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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: Romantic Dog Walk!

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: Romantic Dog Walk!

Mila Kunis dresses down for a long walk with boyfriend Ashton Kutcher and their dog on Wednesday (December 12) in Hollywood.

The 29-year-old actress and her 34-year-old beau kept their arms wrapped around each other while strolling through their neighborhood. Ashton was even kind enough to curb their dog!

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The day before, Mila and Ashton enjoyed lunch together at Bossa Nova restaurant after hitting a Thai massage parlor in Los Angeles.

20+ pictures inside of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher walking their dog…

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mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 01
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 02
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 03
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 04
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 05
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 06
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 07
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 08
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 09
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 10
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 11
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 12
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 13
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 14
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 15
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 16
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 17
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 18
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 19
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 20
mila kunis ashton kutcher dog walk 21

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  • cara

    I know Ashton and Demi are over, but I still cannot get over that Ashton is very much still married and out and about with another person. Maybe it’s just me, but I like a clean, clean, slate before pursuing anything. I do not even thing he and Demi are legally separated.

    Someone needs to put an end to the marriage soon. It does not look good on Mila (it makes her look like some kind of rebound), especially since she appears like a sweet girl.

  • CHO

    Did not know this…why is this ?

  • Nahi

    Romantic? LOL

  • Clarissa

    lol at the pictures of the dog taking a sh** , seriously give the man some privacy.


    Mila looked hotter when she was with Mac attack

  • :’-(

    I miss the ‘glamorous’ Mila before Ashton :-(. I wish she was single again. She looked better with Justin Tiimberlake and Macaulay Culkin.

  • Dave Franco

    Hate saying this but without make-up, she looks awful.

  • anstac

    oh here we go again. even before ashton, mila wore make-up sparingly in her candid pictures when seen around town. anyone but kardashians go to gyms without make-up on. she may look like she rolled out of bed but she looks better than any average person would. anyway, the paparazzi need to leave them alone, leave their dog to shit in peace.

  • Laurel

    Paps: “Let’s all gather ’round the pooping dog, shall we?”

  • WTHeck, Jared!

    LMAO @ pics of the dog taking a dump! Ewwww. You can see everything! In one picture he has his eyes closed like he’s really applying pressure, LOL. Poor thing. Yuck.

  • Joanna

    Every day she looks worse.. Is that what love does to people?

  • seriously?

    Romantic? She looks depressed. And that poor dog…

  • sea

    Gross post. Very gross.

  • Theresa

    I love these two. They seem not to care about whole world

  • Vic

    I looked like that when I had morning sickness. Love the fact that she’s comfortable without make up.

  • didi

    @Dave Franco:

    You are perfectly right!! That means she is not a natural beauty!!

  • csa

    is she depressed? because i cannot see any other reason she doesn`t take care of herself anymore…if she is depressed i hope she will feel better soon…

  • Bell

    You guys ever realize that this is how normal people look like without caked on makeup? And I wouldn’t be smiling if I had the paps in my face while trying to walk my dog.

  • denine

    @cara: #1

    Ashton and Demi are not married, they were never married, legally.

  • jane p

    So what if she walks around her neighborhood without make-up on. Some celebs want to be natural when they are at home.

  • jane p

    Bell @ 12/13/2012 at 7:26 am #18

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    You guys ever realize that this is how normal people look like without caked on makeup? And I wouldn’t be smiling if I had the paps in my face while trying to walk my dog.
    Thank you.

  • Mix-Girl

    Asston is a lost soul he will NEVER be happy or nice to random pedestrians ! !

  • luvs Mila

    @csa: I always look forward to your anti Mila comments on every article :)!! so nice of you to take time out of your busy day to hate on someone you dont know or ever will meet…

  • anonymous

    She has got makeup on.something not right

  • Ceara

    Just because she is taking her dogs out for a walk with no make-up and sweats doesn’t mean she isn’t taking care of herself. Geez

  • Su

    @denine- never married?you got proof because they were married by a Rabbi, that’s about as married as one can get. I think the paps should leave them alone, they don’t care what people think, imagine getting named most sexiest women of the year and then looking like this or being the highest paid actor on tv and running around in clothes he looked like he slept in. These two should be named hollywoods grossest couple. and @Janep, they are supposed to be stars, they are supposed to look good when they go out, ALWAYS, and most of the stars who wear gym clothes are actually going to the gym not having lunch and they are not baggy sweats that looked like they have never been washed, they are slobs bottom line, totally gross!

  • rain

    Love them! Mila looks great with or without makeup! And now I appreciate Ashton much more because he is not a superficial man like everyone says that about him. He is not with a model. He is with the girl he like, maybe love… so all go on your business!

  • Su

    @rain.Get your eyes checked!

  • JIM


  • Jennifer.

    @Su: #26

    Yes, it is true, Ashton and Demi were never legally married. This is common knowledge. Look it up.

  • denine

    @Su: #26

    Having a ceremony does not make you married. You must present a marriage license to the minister, Rabbi, Justice of the Peace (whoever is in charge) to sign, and then you both sign, with a witness, and it is filed and recorded with the state. THEN and only then is the marriage legal. No signed marriage license filed with the state, no legal marriage.
    Ashton and Demi DID NOT do that.
    Learn the facts before you post things you obviously know nothing about.

  • jane p

    @Su: #26

    I don’t give a care if they are celebs or not, they are PEOPLE FIRST. And there is nothing wrong with an actress walking around in her neighborhood, walking their dog with no make-up on.

  • denine

    @Su: #26

    One cannot prove a ‘negative’, and the negative is no marriage license ever existed for Ashton and Demi.

    So you have to be the one to do the proving, by showing us a marriage license for Ashton and Demi. Which you cannot do, because no marriage license for Ashton and Demi never existed.

    It is funny to see you guys getting all bent out of shape over a 50 year old woman (Demi) with the emotional maturity of a 14 year old. No wonder Ashton split.

  • Jennifer.


    Exactly. If something DOES NOT exist, you CANNOT prove it does not exist.
    But, if something DOES exist, you CAN prove it does exist.

  • nila

    and just to add on to that…if indeed they were legally married ..I am pretty sure there would’ve been massive book deals going down..and also “Oprah” interviews etc etc…since none of that is happening on either side is another indication that there was never a legal union..only a holy one…

  • Ec22

    There were rumors of Demi doing a tell all book butno word on that lately. They weren’t legally married which doesn’t validate his cheating by any means but also doesn’t make him a criminal for moving on and dating now nor does it make mila a criminal. She is not dating a married man

  • Sora

    Mila, a little bit of concealer under the eyes would not hurt you. I would never go out in public without that. You look so pale and the dark shadows under your eyes make you look seriously depressed. But I bet you’re just tired.

  • Steph

    These paparzzi are PATHETIC. Who cares if she has no make up im sure all of us look terrible without make up. Leave her alone she doesnt havent to be done up to take her dog for a walk

  • Michael

    That is not their dog. It’s his dog. He had that dog when he was with Demi. Mila has a bulldog. It used to be Mac’s dog but i guess he let Mila keep her when they broke up.

  • 1s&0s

    The point is not whether she wears make up or not. She doesn’t look healthy or happy here at all. Could be a hangover, lack of sleep.. does Mila do drugs?

  • csa

    @luvs Mila:
    did my post sound mean to you? she used to look happy and be smiley sometime ago….nowadays she looks tired and unhappy and i` m wondering what is wrong with her…that is all…i` m not a fan but it doesn`t mean i hate her…

  • lisa

    @csa: Your consistent negative comments about her every post suggest otherwise.

  • csa

    mila is full of negativity these days…not me!

  • Nono

    Obviously if you have a dog it needs to be walked daily. How come the paps selectively choose a day

  • not_a_fan

    i` ve heard her farts are really loud!

  • lolololo

    Audrey is Mac` s bulldog.Mila has another dog..a black and white one i think!

  • Effy

    I love Mila, but these pictures further prove that people in Hollywood wear a TON of makeup.

  • csa fan

    @luvs Mila: Re your ant csa post-It is so nice of you to fawn over someone you don’t know or will ever meet

  • @Csa: Invest In A Good Shrink

    @csa: You are so shameless and pathetic! Are you locked up in somebodys’ basement or something? GET. A. LIFE, dude! How do you not feel like a total L-O-S-E-R for commenting under EVERY Mila thread regardless of people shoo-ing you away and telling you to get help for your unhealthy obsession? You’re such a freak!

  • kelly

    The magic of makeup. Without it she looks like a plain hag.