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Kristen Stewart: First Post-Cheating Scandal Pictures!

Kristen Stewart: First Post-Cheating Scandal Pictures!

Kristen Stewart emerges for the first time since her cheating scandal while she hops into a car on Monday (August 20) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress has reportedly been staying at various houses for a few days at a time to try and avoid being seen.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart

Kristen has been confirmed to attend the red carpet premiere of her film On The Road at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival next month. We can’t wait to see what she wears!

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kristen stewart first post cheating scandal pics 01
kristen stewart first post cheating scandal pics 02
kristen stewart first post cheating scandal pics 03
kristen stewart first post cheating scandal pics 04
kristen stewart first post cheating scandal pics 05

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  • lauren

    oh hey girl

  • http://diana ree

    Here goes the trampire showing her trampiry belly.

  • Famewhore in town

    Push up bra? Check. Belly showing? Check. Robert Patitnson’s hat? Check.

  • Din

    Here we go again..

  • Next…

    Selfish homewrecking hootchie.

  • http://soprettyhudgens Melany N

    finally kiks you’re back.. hope you’re good miss you girl so much♥



  • http://diana Cali

    Let me guess, Kristen’s PR team is out to make her sound like she is “suffering and very sad” about having an affair with a married man with children. Sure, not buying it. Cheaters only care when they get caught.

  • Ewww

    She looks like the dirty skank she is! GO AWAY!

  • t

    dem abs hoh

  • http://diana belle

    What a homewrecker and for what!!! For nothing.

  • Fake Chick

    Homewrecking sl#t sk@nk!

  • CHO

    Gosh you guys are a nice day late :)

    Her skinny jeans look too big…glad she is finally out though.

  • Wish

    When you wish upon a star…
    “Why is my life so perfect? I wish something bad would happen to me…”
    Your dreams do come true.

  • Keesh

    She looks like a dirty hooker.

  • http://diana Karen

    Yes I agree. Cheaters only care when they get caught. She would have continued her affair, especially Snow White had a sequel.

  • Seriously?

    Why is she wearing a cut-off T-shirt?!

    Is she trying to look like a hoochie desperate for attention?

    Who the H-LL is running her PR?!

  • mlllllllllllle

    You’re stupid Jared.

  • oh

    The cheater is out and about.

  • Yuck

    Ugly person inside and out.

  • layne7

    At least now that horrible miserable look she always has on her face is for a reason now. I dont feel a bit sorry for her at all, and that married d bag is even a bigger loser. Pretending she is some doe in the headlights isnt working for me.

  • http://diana Oh no!

    This is not a good look if Kristen is trying to clean up her public image. She should be dressed like a nun, not a trampire! (her publicist will be giving her the memo soon.)

  • bee

    Girl is such a horrible actress and on top of that sleeps with her directors to get jobs. Disgusting.

  • Kelly

    She always seemed like such a b!tch so this cheating scandal doesn’t surrpise me.

  • serena_


    YES!! Be careful what you wish for!! Or what you want…

  • Val

    Her parents shoudl have taught her to wash her hair and shower and not sleep with her bosses.

  • http://diana lisa

    There goes Kristen…. the walk of shame. She did not appear to have any shame when a married man with children was going down on her in a car. That loser director is even worst. Not even thinking about his children or vows!

  • Sebastian Stan 4 ever

    Love her

  • http://diana how could you!

    you have to be careful of the seeming quiet types, they will stab you in the back. Kristen did Rob very dirty. The director is a piece of garbage.
    It appears his wife is taking a long break from him. I would too! Trust is lost!

  • Yaws


  • http://diana Lesson

    yup, Cheaters only care when they get caught. When they get kicked out of the house! When every body else knows they are a cheating w*hore or douchebag! Kristen and the director probably deserve each other!

  • http://diana No gain

    Kristen is only embarrassed that she got caught red-handed. I bet if there were not pictures she would not even admit to crap. Cheaters only are sorry when they are caught. I know from experience.

  • http://diana Vienna

    Kristen has always acted like a biatch and I do not know why for the life of me! Rob has always like he worshiped her and always seemed genuinely into her. Kristen always look like she could do so much better. She could have that lousy, cheating director for all I care.

  • IvYbLuE

    She isn’t sorry because if she was she would’ve stopped after it happened once. It isn’t like she got wasted one night and ended up sleeping with a married man not knowing he was married, and not being herself. But she continuously slept with this man for 6 months!!!!!! So it took her 6 months and getting caught to start feeling bad and sorry? The thing is, she would’ve continued sneak around with him had she not been caught. If it was a single guy and had it happened only once then the public would sympathize with her more and would probably forgive her. She wrecked a family. There is no excuse for that. She’s 22, not 14, and should have a better judgement. Yet she pretends like she is better and smarter than everyone else with that smug face of hers.

  • http://diana Nela

    How dare she call Rob a best friend! How could you embarrass your friend like that! How could you embarrass yourself like that! Have some self-respect! And no, I am not buying that you are truly sorry, you like many before you are only sorry when they get found about.

  • sweetness

    This thread has become a giant hate fest..I don’t know who her agents or PR people are…but they need to revamp (no pun intended) her image. The internet has gone wild with trashing her and hopefully she stays away from any online sites because she’ll be crushed by the comments of anonymous posters.

  • Ryal

    She’s so ugly. I never thought she was a nice person in general. How can you be friends with the wife and kids and then have an affair with the husband and father at the same time? It’s disgusting, shameless, and low class.

  • dede

    She’ll probably get more movie roles now that all the Hollywood directors know she will sleep with them. She’s gross.

  • http://diana Kelly

    Kristen has always acted like she had a problem with the world. She has a bad attitude and acts like she is above the moon. She needs an attitude adjustment.

  • cheelon

    She’s a high paid wh0re. Sleeping with directors/producers/costars is how she’s made $35 million.

  • hoe

    @sweetness: A hoe doesn’t deserve sympathy..she crushed a family so she deserves all she’s getting.

  • http://diana nia

    I guess her acting is so terrible the only way she can lock in rolls is to to do “favors” here and there. The director is such scum, he is probable a pervert!

  • Oh great…

    She shouldn’t go anywhere near TIFF. What an insult to the film festival. It will become a joke.

  • $$

    give her a break that she’s single she’s trying to attract some new d(i)ck by showing skin lol

  • http://diana Clara

    Kristen’s people will be out by the tons trying to make her look like a victim or she is so sad and gloomy. Oh hell no, she knew that sh_ithead was married, she knew his wife and children. She was deliberately meeting a married man at a minimally trafficked place so that she could get her sk_ank on!

  • jesse

    hello guys and girls =] kristen did the right thing, cos he had cheated on her 2 days before she did, cos he slept with a neighbour, and trust me i am the neighbour of this neighbour.

  • mell

    @Cali: true!! and i’m surprised at how much support she’s getting. (dont get me wrong, he’s a fu*cking pig for cheating on his wife) but not sure why people are feeling sorry for her. All i care about are the two kids that have to deal with it. i cannot image everyone knowing that my dad had an affair, and u know even their teaches will be talking about it. im sick of people calling it a mistake. shes a grown effng woman, learn to respect yourself. k.s rambles on that she supports women and then sleeps with a married guy? – hypocrite!!!!

  • http://diana yup

    terrible, one-dimensional, highly over-rated, over-paid actress and instead of being grateful, she acted like people should kiss the ground she walked on including her boyfriend who seemed to really be into her. What a selfish person! Only cares for herself.

  • http://diana Have a little class

    What the hell is she wearing, at least wear something a little conservative since you wear caught with some, loser married man going down on you in a car!

  • JoJo

    She must be getting so much work since directors now know she’s willing to sleep with them despite being married and all