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Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy: Dinner with Her Parents!

Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy: Dinner with Her Parents!

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy dine with her parents Scott and Andrea earlier this week at a restaurant in Nashville, Tenn.

The 22-year-old singer and the 18-year-old son of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. are currently back up at his family’s compound in Hyannis Port, Mass. according to multiple accounts on Twitter.

Taylor reportedly spent time with Conor‘s aunt Maria Shriver at a gym and then grabbed some ice cream at a local shop.

Taylor and Conor were first spotted out as a couple last month while spending time at the Kennedy Compound.

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  • Lailah

    I actually think they’re quite cute. Taylor Swift is such a sweet heart and Conor has been through so much. Best of luck to both of them, really. They’re a cute couple.

  • hm

    Not sure whats worse: this PR stunt or the fact that some 15 yr old had the audacity to compare them to JFK and his wife. I think someone needs to tell taylor swift that her ‘humble – i’m just a country girl’ act is getting old??

  • cami

    zzzzz I’m bored and so are her parents. we’re all just waiting for the “you broke my heart, conor” song

  • ..

    @cami: not another song, PLEASE!!

  • http://justjared noble

    I agree they are too cute together. Makes me smile each time I see them. Awwww :0 so sweet!!!!!!!Taylor seems like such a nice caring person and he has been through a lot this past year. Good that they are having fun enjoying each other and eating good with the folks. So nice I cannot stop gushing over these two. Best of luck to them I wish them well.

  • Amanda

    She seriously needs to stop dating EVERYONE!

  • evie

    always calling paparazzis

  • AB

    @noble: All shes been thru? — did she lose her home? is she living on the street? can’t afford to feed herself? (thats a tough time) — close the door to narnia, get out of your closet and live in the real world.

  • camelot is not real!

    Yeah, every 12 year old fan of Taylor’s think it’s cute that these two are hanging out cuz they don’t know any better. They’re all about the looks. So shallow. It’s only a matter of time before you start hearing about Taylor’s drug and alcohol problem especially now she’s dating a Kennedy. Hopefully, she doesn’t end up dead like the others.

    Taylor is too sweet, too good for the Kennedy family.

  • tima

    Your source is a fan twitter. There is confusion on tumblr as to whether that’s even Conor…

  • Sheri

    Maria Shriver is not Conor’s “aunt” – RFK Jr.’s brothers and sisters would be Conor’s uncles and aunts. RFK Jr. and Maria Shriver are first cousins, which makes Conor and Maria some kind of distant cousins. Brush up on how family connections work Jared.

  • w.

    @camelot is not real!: u don’t want to start an argument about the kennedys because thats a fight u wont win. i’d like u to post ur comment on tumblr (u probably have 1) and see the response u get lol! good luck

  • tima

    They’re not on Cape Cod anymore – that was Wednesday. They were both seen at the Pankcake Pantry in Nashville yesterday. Shoddy reporting.

  • Forrest

    Oh how sweet, are those candles on the table? Wonder what they ate. You know it was real butter.

  • Alexa

    Oh geez.
    Right now she is ‘in love’ so watch out for her next radio hit about a prince, princess, castles, unicorns, rainbows.
    Next month when they break up it’ll be another one, Everyone, u already know the lyrics. It’s called Oh Rory.
    ‘oh rory. I’m only 22. U were a prince and I was a princess. U told me u loved me oh rory but u lied, u liiied. Time to burn your picture oh yah’

  • Nicole

    Y’all it is hella bad luck to date any kind of Kennedy, I would be running if I were her and u know this. Do not get in a plane, car, any kind of vehicle, do not go skiing with them, do not cross the street with one. Seriously Taylor if u value your life.

  • tima

    @AB: You misread the previous poster’s comment. No one said Taylor had been through a lot; Conor has. His mother committed suicide a few months ago.

  • Effy

    @Alexa: Haha, that’s probably close to her next lyrics ;)

  • AB

    @tima: i got it (hes been thru a lot, she hasn’t) but why is taylor such a ‘nice and caring’ girl?? she’s done pis*s all -x- honestly as long as she doesnt make a song out of this ‘relationship’ i dont care, i just dont buy her fake personality.

  • AB

    @tima: (didnt misread it btw, just pressed enter before i could finish)

  • LOL

    @Alexa: Had to reply that i actually laughed out loud.


    This is the kind of girl I would want my [future] child looking up to. I don’t know how to put it, but I think it makes the most sense to date people seriously; meet the family; spend quality time with the person you’re dating. Instead of just sleeping around like all the other girls. I have so much respect for Taylor. I don’t think she’s too “boring” or conservative. I just think she’s a classy, sensible person. And she seems sweet.

  • juatsayun

    I still think that’s a weird couple. Not the Kennedy part. The part where she’s dating an 18 yr old bc she can’t find anyone her own age part….

  • http://justjared noble

    Hi, Tima thanks for correcting (AB i’m not in my closet in narnia but you can call me when you get there, know what you are talking about before you post a comment) because they did not even read my comment correctly. I said he has been through a lot and he has lost his mother. I feel so sorry for him I know it must be hard. I could not imagine what I would do without mine. Good to see people happy, so tired of negativity. I am happy and I do not even know them. I am 23 and I believe in true love too so I can relate to Taylor I will never give up on it either. Even after a lot of heartache i do not think you should give up on happiness with the one you love. I will not chase after love but I will not let it go if it comes my way either. Good for them I hope it works out no matter what others may think. :))

  • lori

    I wonder if she’ll take him “back to school” shopping before he goes back to HIGHSCHOOL.

  • http://justjared noble

    Makes a lot of sense to me too. Good for you.

  • AB

    @noble: …AND i wrote that i didnt misread it – i dont need correcting because im not a child – i just pressed enter before i could finish what i wanted to write. (perhaps you should go back and read it yourself) so thanks buttttttt no thanks.

  • Kim

    This girl I think has a way about her of falling WAY too fast for a guy and that scares them off. I just picture her like suffocating him with the way she acts and she’d most likely want to be with him 24/7.

    I think she needs to realize REAL relationships AREN’T like fair tales. I think that’s how she see’s relationships/dating. She see’s everything through rose colored classes.

  • crazy girl


    Didn’t you hear the news last week, she’s planning to buy the estate next to the Kennedy compound. Yup, after 2 weeks (?) of dating. They have the article in NY Post.

  • Rya

    just wondering how long their relationship will be..Taylor is just so sweet to have broken heart.AGAIN

  • Rya

    Just wondering how long their relationship will be..Taylor’s just too sweet to get broken heart AGAIN.

  • a.a

    for a 22 yr old she’s dated a lot of guys. I mean 5 relationships (that i can remember) is a lot for someone that age. i know most (all?) were fake but sh*t, she makes miley look like a virgin.

  • Kim

    @crazy girl: Sorry but she seems crazy when it comes to guys. I bet she’s already planning her wedding to him.

    I wish someone would sit this girl down and explain to her you DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A MAN IN YOUR LIFE 24/7. I 100% understand wanting to have a boyfriend/relationship, but I think she thinks she has to have a guy in her life to be happy. Thats just sad.

  • eunice

    i feel like the only reason why taylor had a fling with patrick schwarznegger’s to get to the kennedys! well played, taylor

  • tima

    @eunice: Except she didn’t have a fling with Patrick. Conor was standing right next to Taylor in that picture of them hugging and she said she was never more than friends with Patrick.

  • snore

    @tima: you sure? may want to check some of her song lyrics just to make sure.

  • wang

    i think this pix was taken maybe a month ago, notice taylors dress, that was her dress during ellens promotional video. and maybe the guy is not conor, maybe that his brother austin

  • stan

    Look at the jealous bI/ches in this post. Taylor is the only celebrity girl i would consider marrying. She is just so goodhearted, feminine, caring.

    Her being fake accusations are so tiring. She has never done anything to make me doubt that this is who she really is. You never hear her being rude to some overaggressive fans or something.

    They make a cute couple. Good luck to them!

  • lucy1231

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  • haaaaaa!

    @stan: “Dear Stan, I meant to write you sooner but I just been busy
    You said your girlfriend’s pregnant now, how far along is she?” — if u and taytay hook up she could write an amazing song.. not as good as eminems but still…. theres potential.

  • crazy girl


    In Taylor’s defense, she’s been single since Jake G., that’s almost two years. Jake G. didn’t show up at her birthday (12/13/2010), Christmas or New Year’s even though they’re supposedly so madly “in love” according to their US Weekly Thanksgiving photo op.

    They have a few pics snapped of both of them getting coffee at different times, but both look miserable. Then Jake ‘dumped’ her after his movie came out. He pretty much used her to promote his movie. They’re not really ‘together” that long.

  • NuN

    I love Taylor but I think he is too young for her.

  • Lily

    Is she nuts? First of all, he’s 18! That guarantees a dramatic/traumatic breakup….then he’s a Kennedy. That guarantees a life ( if she married him) of drama and possible cheating scandals due to the men in the family’s lack of regard for women.

  • why?

    I would be really embarrassed if my boyfriend were sitting at a restaurant table with my parents and didnt take off his hat before eating. Isnt that still considered terribly rude?

  • Juniper

    They are both young, but they seem like a nice couple, I hope it works out for them.

  • Sun

    This guy looks like he has DNA from John Meyer and Joe Jonas. More moral fiber from Taylor Swift. More research for next album.

  • lost respect for taylor

    Is Conor going to be junior or senior this coming school year? Some people said junior high. Anyone know? Either way it’s really gross to be dating someone esp they are still in HIGH SCHOOL.

  • Naylor

    Perfect couple. Two spoiled rich kids. Swift’s Kennedy selection for the next chapter in her romance novel is indeed a reflection of her true self.
    End of story.

  • sarah

    People (.) com debunked this story, stating the photo was taken in June. The guy next to TS is her brother Austin, not Conor. They were in Nashville having a meal with their father for Father’s Day.