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Miranda Kerr: 'Vogue' Office Visit!

Miranda Kerr: 'Vogue' Office Visit!

Miranda Kerr looks gorgeous in a vintage white dress while out on Monday (November 12) in New York City.

The 29-year-old Victoria’s Secret model later attended a business meeting at the Vogue offices.

Last week, Miranda was spotted out solo running errands near her New York City apartment.

Miranda recently chatted with MSN Wonderwall on being a ‘sexy mom.’ “I’m quite consistent with my Pilates, yoga, resistance training,” Miranda shared. “But I do amp it up a little more because you can’t hide anything out there on the runway.”

FYI: Miranda is wearing a Victoria Beckham dress, Prada bag and belt, Miu Miu glasses, and Lanvin shoes.

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr dressed in white…

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miranda kerr vogue office visit 01
miranda kerr vogue office visit 02
miranda kerr vogue office visit 03
miranda kerr vogue office visit 04
miranda kerr vogue office visit 05
miranda kerr vogue office visit 06
miranda kerr vogue office visit 07
miranda kerr vogue office visit 08
miranda kerr vogue office visit 09
miranda kerr vogue office visit 10
miranda kerr vogue office visit 11
miranda kerr vogue office visit 12
miranda kerr vogue office visit 13
miranda kerr vogue office visit 14
miranda kerr vogue office visit 15
miranda kerr vogue office visit 16
miranda kerr vogue office visit 17
miranda kerr vogue office visit 18

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  • Jess

    She looks gorgeous, but it’s quite obvious she called the papz for this one.

  • Maxine

    It’s probably in her contract that she has to call the paps. Otherwise her Prada bags/other advert partners wouldn’t get as much exposure as the fashion house requests.

  • Maxine

    She does look wonderful and she always manages the extremely thin (which she is) look very well, compared with other VS models who look ravenous and gaunt.

  • janekay

    Absolute perfection!

  • Dieter

    She has a glorious ass and an IQ of 160 !!!

  • get

    @Maxine: lmao she doesn’t have any contract with any fashion house. She just likes famewhoring. And doesn’t take it for granted

  • get

    whoever wrote this in her last thread is a genius:
    “Desperate act is posing nude for Uncle Terry. Desperate is callling the paps every single day. Desperate is posting pics of your infant while breast feeding him. Desperate is trying to make it in the high fashion world but flop. Desperate is posing backstage with your bra showing while making teenage poses
    Adriana posted family pics in the internet because I can clearly remember her fans were constantly asking her to. But even at that, she waited until the baby was 6 months old.
    Oh and Adriana trends all over the internet every single year. Not because people want to see if she lost the weight. Nice try though. She’s trended on twitter 3 times already this year. two of those being when her commercials for a Turkish clothing line were released . And the other WHEN SHE GRABBED TO AMERICAN SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS.
    Miranda was promoting bags for an Asian company and did a Lipton commercial. How come she never trended at yahoo, msn, twiiter or any relevant site if she’s extremely famous? That goes to show no one cares.
    Don’t tell me you are bragging about Miranda’s Kora? That would be embarrassing considering it can’t even add enough to her earnings to be on the Top 3 money makers. It took Gisele and Heidi just a few years when their earnings started skyrocketing. Miranda still isn’t in the top 5. Even Doutzen makes way more than her. And you want us to believe she’s a successful businesswoman. And why are you projecting? How do you know Adriana won’t do anything after modeling? Even she doesn’t, her networth is way, way more than Miranda and her husband’s combined.”

  • thighmegatampon

    She looks pretty amazing.

  • Mia

    Amazing how Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes manage to fly in and out of the city unnoticed…

    Amazing how much bigger celebrities that reside in New York can go about their days without being swarmed by photographers…

    Amazing how when you see paparazzi pictures of Angelina Jolie or Penelope Cruz they are always grainy and from a long distance, and neither of the ladies is looking the camera dead in the lens like Miranda always does…

    I’m sorry, she is pretty but boy does she know it! You can be a fan of hers and still be honest enough to admit this woman calls the paps on herself. It’s beyond obvious at this point. She’s not that great of a model outside of VS.

  • mimi

    love love this look… even a famewh*re can dress classy once

  • heyi

    She’s not that good of a model and she’s short too. Stroke of luck she became a model

  • XxXxX

    I prefer Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes but she’s stunning too.

  • Maya

    @Mia: You have point. Especially when you put into thought that she’s not quite known as Adriana.
    I’m not hating just putting two and two together

  • ha

    Oh the desperate haters are out, I see.
    You just can’t stand the fact that she is well loved and popular. Not to mention, much more recognizable than Doutzen or Candice. Their pictures don’t sell, so of course we see more pics of Miranda. Adriana, when she isn’t selling out her baby, is probably in hiding due to all of the cruel comments about her weight.
    You idiots just hate the fact that Miranda is so successful.
    Nothing you say will ever change the fact that people love her and her family.

  • mimi

    @ha: srly are people calling her fat??

  • Laughable

    @ha: she is well loved – by herself. She is very vain and at least people here are smart enough to see it.

  • @Mia etc…….

    Lol…..You really think we don’t it’s you posting OVER and OVER again???

    Let me explain it to you one more time!

    Miranda does NOT have to call the paps because newspapers, magazines and gossip blogs ALL pay to have any pics of her because she’s popular. Therefore they get more hits on their sites, hence more dollars……..Get it???

  • Maxine

    @get: I disagree. She always carries Prada bags and makes an effort to feature the bag in her “casual” outings…I think she has an undisclosed contract with Prada.

  • sasha

    She is so, unbelievably gorgeous.

  • Famewhore gonna famewhore

    She probably called the paps on this one so everyone would go “oooh I wonder if she is getting a Vogue cover” Sadly Vogue isn’t what it used to be so I wouldn’t be too shocked if it did happen.
    Side note : Has anyone ever noticed her face is as wide as it is long?

  • thatsomean

    these comments are so mean. i would cry so hard if i were her

  • M. Prada

    @Maxine: Prada doesn’t do undisclosed contracts sweetie

  • kelly

    Looks like a man. Old face for 29.

  • theres

    @ha: LMAO you say adriana sells her baby when it’s Miranda who posted pictures of her infant when he was breastfeeding (as mention above). It’s Miranda who see posing for some low rent Australian magazine with her son. It’s Miranda you see dressing her baby like a doll and parading her around town for the world to see.
    When do you see Adriana doing pathetic stuff like that? Never!
    Stop being stupid and and put off your super fan glasses of once. Your are being intentionally ignorant. Quite understandable for someone who never has anything sensible to say.
    Plus, people her being very nice about Adriana’s weight given that she gave birth 2 months ago. That is nature. I’m sure it’s haters like you who posts those stupid comments.
    I’m also sure you want her to stay like that forever, but that won’t happen.

  • theres

    And I hope you are being at least honest with yourself about her famewhoring status. If not, consult a shrink asap

  • Jess

    Oh dear, the nutters Miranda fan is here trolling again…

  • May

    @heyi: since when is 5’9 short?!

  • May

    She’s 5’8 darling. My mom who’s 5’9 met her and she (my mom) is taller than her

  • sea

    Is it that hot in NY these days? Katie Holmes and Suri have bare legs too.

  • @24

    Miranda has never posted, or posed for, a photo showing Flynn’s face. Adriana has done so, several times. That and her pathetic attempt for attention when she posts over and over about her workout routine.
    And the only magazine that Miranda posed for with flynn was British VOGUE. Low rent? How stupid are you?
    And “baby doll”? “Her”? I think that you have Miranda confused with Victoria Bechkam. Flynn always looks like the laid back, casual little boy that he is.
    At least keep your rants straight.

  • Maxine

    @M. Prada: Well, then maybe an “informal” one. Lots of gifts of Prada bags to Miranda to make sure she gets photographed at some stage with them, maybe?