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Janet Jackson: Statement about Michael Jackson's Will

Janet Jackson: Statement about Michael Jackson's Will

Janet Jackson‘s attorney recently released a statement about her concern with the executors of her late brother Michael Jackson‘s will.

The statement alleges that the executors do not have the best interests of Michael‘s children and mother at heart:

“Since the loss of Michael, Janet, Randy, and Rebbie‘s principal concern has been and continues to be for the safety and well-being of Michael‘s children, their mother Katherine Jackson, and the entire family. Unfortunately, those people have been harmed by the actions of the executors of Michael‘s estate, the estate’s lawyer, and those installed and paid to do their bidding.”

The statement further reiterates that Janet and her brothers Randy and Rebbie will continue to search for the truth regarding Michael‘s will.

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73 Responses to “Janet Jackson: Statement about Michael Jackson's Will”

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  1. 1
    Donna Says:

    She should be ashamed of herself and her recent behavior.

  2. 2
    Asha Says:

    Please, that whole family is wacked. What Janet meant to say was she and her sibling want control of the millions Michael’s estate is worth. They are a bunch of greedy devils.

  3. 3
    Grandma of Four Says:

    M O N E Y and C O N T R O L of that M O N E Y is the only thing the mess has been about! Nothing more and nothing less!

  4. 4
    kjbk Says:

    MIchael ONLY included his children, his mother & charity in his will. His mooching family need to GET A LIFE!

  5. 5
    KissThis Says:

    Does anyone really care anymore? They’ll keep this drama going for as long as they can to make headlines.

  6. 6
    Dooley Says:

    Janet is doing this because she is tired of her brother asking her for money..The Jackson Brothers need to get a job even if its the clean up crew at one of Janet’s Shows.

  7. 7
    Cruizin596 Says:

    Unless she can can prove how the children have been harmed by the executors, she should shut her greedy mouth. This is ALL about them being cut out of MJ’s will. With family like this, no wonder those non-family members he surrounded himself with had so much influence. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  8. 8
    WhyNot Says:

    While they say repeatedly that people have been damaged by the executors actions and decisions, they do not state what damage has been done, or to whom.
    It seems to me that the kids and Katherine Jackson are doing just fine.
    I think they are miffed that Michael excluded them from inheriting, so the only means to strip the estate is if they become executors/guardians and start paying themselves for all their future bad decisions. And fighting the will is a really bad decision. They will need lawyers, the kids and Katherine Jackson will need lawyers, and of course, the current executors are lawyers, so they will defend the will.
    At the end of the day… who wins?

  9. 9
    lucy Says:

    the reality is that Janet and the others are angry that Michael left everything to the children and nothing to them. somewhere along the way, these people, especially the brothers, got the idea that Michael would and should support them for the rest of their lives. they are angry because the Executors and the lawyer will not allow them access to what is the money belonging to the children. Janet and her siblings will continue this fight for the rest of their lives. Michael’s children will continually have to fight off these greedy people.

  10. 10
    Subby Says:

    And to think this bizarre series of events were played out in public. It’s hard to fathom what has occurred behind closed doors.

  11. 11
    Capoeira Moves Says:

    seriously, refuting a person’s will is the greatest sign of disrespect. Just cos she’s not getting what she wants, she’s scapegoating the lawyers and executors. real classy.

    How to capoeira

  12. 12
    Jody Says:

    @Dooley: Nah I aint trynna hear all of that, she should have never been apart of it. Kidnapping, and drugging Katherin, bullying the kids. Nope, Janet is just as shiest as her brothers. Even if the will was fake, who cares, all the money goes to the kids, so they should be happy the “fake” will leans toward a great direction. Janet’s career is over, its nothing she can do to convince anyone that she wasnt being shiesty. The truth is all out in the open now, its nothing she can do to convince the public.

  13. 13
    Jody Says:

    @Dawn: The media didnt do much, except expose all of the details GREATLY. Janet’s career is over. She signed the letter lying about Katherin’s health claiming that the Estate caused her to have a heart attack, and Paris was so smart, that she ruined it. She did nothing to protect Katherin, except be apart of a scheme to kidnap and drug her. She did nothing to protect the kids, except bully them, and keep them from speaking to Katherin. All the facts are out in the open, its no way you can flip this around to make her the hero. It is what it is, she’s a shiesty, thief. Mike is smiling cuz his kids are smarter than everyone else thought. The kids damn near had custody changed over to TJ, gave direct orders to their lawyers. Their only like 14. Janet, ya done!!!

  14. 14
    Emeraldwater Says:

    Janet Jackson concern is Michael left her out of his will along with the rest of his siblings and father. After Michael’s death these pass three years she nor her sibling lifted one finger to try and help repay MJ’s debts. Not one of them took a interest in helping their mother take care of or support MJ’s children. Now that the executor’s of MJ’s estate has repaid over half of MJ’s debts Janet, Randy, Jermaine and Rebbie wants to try and cash in on MJ’s Will. There isn’t a name to fit these devils to describe them accurately enough, but one thing for sure they don’t care anything about MJ’s children and what they did to their own mother shows just how much they care about her well-being. It’s not the executors of MJ’s estate trying to harm the children or Mrs. Jackson. It’s Janet, Randy, Jermaine and Rebbie trying to cause their own mother a early death. People following up on this story with an ounce of sense see this for what it really is. The bottom line the court is not going to give Janet, Randy, Jermaine or Rebbie one cent of MJ’s Will. So they better continue going to the bank with Mrs. Jackson and robbing her of her funds. The executors of MJ’s estate should have Mrs. Jackson log and show receipts where that money is going if it comes out the children allowance. What Janet really means Randy, Jermaine, Rebbie and herself will continue hounding their mother for money until she dies and early death or Randy, Jermaine, Rebbie and Janet forge checks with certain amounts of money for them with Mrs. Jackson’s signature. These characters are some dangerous criminals. Just imagine they were once famous The Jackson’s Five now known as the Jackson’s Four Sleazy.

  15. 15
    L.A. Says:

    Yep, Janet is sick and tired of taking care of her brothers and numerous nieces and nephews and wants the MJ estate to hand out funds so she won’t have to. Her family has expensive taste and she and MJ are the only ones with money. She needs to turn off the tap and stop supporting them all.

  16. 16
    NotblindedbytheJACKSONlies Says:

    I can’t believe Janet and the rest of her siblings are still lying about this mess. The estate didn’t cause these people to write and release that letter to the tabloids. The estate didn’t cause Janet and her siblings to basically hold their own mother “hostage”. The estate didn’t cause Janet to send her security to the kids’ house and try to forcibly take those kids to an unknown place. The estate didn’t cause Janet and Randy and Jermaine to rush those kids as they came from school.The estate didn’t cause Janet to try and snatch a child’s phone just to silence that child and keep her from inquiring about her grandmother.

    Janet and her siblings did this to THEMSELVES. For them to lie and blame the estate for THEIR actions is truly SICK. I’ve never heard of anything like this. Janet has shown what she is really like. She has always been jealous of Michael; however, this attempt to take over as guardian of his children so that she and her siblings can take over the money is INSANE. Her involvemnet in this scam has nothing to do with her concern for Michael or his kids. She is after Michael’s money so that she won’t have to support her family as Michael did ALL of his life, and even in death, he is still supporting that family. Janet is selfish and greedy. This is all about $$$$$ and NOTHING else.

  17. 17
    NotblindedbytheJACKSONlies Says:


    I agree with EVERYTHING that you said.

  18. 18
    Carter Says:

    Y’all REALLY think that JANET JACKSON is pressed for cash?? Please take that out of here.

  19. 19
    NotblindedbytheJACKSONlies Says:


    Janet is not protecting her neice and nephew. Remember, it was Janet who REFUSED to allow these kids to speak to their grandmother for !! days. It was not until Michael’s daughter became concerned of the lie that Katherine had a “stroke” was released to the media. Janet and her siblings were the ones who posted that LIE in a letter and released it to the media. Janet, not Rebbie, Randy or Jermaine,was the one who tried to SILENCE Paris by forcibly taking this young girl’s phone. Janet is the one who sent security to these kids home and tried to take them to an unknown place. Janet is the ring leader in this “kidnappping” of her own mother. Please tell me how she has her mother and niece and nephews’ best interest at heart. Everything that Janet has done has been for HERSELF. Not for Michael’s children and NOT for her mother.
    The only thing is that she thought her involvment would lend credibility to this scam. It didn’t because two children EXPOSED her and her siblings for what they were doing. Stop being in denial about this woman’s involvement in this attempted take over of Michael’s estate. What she and her siblings did was CRIMINAL and their needs to be an investigation.

  20. 20
    an opinion Says:

    STFU Jaent. If you were really worried you would have hired a top lawyer and a detective to investigate what was gong on then go to court. Not kidnap your mother.

  21. 21
    hm. Says:

    did anyone else see the clip where janet tried to take the phone off paris?? it was creepy! why is the police doing nothing to protect these children? (side note: the only jackson to ever stand up to this family is their 14 yr old niece?? good for her)

  22. 22
    NotblindedbytheJACKSONlies Says:


    So why do you think that she would be in this trashty mess? It certainly is not because of love for Michael’s children, his legacy or love for her mother. IMO, Janet does not have as much money as you think she does. Whatever she has,she doesn’t want to help her family. So, she would rather be low-life and take her brother’s money instead of helping her famly with HER money. Can you imagine Madonna or Beyonce doing something as cheap and low class as what Janet and her siblings have done and both of these women have MORE money than Janet. The question is why would Janet want to overthrow her OWN brother’s estate. The answer is simple:MONEY.

  23. 23
    an opinion Says:

    @Carter: The only thing the executors control is money. Katherine get 70,000 a month for the kids plus she get 4 mill a year for her personal use. How are they being hurt. Once again if she does not like how the executors are handling the estate than make sure Katherine has a great accounting firm to check and double check but you don’t kidnap our Mother and have the grandkids and some of your brothers worried.

  24. 24
    Love The Shoes Says:

    Sorry, but I don’t buy it. What confounds me though is the fact that Janet Jackson is a gazilliionaire in her own right. She’s worth $150-175 mil and so whats her deal? Also, there are way better ways other than duping your own mom into believing she’s going to do a spa weekend. I have never trusted Jermaine and it’s just nasty (no pun) that he and Randy got babies by the same woman. Eeeewwww.

  25. 25
    NotblindedbytheJACKSONlies Says:


    You forget that it was the tweet from Michael’s 15 year-old son that blew the lid off of this entire conspiracy. It was Prince Michael who released the statement that made these people start shaking in their boots. He also released the screen shot of Janet’s reply when he BEGGED her and Rebbie to allow him and his siblings to speak to their grandmother. Prince’s statement was on his twitter account and was posted on every news site. BOTH of Michael’s children showed maturity, strength and courage to stand up to the despicable act that Janet and her siblings created.

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