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Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Glow' Magazine's Winter 2012 Issue

Vanessa Hudgens Covers 'Glow' Magazine's Winter 2012 Issue

Vanessa Hudgens rocks a Simone leather jacket on the cover of Glow magazine’s Winter 2012 issue, on newsstands now.

Here’s what the 23-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her Spring Breakers sex scene with James Franco: “It was very nerve-racking for me. I told my agent that I never want to do it ever again.”

On gaining weight and chopping off her hair for Gimme Shelter: “With so many actresses who want the exact same role, you’ve got to stand out and be different and not let anybody tell you no.”

On following her heart: “At the end of the day, I’m going to do what I want to do, regardless of whether it may upset someone. But I think that if I’m doing right for myself, then that’s all I really need to care about.”

For more from Vanessa, visit! Bigger cover picture inside…

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Credit: Dove Shore/Glow
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  • Xo

    Beautful <3

  • tina

    This is how you give an interview. No name dropping just anwers from the heart, on things that deal with you. THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS GIRL.

  • Pinoy

    self hating Filipino only like white boys like all westernized Filipinos she worships white skin.

  • Iris

    Stop with the duck pout.

  • justme

    go awaayyyyyyyyy

  • lina


  • meline

    I like her hair, she looks gorgeous

  • kylie

    I want that jacket in my life.

  • kstewfan

    Gorgeous Vanessa. She is one of the most beautiful brown eyed girls.

  • Pretty girl

  • Flawless girl! <3

  • I lo lo lo lo LO LOVE LOVE HER! I love her!

  • TulisaFan

    Short hairstyle always makes her look more mature, she has an amazing face.

  • Jennay

    She had a sex scene with James Franco? DAMN i need to see this movie

  • TulisaFan

    Does anyone know if she is still in NY? It looks like she is having an amazing time there, i think she is more happy in NY than LA!

  • carmen

    she posted some BTS on her website. It looks like it was the same photoshoot, she looks stunning.

  • kylie

    @TulisaFan: I think that she doesn’t get hounded by the paparrazi in NYC as she does in LA. It’s so crazy for her in LA.

  • aly

    AHHHHHH! Gorgeous

  • aly

    she actually has a threesome with James and Ashley Benson. I need Spring Breakers already! Lol

  • Xo

    @Jennay: It’s actually a threesome with James and Ashley Benson in a pool.

  • Iris


    Well if it’s on the cover of a magazine, it’s not that bad right???

  • kylie

    James Franco is one of my all time faves but it would be freaky to get busy with him in character with the grill, cornrows and swag, That would be so weird!

  • @Jennay:

    Yeah, I was surprised too :D, I didn’t know it got this far :P, I can’t wait to see it and I just turned 18 so I am allowed … so happy for V

  • Chels

    why didn’t she drop out if she wasn’t ready for that kind of role? would make more sense.

  • anne

    OMG! Gorgeous

  • Tory


  • TulisaFan

    I think she is vaguely considering moving to NY!

  • me

    Fun Fact LOL, since HSM she said she had a crush on James Franco and she has been friends with Ashley even before they both started being known in the business.

  • kylie

    @TulisaFan: Maybe. But she is a California girl and her home and family are there. We’ll see. Maybe she’ll be bicoastal? It would be fun I think.

  • M

    She has said that she has always wanted to work with James Franco. Well…she got to work with him alright:) And In the biblical sense too!

  • M


  • Carla

    Not caring about anybody else – this is something that this girl is a master! Exact thing she did to Zac Efron. I wonder why nobody ever questioned why they broke up while she was filming Journey and few weeks later she was dating Josh Hutcherson. That girl sure knows how to break a heart.

  • Haters Suck!

    What do you mean no ones asked why thy broke up? EVERYONE has asked why they broke up for the last two years. Not one answer given by either of them and i wouldn’t hold my breath for one in the near future either as both are well passed it now.

  • Haters Suck!

    Anyway this is a very nice cover and I am very much looking forward to both movies.

  • TT

    i don’t think she is making a duck face, that’s just the way her mouth is, it was always the same, even when she was a little girl.

  • TT

    are you serious? LMAO according to many sources they took a break in december, but she ended the relationship in january, do you know what happened between december and january? do you know where your “idol” was, look i dont whant to talk about him, but it would be really good if you would do a little research before start talking shiiiiit.

  • Xo

    @Carla: If rumors are true Zac was having plenty of his own fun in New Orleans. At least she waited until they were done for good before she got involved with Josh.

  • anney

    Good news, Spring Breakers will have a nationwide theatrical release!! Thats so good for a indie!! congrats to the cast and crew.

  • Liberty

    @TT: Like ANYONE knows- the internet does not know what these people do 24/7 most of it’s gossip made up by people with too much time on their hands.
    “On following her heart: “At the end of the day, I’m going to do what I want to do, regardless of whether it may upset someone. But I think that if I’m doing right for myself, then that’s all I really need to care about.”
    In others words: I am going to date,be friends with, and act in whatever I want and I don’t give a s*** if it upsets my loyal fan base and haters alike because I live my life for me and if I am happy then nothing else matters.
    Great philosophy to have and live by. But seeing as she needs fan supports for her various project, if the way she conducts herself alienates them,then they will not support her projects,hence she will end up jobless.
    And if she is talking about private life-the sad fact is as far as some of her crazier fans are concerned everything she does is there business (which it isn’t) as she is celeb.

  • kylie

    No one really knows what happened between them but the speculation is probably worse than the actual truth. Time to move on. I’m really looking forward to seeing Spring Breakers. I the soundtrack alone will be epic.

  • tina

    @Chels: It’s called commitment, you sign-up to do something and see it through as simple as that.

  • tina

    @Liberty: So you’re saying that she should date only who someone else says she should to please “fans” who want her with that person, no matter how unhappy it makes her. That her life should be determined by these so called fans. I’m a fan and would rather see her happy than in a contrived relationship to please someone who is obviously not a real fan to begin with.

  • anney

    On following her heart:
    Vanessa is always talking about following her heart, it means she will do what she wants to do. in my opinion, it doesnt means she doesnt care about her family, friends or the person she chooses to share her life, she is talking about the ones always hating on her life style (i dont think she even knows some guys out there spend some time hating on her while she is always just spreading love, lol) , she has said plenty of times she doesn’t care about what anyone says about her, she loves her fans, but she would never do what THEY WANT HER TO DO (ie “we want zanessa”, “i want you on dancing with the stars”, “i want you to work with efron”, “i want you back on TV”, really?) , she is not working for money, she is not working for fame, she is doing what she wants to do, and in my case that´s one of the resons why i like her, she is not one of those fake celebs out there, she is always doing everything for herself, and sometimes she shares her life with her fans = her projects (like Spring Breakers, and the Animated Movie)

  • Xo

    @Liberty: But what is it she does in her personal life that we should take offense to? It would be one thing is she was stumbling out of nightclubs, starting fights with other celebs, dating a new guy every week, etc. She goes to the gym, spends time with her family, friends, and boyfriend, and works. The only people who take offense to anything she does are not fans and they are just looking for any reason to ridicule her. Go check some of her other posts, some people rant about her walking to her car with her boyfriend.

  • Tony

    She is the most stunning young woman in the business. I’m really looking forward to seeing “Gimme Shelter” and “Frozen Ground.”

  • maria

    i think vanessa reads her jj posts and she knows how much hate she gets hence she talked about how she don’t care about the haters but deep inside she do care a lot.

    vanessa my darling i am giving you advice as a mother and a well educated (fake) nurse, if you don’t want hate from people then stop calling the paps and fame.w.h.o.r.i.n.g to the sickning amount you do. it does make people hate you cause it seems you clearly do everything for attention.

    now why did you do the film at the first place if you weren’t comfortable with the sex scene. you sure did know it was on the script when your agent bought it.
    to who ever that said she isn’t in the industry for fame, think again. if she wasn’t OK with that sex scene then she probably said yes to do it just for the sake of fame. she did know this film would get lot of attention when people finds out that the whole film is about ho*rny half naked teens in bikinis getting drunk.

  • Haters Suck!

    @Doppelgänger Maria
    You’re out of you’re freaking mind. And it’s real mature to steal someone’s screen name and try to pass yourself off as them. Give me a break.

  • melli

    Gorgeous, love her so much.

  • melli

    She would move to New York with her boyfriend Austin! They are so cuteeee!

  • maria

    @maria: You need to stop, Bobo. Everyone knows that’s not me.

    I love this cover! She looks older, gorgeous, and very chic. And I’m with Tina. I love her because she doesn’t live her life by what others say, and I was thrilled she gave up a relationship that was going nowhere. That took guts too. She is a strong young woman. Love that!