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Jessica Simpson: I Didn't Think About My Weight During Pregnancy

Jessica Simpson: I Didn't Think About My Weight During Pregnancy

Jessica Simpson holds hands with her fiance Eric Johnson as they leave Tiny’s restaurant on Monday night (September 10) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 32-year-old entertainer debuted her post-baby body on Katie Couric‘s new talk show, Katie.

“During pregnancy, I didn’t really think about it,” Jess said. “I thought my doctors were telling me that it was just a lot of water and whenever my water broke my whole entire stomach would go down but that did not happen. All the weight did not come out with the baby.”

“I feel like what made me eat more is my hormones and breastfeeding. I’ve never wanted chocolate more in my life,” Jess added.

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  • moomoo

    Didn’t Weight Watchers dangle money in front of her to try to get her to lose weight? Guess she didn’t get the money. She’s still fat.

  • Courtney

    @moomoo you’re an idiot those weight loss deals don’t have a time constraint on how fast you have to lose the weight and she’s breastfeeding so she actually needs to keep 5-10lbs of her pregnancy weight until the baby is weaned. Jess isn’t fat at all it’s the angle of the camera if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all

  • ivy

    Seriously…she THOUGHT the doctor said it was all water weight and her stomach would just disapper when the baby was born…seriously??? Did she not do any reading about pregnancty while pregnant? No doctor would tell a patient a 70 pound weight gain was all water. Also, what did she think all the extra poungage other than her stomach was…water as well?? It was fat…gained by eating unrestricted amounts of mac & cheese and buttered PopTarts. Jessica needs to stop talking about her weight gain… she sounds like a fool.

  • me Me ME

    Know she is lying because she still looks like a pig in a blanket

  • P

    She still is very pretty

  • L

    I couldn’t care less about how she looks but it’s not good for the baby for a pregnant woman not to eat a healthy diet. I wish she would talk about that too. I’m surprised her doctors didn’t tell her about the overwelming research about how dangerous it is for a pregnant woman to be seriously overweight or gain substantial weight while pregnant.

  • Nilly Bob

    Simpson appears to never think about her weight. I’ve taken skinnier sows to to State Fair than her.

  • http://Ipad LOL

    Even if the Doctors told her to eat healthier, she would still think eating mac&cheese every day was OK.
    If she last a year with Weight Watchers, they’ll be lucky, they could have chosen a worst spokesperson.
    This woman can’t control her mouth in yapping or stuffing it full of junk food.

  • fatness

    She’s never happy. Even with a beautiful baby in her arms. What a spoiled now fat brat.

  • DUbya

    She is gonna be the next Kelly Osbourne. All she ever talks about is her weight.

  • xwaydrivah

    After she made that “Chicken of the Sea” comment several years ago, people came to her defense stating that she was actually smart. Sorry, I disagree. No doctor in the world would tell you that all that weight was “water weight.” Plus, ob/ gyn doctors monitor your weight constantly when you are pregnant. They warn you when you start to gain too much weight. Besides, does she not know women who have been pregnant? Does she not read? She sounds ridiculous.

  • Jay reams

    Head line reads: Jessica Simpson: I Didn’t Think About My Weight During Pregnancy

    This is news really? Duh. Did you just figure that out?(*slow)

    Thanks so much this solves the mystery for me.

  • WittWendy

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  • arabelle

    She is so irrelevant and that Weight Watchers ad is SO cringe-worthy..Ugh so away already. Nobody cares Jess.. You’re fat. You stuffed your body with unhealthy crap for 9 months, you are already a bad mother- You should have been eating healthy all natural and whole foods, not crap. You are an insensitive self obsessed selfish cow.. Go moo someplace else.

  • mito

    she’s oversharing her pregnancy experience

  • JustBigBoned

    @Courtney – LOL seriously, “camera angle”?? That’s the same excuses that all fat moms make. What’s next, she’s just big-boned? If you can’t say anything nice… c’mon, the woman puts herself in the public eye, and touts her weight loss, and we are supposed to be chastised for noticing that she’s still overweight? JS is an intellectual midget.

  • D

    BIG DEAL! Today our nation & the world is reflecting on the tragic victims of 9/11. Why not report profile stories on the 1st responders families and how they suffer daily on their loss?

  • Marita

    @Nilly Bob:
    Jessica Simpson appears to never think at all.

  • Jess

    Wow.. I like Jessica and always thought she was not as dumb (for lack of a better word) than people reckon she is but she is actually quite dumb. She needs to do some serious reading. Did she seriously think the weight would just come off? I’m no where near having kids and even I know that is doesn’t work like that. Pretty sure everyone else in the world knows that too.

  • Liss

    I love that my husband is way more smokin’ than hers. Yes, I know that’s shallow but I think it every time, lucky me!

  • ladyb

    I was listening to her interview yesterday, and I don’t think she is keen on marrying that guy. She was sounding like Ali Fedowstoky from The Bachelorette when asked when she and Roberto will tied the knot.

  • ladyb

    The comment about all being water weight – I don’t think she meant it. I think it was a tongue-in-cheek comment. The “woman-to-woman” talk. People should not insult her for it.

  • Jess

    WHOA! She gained the 40 lbs back when she changed her clothes! :-$

  • Lucia

    Her husband looks like Jason Trawick! (Britney Spears fiancee)

  • La piñata.

    It shows.


    that’s pretty obvious, jess. by the way… pregnant again? looks like it. “10 pounds away” from your target weight, really?

  • Sofia

    She just had the baby! Give her a break!!

  • Jasmine

    @ivy: Seriously! How can someone be that stupid? She was bringing a baby into this world, she had a human life inside her but she never bothered to listen and comprehend what her doctor was telling her!