (paying) public. That is where all this “he’s the highest paid actor in Hollywood” (this year) does NOT matter. When Tom Cruise fired Pat Kingsley (the shrewd PR person behind his successful career pre 2004), his career went into a downward spiral. He made moves that would NOT have happen if Pat Kingsley was running the show. I doubt this HARD SELL merger of Katie and Cruise would have taken place. He would NOT have jumped on Orpah’s couch, etc. What happened? Cruise began to believe he was so famous and successful he could do what ever he wanted. Someone at the Church of Scientology convinced him to NOW IS THE TIME to preach about Scientology, marriy Katie, show the world what a successful Scientology couple with a child look like, etc. Everything having to do with that merger, and his United Artists plans, FAILED. The public did not buy what they were being sold. It is very interesting to see how this divorce will spin. Katie is also not gonna walk away unscathed. Hopefully Suri will begin living a more normal life, going to school, making friends, no more paparrazi hounding her on a daily basis, and if she needs assistance with development issues I hope she gets that.

  • pattilee

    @LINDSAY LOHAN WILL WIN OSCAR: wouldnt call it a smash hardly in theatres just hype on tv probably made by his “people”

  • Just My Opinion

    Go 4 minutes and 40 seconds INTO the video and you will see Billy Bush from Access Hollywood interviewing Katie and asks her if she’s tried Scientology and the sessions and she reponds “she’s “tried Scientology and it helps her.” She says “its really wonderful and its bettering her life. Fastforward 5 years and she’s filed for divorce from Tom Cruise and doesn’t want anything to do with Scientology. And Katie was NOT some young naive girl. She was 28 years old when they got married after living with Chris Klein for 5 years. She was no innocent girl. She saw the opportunity to become Cruise’s wife and become a big movie star. Only problem is she didn’t have the chops (talent) to launch into an A List career.

  • ha ha

    what big news, tom cruise is mega-rich, clutch the pearls

  • Frozoid

    He looks like a crazy old woman. I bet he’s totally grey underneath that packed on hair dye.

  • Eric

    I don’t get how somebody like Tom Cruise can make 2 movies in the past year and be the highest paid actor… He isn’t even worth it if you ask me. He’s the most overrated actor in Hollywood.

  • Mayanktaker

    He is talented actor .. He got money because of his acting only……. I can see haters around here .. lots of negative comments… Why they waste their time on commenting on actor, who you really dont like ?

    The line ‘haters makes him famous’ is right!