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Alexander Skarsgard: Calvin Klein Encounter Commercial!

Alexander Skarsgard: Calvin Klein Encounter Commercial!

Alexander Skarsgard gives an intense stare as he drives a car in this new long-form commercial for his Calvin Klein Encounter fragrance campaign.

The 35-year-old actor stars alongside Lara Stone in the steamy new clip. Earlier this summer, the ad campaign for the fragrance was revealed.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Make sure to tune into the season finale of Alex‘s show True Blood this Sunday on HBO!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Alexander Skarsgard’s commercial for Calvin Klein Encounter?

Alexander Skarsgard: Calvin Klein Encounter Commercial!

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  • Lilla

    I love it!! I’d love it even more if CK spelled his name right. it’s Skarsgård.

  • Donna

    as Ralph responded I am stunned that people can get paid $8679 in 1 month on the internet. have you seen this website (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Anne.

    i don’t see him as Christian Grey at all.

  • Strange

    Omg!!! I loved it !! It is amazing so happy for him …..

  • Din

    Oh Alex..

  • bloom

    I love it :) Alex looks great :)

  • toriiw

    Zotz! Hottness above the legal limit!

  • Tanter

    He looks amazingly hot but honestly I find it a bit too cheesy.. I wonder how this will appeal to men? If men are the target of it at all, that is ;)

  • Sarah.

    wow, that is some commercial! He is so handsome:) good choice choosing him haha

  • ladybug

    @Tanter: I think if women were the target they’d not have Lara Stone in the commercial at all. :)

  • amy

    That is some Christian Grey sh*! right there!!!

    Alexander Skarsgard=Christian Grey
    Anne Hathaway=Anastasia Steel

  • Sorry not for me

    Not one of the best campaigns I found it kind of boring, cheesey nothing really special it looked like Lara Stone was hiring a male escort for the night and waiting for him.
    I like Lara stone such a great model, no disrespect to Alex he looked stiff as a board, and overly made up. Sorry Alex not this time round for me.

    I suppose each to everyone’s own :)

  • Truth

    Don’t worry about Alex feeling lonely. When he needs his pipes cleaned, Robin Baum is at her service. That’s why he will never fire her. I know a couple of people that go on this site actually “work” for Alex.

  • Truth

    @amy: Is that you Alex!
    You did have a crush on A.H.Do you still do?
    Anne is an easy lay, you will have no problem sleeping with Bug Eyes.
    She is a former drug addict too.

  • Macy

    Did they really misspell his name? WTF? Doesn’t CK have editors?

  • Lilla

    @Macy: Yes they did. Don’t people check that kind of thing beforehand?

  • anne

    @Truth: Huh? He sleeps with his publicist? That’s not very professional.

  • bonnie

    Very handsome man, and he seems like a sweet person too.

  • Lilla

    @anne: No, he doesn’t.

  • Vanessa

    Alex is perfect!!!

  • Nz

    People say some pretty mean things on here. I think he appears to be one of the more humble celebrities around. I hope he stays that way.

  • Next!

    Yep! They spelled it wrong in the film but they got it right on the Encounter home page. They’ll probably have it fixed soon.

  • jenny

    @Truth: Ugh why do the lunatics always have to ruin a good Askars post with their idiotic conspiracy theories.

  • KissThis

    I feel like I can see the steam literally coming off of him he’s so hot!

  • hmmmmmmm

    It’s a typical nice fragrance ad. Everyone looks good but bless AS for trying to once again ( Battleship anyone) make it seem a little more deep than it actually is. Still, its a nice escape ad. Wouldn’t mind Alex looking up from the intercom at my place. :)

  • lola


  • maria

    @Anne.: i hate the books, boring and bad write, but in this comercial he totally see like christian grey.

  • Texas Swede

    I think Jas and Pita are talking to each other to retaliate for some things they did not like on another thread. Teenage trolls need to learn a little more before trying stupid games.

    As far as the campaign, I have come to never expect the normal from CK. Knowing the fragrance this one fits the product. A lot of women will be buying it for their men and a lot of men will buy it for themselves. The casting is right on for both parts.

    And it is a commercial so although cheesy is not how I would describe it I would not call it a piece of art. But for the mood, environment, mystery, and emotion they were going for I think it was very good.

  • §

    I agree with Texas Swede: its a fashion ad and it suits its product and the target market.
    Great scenery and image quality/texture/colors…everything was pretty good to that extent. As for the acting of AS and Lara Stone, I honestly think that Fabien Baron only asked them to portray what he expected them to as what we see here in the final product since its not a movie where actors have to interpret emotions and words from a script a bit more freely than Fashion adverts.
    It isn’t mind blowing and earth-shaking kind of acting but its adequate for this type of work; although I might just add personally I wished to see a little bit more…HEAT & PASSION from AS, but I guess he was trying to come into that performance from a different angle. Lara was exquisite and pretty as always and she did what she was required to do…Overall: pretty good film noire, good-looking cast and great scenery.

  • What Lola Said

    Dayum!!! I’m sold. Only thing better? Wet Alex. Ohhhh my. Was anybody else waiting to see some fangs? ;)

  • A


  • glee

    It’s a good commercial and I like it. Alex and Lara look beautiful and I think the desire at the end was very visible :)

  • Molly

    Remember when CK advertisements were cutting edge? Those days are long gone. I found it boring, generic, and uninspired. It felt like a watered down version of something I’ve seen a million times before. He does however look hot, as usual. I never tire of looking at that face.

  • Waite


    What? Alex sleeps with his publicist? That’s a new one

    And who is AH that Alex likes or used to like is she a model ?

  • Texas Swede

    @truth, @anne, @Waite: You could spin a good yarn from this if you were at all credible. But you blew it with your first back to back entries. Not only do you need more acting classes but you definitely need creative writing classes to pull this off. Learn to switch persona with switching names. IE..Waite, the fact that Anne Hathaway was mentioned in the post above Truth’s post about A. H. totally passed you by. So either you and she are the same or you two are in this together and your responses are planned out between you. Then who else jumps on the bandwagon but a poster named ‘Anne”? A little to coincidental to be real IMO. You really need to study a bit more before you attempt this type of thing. All anyone is going to do is laugh at you from here on out.

    But thanks. Any day started with laughter is a good day for me.

  • nepenthes

    Yeah, boring.
    But Alexander looks good.

  • Waite

    Wow I only posted to find out what AH stands for and curious about the publicist sleeping comment ? I won’t bother posting again :(

  • ladybug

    @Waite: TS’s reaction is because it fits a pattern of behavior on AS’s threads-someone, under a new name, posts something about him, usually concerning alleged relationships, and then shortly thereafter another new name shows up wanting more info. The impression is that the troll is talking to itself under different handles.

  • Lois

    AH = Anne Hathaway

  • ladybug

    Swedish Invasion… Joel Kinnaman & Alexander Skarsgård Front Fashion:

  • Truth

    @texaswede I post alone. You would know that technique all to well. Since you “do it” all the time.
    Example: Texas Swede, Crew member, Louis,hmmmmmmm and so on. Not everybody “likes” AS. Not everybody is as dumb as you.

  • Texas Swede

    @Truth: No All of those are other people. I posted as another person once to draw someone out and for a while using symbols because someone was posting as me. And I am woman enough to own what I do.

    I care not if you like AS or not. That is your right. But I have the right to express my opinion about your opinion as well. And your remark about RB convinces me even more I am on spot or very close to who you are.

    BTW Who is Louis?

  • L.g

    Askars looks gorgeous, so does Lara. The ad itself could have been better. Hes a brilliant actor, so why couldnt they let him show some emotion at least instead of making him appear wooden? I blame the director of course!

    BTW, what happened to those bags under his eyes. Did they SFX them away… Whyyyy? I love those bags! Hes always had them, the entire family has them ! Thats one of his best features and i missed them in the ad.

  • ladybug

    @Truth: “I post alone.” Well, yes we know that, but it’s alone under different names.

    @L.g.: Yeah, they pretty much got rid of the eyebags. Perhaps they thought that people seeing the commercial who don’t know who he is will not find the eyebags charming and sexy. But it’s also not consistent throughout, sometimes it’s really obvious they smoothed everything out, sometimes it looks like they missed a couple of times.
    Maybe in a few months they’ll shoot a different commercial, with less ‘tweaking’? I can always hope.

    We need a bigger version of this:

  • Average Jane

    I have met him … he is absolutely the NICEST person you ever want to meet, famous or not. He talked to a few other people before me and he was so animated I thought, oh he’s going to be tired by the time he gets to me, but he wasn’t. He has a way of focusing on you that makes you feel like you are the only person in the room (but then of course he does this for the next, and the next.) He works with some real tools (don’t ask, I can’t say), but you definitely get the sense he knows it and tries to make up for it. Also another thing I noticed is that he has beautiful manners. He is so soft spoken and just really polished. And handsome, of course, just so handsome in person. I hope he has a nice, long career, he deserves it. PS You are correct, this board is read by some low level people in the business. They like to be aware of what people are saying and they pass the gist of it on to the higher-ups. So if you have something nice to say, say it, they do read it.

  • hmmmmmmm

    @45- Okay?????? I guess.

  • ladybug
  • Macy

    Why are Sookie’s parents back? Were they not dead after all?

  • ladybug

    @Macy: I had to watch twice to figure it out-Jason is probably hallucinating them (since no one else sees them), post fae zapping. I’m presuming this is after whatever happens at the fairy club portal.

  • Macy

    I didn’t notice that at first, but yeah he appears to be the only one who can see them. So he’s either hallucinating or the other faeries gave him some kind of special power.