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Alex Pettyfer: Kristen Stewart's New Love Interest in 'Cali'

Alex Pettyfer: Kristen Stewart's New Love Interest in 'Cali'

Alex Pettyfer is set to play Kristen Stewart‘s love interest in the upcoming movie Cali, which is scheduled to start later this summer.

According to Variety, the gritty action pic follows a pair of San Fernando Valley lovebirds (Stewart and Pettyfer) who sell a fake snuff film and ride off with a bundle of cash. Years later, Kristen‘s character must “return from the dead” to save the younger sister she left behind.

Cali will be directed by Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook, Alpha Dog). Not only will Kristen star in the movie, she’ll be producing it as well!

Alex last starred in the stripper flick Magic Mike. Kristen‘s final installment of her vampire tale The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opens November 16.

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Credit: Lia Toby, Riley Keough; Photos: WENN
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  • lolo

    wtf is wrong with you Jared?

  • Gross

    Lol, I’m sure as hell not going to watch this. How could you cheat on Rob with someone who you met his wife and children on set you worked on? You played with them, smiled in there faces and knew their mom. That says a lot about the type of person you are. Sneaky and disloyal, home-wrecker. Shame on you and that dirty, dog director.

  • BEAN

    LOL yeah Jared you’re quite funny ahaha

  • Enough

    Maybe you will take a break, Jared? Don’t like this guy. He usually dates the majority of his costar. And…

  • HarryStyles For ChristianGrey

    what??????? i dont like her….

    but how funny JJ posted about Riley and Alex at the same time… lol

  • Drea

    Ever since I saw her, I was annoyed by her. Everything that has happened recently just reaffirms my initial impressions of her!

  • Nameless

    I think it’s perfect casting. She sure does love spreading her legs for those Brits!

  • Betts

    @Gross: This! I’m NEVER watching another One of this tramps movies again! Hussy!

  • the true

    they are perfect together hahahahahahahaha sorry to not sorry she deserve MORE

  • jb

    Rob should leave her asap! Their is no more trust in the relationship. Why didn’t this scum apologize to the wife & kids?!!

  • holly

    and the award for blatant attempt to change the subject regarding Kristen today goes to….

  • Tam

    One thing I can’t understand. Why did they go to a closed place, like an apartment or sth. Why did they have to do it in public. I think there’s something weird about this fuss.

  • Industry in the know

    Alex Pettyfer hits on pretty much every woman he works with Riley Keough…they dated. Dianna Agron…they dated. Emma Roberts…they dated. Then he always gets engaged to the actress and then they split up after the movie comes out. The only person he didn’t score with was Vanessa Hudgens. They did Beastly together and she rebuffed him like the plague. Vanessa’s ex Zac Efron also was on set in Montreal when Vanessa and Alex did their kissing scene. Bet ya didn’t know that right? Yep, he made sure to be on set when the kissing stuff was going down. So, expect Alex to hit on little Miss Homewrecker too!.

  • ewa

    Kristen: ā€œIā€™m so sick of these rumors. Im NOT cheating on my boyfriend
    with Rupert. Seriously this is pretty hilarious. He was my director and
    such an amazing friend. Thats all. Stop talking bullshit about me and
    my private life. K. ā€œ

  • Heather Gillroy

    Both of these twats belong together. Thanks for the warning to avoid this movie

  • Lailah

    Hey Kristen, he’s engaged! Why don’t you go screw him too?!

  • mo

    Excuse me but girl you make yourself totally ridiculous.
    So surprised you do not have opinions.

  • annie

    i don’t really care about the whole cheating thing — I just don’t think this girl can actually act. i don’t get why people like her so much.

  • emma

    You poeple, Jared isn’t here to judge people, that’s kind of his main quality…
    Just because he posted about Kristen’s “affair” doesn’t mean he’s not gonna post about what happens in her carrier or just pretend she doesn’t exist anymore !
    Life goes on.

  • Industry in the know

    @Tam: That was part of the thrill…the thrill of being caught especially when the paps are on your arse. Well, mission accomplished.

  • emma

    I’m really pissed off by all the nasty comments calling her a “homewrecker” and worse things and all.
    I’m not her biggest fan, but she’s a person, and she didn’t murder anyone, and you all GO GET A LIFE and stop putting so much hatred out there !
    With all due respect.

  • Alex

    Kristen who??? I Love Alex Pettyfer <3 can't wait!

  • bex

    I dont actually care about kristen OR rob, But id just like to say how wierd it is that kristen and rupert did all their cheating out in full public view. Seriously she knows that she is pretty much the most photographed woman in hollywood, so if you were going to do it, wouldnt you make sure it was indoors somewhere away from where ANY photos could be taken, or not anywhere near hollywood-the most paparazzi filled place in the world? Girl is suppose to be the highest paid actress in hollywood but clearly money cant buy you brains. ALSO i think it is hilarious that she called it a “momentary indiscretion” when there are photos of them all over each other at a few different places and times. HELLO! a ‘momentary indiscretion’ is when you get wasted and have a one night stand with someone and regret it the next day. NOT when you have secret randavauz (cant spell) all over town someone you have worked with for months and who’s wife you share a movie with. Can we please finally run this girl out of hollywood and would people STOP offering her roles. She really is a terrible actress and now we know she is a terrible person too. WOO!

  • Whorclub

    Kristen probably had sex with Alex too

  • lol

    Good time! her next role she is gonna play a prostitute w/ the “sweetest” actor in the world. keep classy stew!

  • solecito

    I don’t think she can recover from the public backslash. After the Twilight movies are done, she will fade into oblivion. She wasn’t very likable to begin with and to top that she’s a cheater.

  • snl

    she must have boob job.

  • eva

    he’s engaged, isn’t he! Riley shouldn’t leave him alone. Kristen appearently likes to be homewrecker. Just sayin’!

  • sweetness

    This is the worst news. I love Alex but the idea of having to pay to see him in a movie with this boring face Stewart who obviously has no problem sleeping with a married man with kids is the worst publicity news ever…

  • people

    And what if those pictures were a marketing strategy??

  • Sophie

    wouldn’t touch this girl with a long stick :S

  • Silly People

    How do we even know Rob and Kristen were dating? I use to think they were till i watched them on stage at the TCA and they came out holding hands then all of a sudden she yanked her hand out of his like she didn’t want to hold it any longer they looked kind of awkward, maybe they were having problems for ages not that it makes any of this cheating crap right i would just love to read what rob has to say.

  • an

    lol Everytime I see her picture … It feels like ” cheater ” is writtingg on her forehead :d

  • viki

    watch out everybody!!! kristen will wreck alex pettyfer’s relationship too

  • Bee

    Let me guess? He’s the next guy she will spread her legs for. Or probably the director of the film

  • ck_always

    Today is just so great, I love watching this Twilight fanbase spin out of control, hahahha.

  • Muffin Man

    The truth is it doesn’t surprise me that she cheated the surprising part that blew my mind the most was that she got caught cheating, for her to get caught cheating she must have been pretty damn tangled up in this guy at the time of meeting him and getting with him it is not like her to ever show sexual activity in public EVER!!! I dont feel bad for either of them just nest time Kristen make sure you dont get so tangled up in the guy that you forget you are in public.

  • Gossipgirl

    Good try Jared trying to change the subject! K-Stew is still a man stealing ho.

  • beth

    DUDE. Noone knows what went on between Kristen and Rupert and noones knows whats going on between their partners in their private lives. We have no right to say Kristen is a homewrecker as they say “it takes two to tango” lets not jump on high horses here people. Im not saying what they have done is right but who are we to judge? Not everyones perfect..

  • really sorry

    she’ll bang him and the key grip too

  • cali

    @Gossipgirl: It’s not JJ. Kristen is the producer of the film and released this in time of her scandal. She needed something to take heat off of her personal life

  • Kayla

    Never thought she’d ever be a homewrecker. Not that I’m saying it isn’t equally the directors fault but she agreed to have an affair with him despite him being married with kids and her having a boyfriend. I’ve had shameless married men flirt with me but I never hooked up with them! This makes me sad

  • AND

    The haters are salivating!!!

    Hold on girl because the world did not end, and everyone must learn from errors always!

  • Danuuu

    Listen to Hilary Duff’s “Dignity”. Sums Kristen up perfectly.

  • Gossipgirl

    @AND: Excuse me…. The “haters” did not make her park her car behind a building and allow a married man to go down on her. She is still a man cheating o no matter what excuses her so called fans make for her. Those are the facts, deal with it!

  • AND

    And why would I deal with it “Queen of Perfection”?
    If I’m not even a fan of Twilight, and I’m definitely not “Robsten” I just feel sorry for everyone involved in this mess!
    And if I had something nasty to say I certainly would not say to the girl!

  • lolo


    People do worse things every freaking day. Get over it !!!

  • dooliloo

    This whatshisface guy is “fetch” given human form. Stop trying to make him happen.

  • Nori

    This messgae is for Kristen Stewart: My dear you are put in a position of wealth, health, popularity and your loved ones, family and friends. All who condemns you does not achieve what you have at your age. This is why all that you possess warrants big responsibilities. If you do not deal with them appropriately now, you will be trapped. Perhaps you might want to consider taking a break and reexamine the kind of work you want to do that really matters. I am convinced you are a good person inside but its not coming out right. As for the lapse of jusdgment, it happens to everyone but when it happens to you, its a big deal. Many young girls looks up to you and they want to switch on their computer and see great news about you. Try to change this. You can.

  • KissThis

    Kristen may have just ruined her entire career. A lot of people didn’t care for her before and now 98% of people completely dislike her and have lost all respect for her. Directors won’t see her as a professional – actors won’t even see her as professional. It’s too bad for her. She really had it all and threw it all away. Yes, she could possibly turn it around, but it would take a lot to do so.