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Ben Affleck: I Highly Recommend Working with George Clooney!

Ben Affleck: I Highly Recommend Working with George Clooney!

George Clooney cruises the streets in his classic red Corvette on Saturday (October 6) in Los Angeles.

Later in the day, the 51-year-old actor’s girlfriend Stacy Keibler was spotted showing off her toned body while jogging in Studio City.

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The night before, the couple dressed up for a romantic date at Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Ben Affleck recently raved about George on Extra. “I highly recommend working with George Clooney if you get the chance… being a filmmaker, having guys that have made movies, great movies, say, ‘Hey, we want to protect you’ — that means the world to me,” Ben shared.

FYI: Stacy is wearing Zobha‘s Double Strap Tank in Bright Rose.

15+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Stacey Keibler in California…

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  • tsquared

    Everyone always speaks very highly of George from the pranks he plays to his professionalism and caring! I’d work with him in a heart beat!

  • ladyb

    Boys will be boys. In the 90s, there was Team Brad which which was George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston. Then was Team Ben which was Matt Damon and Gywneth Paltrow. Paltrow had just broken up with Brad and was dating Ben Affleck so I did not think Ben will be friends with Brad or Clooney. But Damon then made Ocean’s 11 with Brad and George but it took a while for Ben to be down with the Team Brad’s group. But now George and Ben look like they are friends. It remains to be seen if Ben and Brad will be friends. Ha ha ha. I know this is so trival but I am bored.

  • dooliloo

    Well… I too want to get in the exclusive circle y’know, I wouldn’t say no to my minutes of fame. ” hey so I hung out with George on the set…”

  • poop


  • lisalue


    Not sure if this counts.. but Ben has been to several of Brad’s movie Premiers. He was at the Premier of Tree of Life and another one. So???

    thing is men don’t have all the dumb drama that women do.

  • ladyb

    @lisalue: Was he? Are you sure? Still haven’t seen them hang out or even hug? But you are right that men don’t do all the drama that women do. That’s why I started my post with Boys will be boys. Like me, I am mad that my friends are facebook friends with my ex that treated me like dirt.

  • Charlotte

    She looks totally insane.

  • rachel

    the two dbags love each other. george clooney old and ugly looking

  • rachel

    the two dbags love each other. george clooney old and ugly looking

  • Susan

    She is one broad shouldered woman, no matter how much she loses weight she still looks huge. And if she gains weight even more uglier….

    Totally unattractive.

  • JJ

    How old is she or he? She looks old and he is not looking young either. When is he going to grow up and have a decent lady friend by his side. To commit and have a family and… but not with this ex-wrestler. I´d say it is about the time

  • Kate xxo

    Another photo op! PR team in full force! LOL

  • Romney Supporter

    GEORGE CLOONEY does not represent the GRASS ROOTs,

    so even if he ‘s a supporter of OBAMA does not mean we will VOTE
    for OBAMA.

    Clooney and the rest of liberal Hollywood does not have the problems of
    the average American. Middle Class Americans are dealing with
    big issues like unemployment, health insurance and GAS PRICES.


    I have no respect Clooney and the rest of celebrities who are multi-millionaires because of us “FANS”. All Clooney wants is POWER like

  • Lou

    to Romney supporter

    and your friend Mitt doesn’t want power? at least President Obama’s money doesn’t have a Grand Cayman’s passport.

  • Isha

    @JJ: I use to say the same thing about men like George, but if a man is not ready to get married then he should not. Better to stay single and not divorce or cheat like most. I am certain that George is up front and honest with these women from the start. But like many women, they think they are going to be the one to change his mind. These women know his track record but decide to date him away.

  • Kat

    Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck did a music video together with Jimmy Kimmel. It’s been at least a few years ago when Jimmy Kimmel was still dating Sarah Silverman.

  • Kikicohen

    @Romney Supporter: that’s because both these men- Obama and Clooney, are narcissists. Love how Clooney’s cruising all the main streets of HW in the obnoxious PR mobile! Lol

  • Kikicohen

    @Kate xxo: yep- Clooney in his obnoxious, fire-engine red mobile, sunglasses on- hitting most traveled HW streets- total douchebag. Meanwhile, his “girlfriend”, goes jogging through the most popular areas of HW, wearing hot pink attire- the two of these fools deserve each other!

  • Minnie

    maybe he went cruising to find new fame hungry GF among the joggers
    shouldn´t be a problem – yes she looks so pretty! cough!

  • rachel

    i wonder how much money he gives to these hoes. he has all the in the world but he is complete douche

  • Romney Supporter


    Maybe Barack has an Indonesian or Kenyan passport?

  • Romney Supporter


    What makes you think Mitt has a Grand Cayman’s passport.

    You’re so ignorant….one doesn’t have to have a Grand Cayman’s passport if they want to open a bank account…..LOL

  • thighmegatampon

    She looks like she’s lost weight since she’s been ‘dating’ George.


    Oh Georgie!! You crack me up!!! Funny how a week ago a certain person kept getting hangup calls where the person just held the phone, and this week you announce that Appalachian Honey Trailer Trash Kiebler elf has moved in with you, and you are overdosing on pics. Oh this was so d*a*m*n predictable!! Just like this certain person all of a sudden in their email get a s*h*i*t*load of online dating sites sent to them. My God! Can all of this be more da*m*n transparent than this? What point are you trying to make? It is a known fact that the paps are on speed dial, and they assist in orchestrating the poses, so that they look “random”. Why is it that Sony does not fund your movies as much as Warner does? It is almost like you never left, or did you?? Stupid games are for stupid people son. Happy that you “think” you got someone out of your neighborhood finally? Karma does strike and it strikes hard remember that Clooney goons!!!!!!

  • Alsmarmot

    @TIMEKEEPER: George did not “announce” Keibler has moved in with him, and she has not and never will move in with him. She is a contract escort, nothing more. I notice you tend to push lies such as the moving in lie while pretending to be against the lies.


    @Alsmarmot: Stupid dips*h*i*t*! I am pointing out the sheer stupidity and why it is a da*mn lie about her moving in! Pretending? You are pretending you actually have a brain and are using it! Read my post again Clooney flunky!!!