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Eva Mendes: Acting Class Weekend!

Eva Mendes: Acting Class Weekend!

Eva Mendes keeps it cute in a little white dress as she makes her way to an acting class on Saturday (August 3) in Westwood, Calif.

The 38-year-old bombshell was seen feeding her parking meter as a parking enforcement officer drove by.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Eva Mendes

Eva‘s boyfriend Ryan Gosling was spotted making his way back to Eva from New Orleans. Check out pictures of him at the airport from yesterday!

Earlier this week, the trailer for Eva‘s new movie Holy Motors was released!

FYI: Eva is carrying the Marc Jacobs ‘Antonia’ handbag.

20+ pictures inside of Eva Mendes attending an acting class…

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eva mendes acting class 01
eva mendes acting class 02
eva mendes acting class 03
eva mendes acting class 04
eva mendes acting class 05
eva mendes acting class 06
eva mendes acting class 07
eva mendes acting class 08
eva mendes acting class 09
eva mendes acting class 10
eva mendes acting class 11
eva mendes acting class 12
eva mendes acting class 13
eva mendes acting class 14
eva mendes acting class 15
eva mendes acting class 16
eva mendes acting class 17
eva mendes acting class 18
eva mendes acting class 19
eva mendes acting class 20
eva mendes acting class 21

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  • gee

    I love that she’s going to an acting class, makes me smile to see she isn’t thinking she’s too good for learning more and educating her self in the art of acting :) It’s always great to rework your skill and technique. She’s looking so good! xx

  • Rach

    Eva, acting class. So many jokes so little time.

  • Din

    -insert obvious joke here-

  • ah

    @Rach: @Din: yes & yes! lollllll

  • Nano

    “The 38-year-old bombshell” … Really?

  • sookie


  • Jolie

    When she will become an actress?
    I know: NEVER! HAHAHA

  • kev

    So sad. Eva Mendes gos to an acting class because she’s interested in improving her craft, and all some people can do is laugh about that. Pathetic if you think about it

  • Scarlett

    I have no problem with people wanting to improve themselves or hone their craft but when it comes to Eva, you’d think by now she’d realize that she’s throwing money away really. I mean, come on, she gives trees Oscar hopes.

  • Danuuu

    Well…she needs it.

  • Andy

    This chick can’t do anything right. lol

  • Theresa

    In my opinion she is not even beautiful, but again its my opinion

  • sea

    I think she is cute. Ryan Gosling can’t be so stupid to hang out with a stupid woman.

  • Evie

    If she’s got an acting class maybe she’s preparing for an upcoming role? Her movie career seems to have taken a backseat recently.

  • lily

    @Evie: then get an acting coach like every other actor does when they’re preparing for a new role??

  • Helen

    I like her dress

  • apple

    But she is certainly trying VERY hard! All she has to do is stop parading in front of the paps and she won’t have to try any more – simple as that.

  • yep

    gorgeous! love the color of the dress!!!!

  • Nana

    Making his way back to Eva, JJ? But every other site claims he went from New Orleans to JFK…
    I wonder how RG feels about the photo ops Ms Mendes is doing with George while he’s out of town?
    BTW, I think she looks great. I don’t think she’s a good actress and I do believe the stories about her being not too nice to people who can’t help her career. But she is a beautiful and very sexy woman and they look hot together.

  • martine

    The latina Kate Bosworth.

  • amy

    We didn’t see this chick for a while. Ryan probably told her to stop famewh*ring so much. But I see she’s back at it again.

  • miami

    This dude I mean woman has never been a bombshell.

  • Tori

    The Cuban Andy Garcia

  • keily

    You guys are being complete idiots! It takes 2 ppl to be in a relationship you dumbsh**ts… hmm…..i don’t know here’s just a little educated guess maybe Ryan likes Eva and Eva likes Ryan and maybe .. just maybe thats why they been dating for as long as they have! im so sick and tired of this hating on this website!!! you guys are being bullies! The second angie and brad come out with one grainy little pic there are like 300 comments praising them . all im trying to say is tht you dont know ppl and for tht reason, if you are not a fan sit your fat a** at home and find something else to do than pick on ppl who are actually trying to make something of their life!!! ( i know you guys will thumb me down b/c many dont like to see the truth .. but here it is!!!)

  • bess

    I noticed some people who used to like Ryan are changing their mind about him. They don’t like him anymore because he’s starting to appear a bit jerky and fake. Saying one thing, and doing the exact opposite. People don’t like Eva because she has a history of being rude and full of herself. Many many stories about her, too many to just brush off. They can be jerks together. I don’t care for either of them. Newsflash keily, they will never be a well liked high profile like Brad and Angie.

  • oz

    @keily: Hi Eva! You will never be Angelina. Not in a million years.

  • LOLly

    @keily: I’m not fat, I am skinny. And I make a very decent living thank you very much. I don’t feel the need to parade around my boyfriend’s dog for photo ops either.

  • Sad

    LMAO. Now that she’s near 40 and her looks have faded (she looks old and BUSTED now. Too much smoking, drinking… and coke.) NOW she wants to attempt to act. It doesn’t work like that Eva, your career is OVER. Seriously, when was the last time she worked or did anything with her life besides call paparazzi? Kate Bosworth redux indeed. At least Bosworth seems like a perfectly nice person though.

    Oh and Ryan IS an absolute moron hence their “relationship” (their bomb should be finally coming out soon enough so we’ll see the photo-ops pick up like that laughable one at Niagara Falls, a place where the paps ALWAYS hang out LOL) . Yeah, go leave your dog with a woman who shocks and abuses her own dog. He’s an idiot and I don’t ever want to hear about him writing fake ass letters about Chickens and that crap. He’s a phony and doesn’t give a crap about animal abuse.

  • Funny

    The joke writes itself, folks.

  • Kell

    I always laugh at the 5 idiots in every Ryan/Eva post who are like “she looks amazing! wow!” LOL, Cut the crap. You don’t like or give a crap about Eva, you just want to piss of Gosling fangirls. Fair enough, they are pretty annoying.

    But the point is beyond all the stories about what a witch she is, what an awful actress she is, there is photographic evidence she is a DOG ABUSER! I will never, ever feel guilty about bashing this piece of trash. Gosling is one too. To sit back and do nothing and even leave his dog in her care. They’re both scumbags. I might in a way have even less respect for Gosling than Mendes, he still tries to act like he’s some sort of good,nice guy. What a crock. I’d love for him to get exposed for the phony he is.

  • Hmm

    Is she finally getting off her lazy butt and trying to get a job and get her indentity back? Nah, probably something to switch up the getting coffee, grocery shopping, hair salon trips. I know, it’s sad that I know that, but that’s all I see when Jared posts about her photo-ops.

    It must be kind of embarassing for her to walk into an acting class which are probably full of struggling young hopefuls. Like she’s admitting that she’s a has-been (or a never-was?).

  • LOLly

    @Kell: I completely agree with you. It’s proven she shocks her dog. That is abuse, and the fact that people, and Ryan, are turning a blind eye is sickening. Anyone who thinks it’s ok to cause pain to an animal as a means of training is not a good person in my book.

  • How long

    As the man oops sorry lol women been 38? It’s seem like forever