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Miley Cyrus: Intervention Reports Are 'Ridiculous'

Miley Cyrus: Intervention Reports Are 'Ridiculous'

Miley Cyrus rocks her new short haircut while shopping with her pal Cheyne Thomas on Thursday (August 23) in the East Village neighborhood of New York City.

The 19-year-old entertainer picked out some vintage items at Search & Search before hailing a cab with her friends.

Miley has been at the center of reports claiming her family is planning an intervention when she returns back to Los Angeles, but her rep calls the reports “ridiculous,” according to Gossip Cop.

Earlier this week, Miley and Cheyne were spotted hanging out in Philadelphia.

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Credit: Christopher Peterson; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Soup

    an intervention for what?
    being obsessed with herself?

  • Anne.

    those are some ulgy boots!

  • MileyCyrusRocks

    I love her! She’s such an inspirational role model; she’s a proud christian who stands up for what’s right. But I don’t agree with her supporting same sex marraige, for that is a sin. Hopefully she’ll realize her mistake in supporting an abomination. I will pray for you Miley. God bless and rock on! :)

  • leelee

    Who’s that hottie with her? What an upgrade from Liam.

  • kiki

    she looks homeless and trying way too hard to get some edgy look. liam should dump her now. i kind of imaging if selena dumped bieber selena/liam would be a nice couple.

  • wwwkkd

    i used to love Miley Cyrus style when she was younger. Now, she looks cheap. Not classy and mostly not beautiful…

  • anne.

    liam seems like such a normal guy… just like his brother.. and there’s miley.. oh god. i don’t get it!

  • sookie

    LOL.. Miley you look ‘Ridiculous’

  • addf

    For gods sake, those clothes are horrible!!! That’s not style, that’s trash

  • Mila

    Unattractiveness at its best!

  • MileyCyrusRocks

    I believe an intervention would benefit Miley greatly, for she has become tainted of the hollywood lifestyle: being coerced into accepting the same sex lifestyle. Her family means well for they only want Miley to sit next to jesus christ when she goes. God bless Miley. I will pray for you.

  • Subby

    Leave this girl alone, please.

  • Jocelyn

    For such a slender girl her face is bloated, often a sign of too much drinking and/or drug use.

  • joel

    something’s wrong. Skin problems, super skinny…drugs/bulimia/….

  • rikki

    i can’t take her seriously. she tries to sound grown up and mature, but it’s clear she is still a child.

  • Lexy


    Your mindset is an abomination.

  • V

    @MileyCyrusRocks You’re disgusting

  • ha ha

    so fug!

  • rikki

    @MileyCyrusRocks: how do you know same sex marriage is wrong? God told you so? ignorant and brainwashed idiot…YOUR type of Christianity is blindness.

  • bella

    She really looks so much better the other way. This look does not look good. I would not be surprised if her family are trying to calm her down since she wants to be such a rebel and so desperate to be taken seriously. Such crazy aspirations.

  • Kaym

    She’s just disgusting…….

  • no. no. Miley.

    why does her neck appear so thick, and her face? It seems to fluctuate drastically. I hope she does not have an eating disorder.

  • kd

    Miley is sadly your regular teenager–self-absorbed, thinks she knows everything, POS. That doesn’t mean she’s spiraling out of control; a lot of people (including myself) don’t think the hair and style she’s sadly attempting to sport suits her but that doesn’t mean she needs an intervention. People will make up anything to make money.

  • http://@ritchellmaxwell nzritchie

    is it just me or is she trying to look like Robyn?

  • Mimi

    She’s fake, so fake and she’s a narcissistic person

  • anna

    She looks like that woman from Roxette.

  • Andamentothat

    She looked good just a month ago. What happened?.

  • fugfugfug

    just wreeeeeetch

  • yawn

    Her being on JJ is ridiculous

  • somali girl

    Yes homos need the death penalty.

  • 43613

    She’s growing up she’s not Hannah Montana any more she’s 19 leave her alone I was the same way minus having a show and money we all go through phases hers is more public and the internet does it help just leave her be

  • Mickey12

    Is Liam sure he wants to marry this??? Liam is the one who needs intervention!

  • Steph

    Her skin looks awful

  • KissThis

    Miley looks incredibly cheap. How did she go from gorgeous and glamorous on the red carpet a couple of months ago, to this?? Who would want to look like this?

  • Cletus

    Shuuey! She done whipped up on herslf with an ugly stick

  • Atlqueen

    That is going to be someone’s wife soon….

  • Sarah

    I think that Liam will be breaking the engagement soon enough. He could get any girl he wanted, why would he want someone who obviously has no pride in their appearance or their reputation? I used to like Miley but she seems to be going in a downward spiral.

  • kelly

    I don’t think Miley’s obsessed with herself. I think she loves herself. Most of us aren’t used to see what that looks like, unfortunately. But it’s not a bad thing. Also, she looks banging! I would love to meet her and tell her I love her hair and that she inspires me to be myself, no matter what, no matter how many people disprove.

  • NYC

    Go to College Miley!
    Get an education with all of your billions.
    You look LOST!

  • WTF

    she looks like a drug addict!!!

  • minah

    Yikes! She looks horrible…

  • Sheigh

    Be careful, this is an escapism from psychiatric Hospital !
    Somebody must call a doctor !

  • Mimi

    Get your teeth fixed and close your mouth you ugly b itch!

  • wywh

    Is she trying to be Agyness Deyn?

  • steph

    @Mimi: LOL

  • Lindsay

    I’m hoping Liam gets some common sense. Liam and Jennifer Lawrence would make a beautiful couple! :-)

  • SophiaB

    Her hair was so gorgeous before she cut it. She looks awful. Like homeless guy

  • NYC

    It’s not her fault. Miley was a nice kid before she got involved with that slor dancer from her show. Her Mom = an epic failure.


    HAHAHA It’s such a funny thing you people- i guess around your tweenties or more – are calling her inmature, ugly, disgusting and making fun of her when youre hiding behind a screen being totally unproductive and donig anything good but picking on a 19 years old. L-A-M-E.


    And if you’re gonna make comment trying to sound concerned about her (as an excuse to critize her obviosuly) AT LEAST make it sound more credible. We all know you’re waiting to see her breakdown.