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Kourtney Kardashian Debuts Baby Penelope!

Kourtney Kardashian Debuts Baby Penelope!

Kourtney Kardashian proudly cradles her baby girl Penelope in this debut photo of the newborn on the cover of the latest edition of Us Weekly!

The 33-year-old reality television personality, who also shares the cover with older son Mason, told the mag about Penelope, “nothing could prepare me for how hard I fell in love with her.”

In the issue, Kourtney talks about Penelope‘s delivery, Mason adjusting to becoming a big brother, and how dad Scott Disick is afraid to change a diaper!

Pick up your copy of Us Weekly, on news stands now.

In order to get back into shape, Kourtney has been using her very own Belly Bandit that she designed herself!

Bigger picture inside…

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# 1
BabyXgirl @ 08/08/2012 at 8:22 am

Her son is cute. His hair is light, isn’t it? To me, she’s always been the prettiest Kardashian. If there’s one to choose …without thinking about how talentless and useless they are in the industry. And besides, she seems nice and not as much as a ho as Kim. She’s the only Kardashian I can tolerate

# 2

aww baby Penny is adorable she reminds me of a cross between her mum Kourtney when she was a baby and Daisy Bevan. though Daisy B was gaurenteed to be a stunner it’s genetic in the Redgrave family just look at her grandmother Vanessa

# 3

why do we keep “celebrating” these awful, no-talent people? great, you had another baby with a man who clearly is not up to the task of being of a partner, and you offer absolutely no value to the world. let’s take your picture. yeesh, there are so many more interesting, worthy, talented people out there.

# 5

the baby is ugly , I’m sorry but her kids everything but cute . I might get thumbs down but let’s be honest :o

# 6
Isis Lara @ 08/08/2012 at 8:45 am

I’ve always thought Courtney was the ugly sister. Call Kim whatever you want, but she really is the attractive one.

# 7

Mason is Cute and thats all I’m going to say

# 8

She’s ugly, her kids are ugly, she’s a nobody…so nobody cares about this trash.

# 9
NOT HATER @ 08/08/2012 at 8:58 am

Yeah I agree with Isis Lara. Kourt cant be the prettiest one, kim is the prettiest one somehow, no matter how idiot she is. You can even tell just by looking at the old pics when they were kids, kim will always look the most beautiful -_- Plus Kourt always acts like a *****. Especially the way she treats Scott. Ungrateful little *****.

The poor thing can barely open her eyes and they’re already whoring her out to the world. That’s not even a good picture, but it was obviously the best one they had since it made the cover.

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I thought for once the Kardashian family was doing something right by not posting the pics all over the world! But they just waited a week instead of doing it on the day of the birth!
Why do I still have hope?

I think she’ll grow into her looks..

They had to wait because the Twilight scandal took all the covers. Plus the Tomkat divorce took covers. So they had to wait. Actutally, Kendall Jenner is the prettiest sister.

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Feel bad for those Kids

With that family, they are doomed

That is really a bad picture of a newborn celeb baby, and they used it for the cover! People at US mag either have the worst photographers and the worst editors in the industry or they really hate the Kardashians! That picture is so bad it doesn’t even have Facebok quality! I doubt Kourtney chose that picture of her baby squinting to introduce her to the world! Crazy!

Seriously, calling a baby ugly? Call Kourtney whatever you want but don’t call a baby ugly. And by the way Mason is super cute! And from what I’ve seen he seems a happy kid. So at least she is doing something right. Not sure about Scott though… why isn’t he on the cover?!I hope it’s not true that he hasn’t changed a diaper.

@Sarah.: Well quite frankly if Kourtney really wanted to protect her kids perhaps she shouldn’t ***** them out on mag covers because this is what comes with it peoples honest opinions and sorry those kids are not attractive.

@an: Who in their right mind calls an innocent baby ugly. Put down the parents all you want to but calling a baby ugly is just wrong. Its also very immature. Its not being honest its being rude. Just plan rude. Would you want someone calling your children ugly? I am guessing not.

@Rebecca: I get what your saying but people don’t put their babies on mag covers. The truth is this is the world you live in people are not going to be polite it’s the parent’s job to protect their children. She’s been in the media for a few years now she knows how people can be, why subject your kids to that before they can even walk just to make a buck. But I forgot this is the Lardassians it’s all they know how to do.

@awyeah: Some “honest opinions” are rude and should never be typed. Because you are on a computer site does not mean you get to call other people’s children ugly in the name of supposed honesty or judge their attractiveness. Plus there is a big difference in protecting children and putting them on a magazine. You protect your children by keeping them safe and teaching them right from wrong. Putting them on a magazine cover is not hurting them. Its making money for Mom but thats it. I am not agreeing with the magazine cover but stating its not harming the children to do . It sounds like you are just trying to justify another person’s rude comment about the atractiveness of the chldren by attacking her judgement of the magazine cover picture. Maybe your just jealous, I don’t know. Usually people who are rude and call babies ugly are.

Keep it real ppl @ 08/08/2012 at 10:46 am

Mason is ugly. That baby is ugly. Looks like an old man and a boy all mixed in one. Smush nose. She doesn’t produce pretty children.

I think she should just keep her children to herself. At the end of the day this is a blog not a fansite so rude or not peoples opinions are their right. It’s sad this gets attention. I wonder how many innocent babies died just in the last week in this world. People here don’t seem t debate or be too up in arms about that.

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