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Chris Evans: Ace Hardware Handyman!

Chris Evans: Ace Hardware Handyman!

Chris Evans dons a Puma cap while picking up paint supplies at Ace Hardware store on Monday (January 28) in Studio City, Calif.

The 31-year-old actor’s brother Scott recently pleaded guilty to drug charges.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Evans

Chris‘ girlfriend Minka Kelly recently tweeted, “I’m joining @DietCoke to support @TheHeartTruth! Share pics w/ #ShowYourHeart for a chance 2 meet me at NY fashion wk!”

Chris‘ two upcoming films A Many Splintered Thing and Snowpiercer are currently in post production.

10+ pictures inside of Chris Evans showing his handyman side…

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chris evans ace hardware handyman 01
chris evans ace hardware handyman 02
chris evans ace hardware handyman 03
chris evans ace hardware handyman 04
chris evans ace hardware handyman 05
chris evans ace hardware handyman 06
chris evans ace hardware handyman 07
chris evans ace hardware handyman 08
chris evans ace hardware handyman 09
chris evans ace hardware handyman 10
chris evans ace hardware handyman 11
chris evans ace hardware handyman 12

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • uh huh


  • uh huh

    I love the moron that marked me down. You do realize that post was complete sarcasm, right?

  • Bubbles

    He doesn’t look too happy with the paps, LOL @ his grumpy face. I’m surprise you don’t see many pictures of him, especially since he’s dating a notorious pap caller.

  • Yoooooo!!!

    Katharine Hepburn is the greatest actress ever lived, she won 4 Academy Awards. Minka can only dream of being as great and well respected like Hepburn. Hell a lot of actresses today can’t measure up to her standard. LEGEND!!!!!.

  • TwoCents

    Why the details about HER tweet in an article about him? God, she’s so using him. RUN CHRIS RUN!

  • Yawn

    All the years of hard partying aged him. Cap looks rough. A pap calling girlfriend will further add to your frown lines Christopher.

  • fan

    I don’t care who he is dating, I am still a big fan.

  • snati

    @Yawn: looks really bad. needs to learn to dress better. we know you’re balding chris! stop wearing this silly puma cap

  • Fuzzy

    @Yawn: i don’t think he does a lot of partying at all, but i do agree he isn’t aging well. Dude is only 31 and already losing his hair, he’s even admitted it. Cap’n America gonna be bald in a few years y’all, probably gonna have to go with the artifical hair for future filming. Lol

  • Kelly

    Why are people bashing Chris because of Minka? Also, Chris has always had casual street style and has said he doesn’t spend a ton of money on clothes, shouldn’t we be applauding him for not changing his ways even though he’s gained more fame? He always puts effort into his red carpet looks, he’s going to a hardware store give the guy a break!!

  • Lawrence


    What do you expect from these a-holes?, being negative is what they’re best at*lol*. The man’s sexy!, enough said.

  • maria

    ugh, not looking that good Mr Evans…
    Shouldn’t he look more fit for the Cap? Compared to Thor, he’s going to look too skinny in the tight costume!

  • Megan

    I will continue to support Chris’s movies, but will take his interviews as a grain of salt. Evans has said many glowing statements that made his fans swoon then turns around and does the opposite. Shall we applaud his PR team or chalk this up to why his fandom is waning?

  • Christine

    Yeah he totally doesn’t look ready to start filming Cap 2 and filming is supposed to start in March. Get thee to the gym. But on the upside I think he looks better leaving the hardware store them he did at Bootsy Bellows!

  • UMMM


  • Lawrence


    A visual aid, the truth hurts doesn’t it?.

  • Michelle

    Chris is hot BUT, the bitch he is dating has got to go. I can’t believe she tweeted that. Who would want to meet that hoe? Arrogant much? She’s a nobody!

  • UMMM

    @Lawrence: Truth hurts?!?! B*TCH PLEASE! Nope. Not hurting at all really. LOL Sorry but you’re not important for me to feel hurt over that comment. You may feel like you are, but you’re not.

  • South

    Chris has always been low key. He is from Boston after all. Since MK started dating him she has been low key too. But what is it with all this gossip sites saying Minka is with child? What do they know we don’t know. Perez just posted it. Btw, that is one hot couple. Hopefully it works this time around.

  • Kerry

    What gossip sites are saying she’s with child? Perez made a stupid remark. I haven’t seen it reported else where. God lets hope she’s not knocked up. Minka looks desperate enough to trap her current sugar daddy. She is 32. South, getting photographed leaving the gym, at the dog park, leaving the salon, at Whole Foods is not lowkey.

  • Erica

    I hate to fuel the rumor mill, but does anyone else think his brother might not be the only one with the drug problem? If you look at pictures of him only a few months ago, the change is rapid and drastic. The extreme weight loss, the distortion to his face and, frankly, the apparent anger may be signs of an addiction. It might also explain some of his inconsistencies in what he says and then what he does. Addicts are known for their erratic behavior.

  • hmmmm

    @Erica: or maybe his girlfriend is sucking the life outta him. Hey she did it to Jeter, he had so much life after they broke up. It showed in his performance, he played poorly while they were together and when they broke up he became good again. Lol

  • Erica D

    Chris looks great I don’t understand what is all this he looks washed out, his face is distorted. I just don’t see it. Chris has always admitted that he’s naturally thin and he’s pale also because for god sake he’s half Irish. Don’t worry he will bulk up soon the the CAP role and CGI will handle the rest as far as filling the suit completely. I understand that we being hard on him for his current gf choice, believe me I’m not fond either but bashing his looks thats not right. He always look like this when he’s not spray tan, and wearing good looking suites.

  • http://@charchar_lewis All Right

    First, Chris looks good no matter what he wears, how his face looks and the tone of his skin. It’s an Irish thing. I’m Irish and have pale skin.
    Second, I CANNOT, and I mean CANNOT stand his so called “girlfriend”. Have you ever heard her talk, her voice makes her sound dumb as dirt. She’s a horrible actress, and who the hell would want to meet her. I have better things to do with my time or meet someone who actually matters.

  • Lawrence


    You took the time to comment!*lol*, nice try but it obviously does bother you. Thanks for proving my point so well. :)

  • UMMM

    @Lawrence: You mean just like you were bothered by me enough to reply to my comment. O-K then! (roll eyes) You’re funny. Also you didn’t prove anything as far as i’m concerned, but if it makes you feel better that you somehow accomplished something LOL well…… GOOD. FOR. YOU. : i seriously can’t stop laughing: LMAOOOOOOOO :-P

  • South

    @Kerry: I have to agree. The majority of what Perez says is not true, only silly false remarks. I might need to see it to believe it. But to answer your question, I think I saw it under a Lacma Gala pics on cele b-tchy or h-wood gossip site or something. Not sure. She strikes me as responsible woman. If she would have wanted a “sugar daddy” as you call it, she would have had a kid with Jeter. Now that’s real money. Now with CE I might need to call it love.

  • golddigger

    @South: Donald from scrubs gave her role in FNL and now Chris landed her role in papa. I see a pattern here. And rumour has it that Jeter paid for her sexiest woman alive title

  • Kerry

    I call it opportunity. Chris has star power after Captain America and The Avengers. How convenient Minka reveals to magazines that she wants Chris back as his star is rising then manages to weasel her way back into his life. She will not let this one go easily. Minka is getting older. In Hollywood that doesn’t bode well for talentless actresses.

  • Lawrence


    Another obvious response to someone who can’t gain the upper hand in any argument, I don’t mind reply to stupid people. It doesn’t require much effort. :)

  • UMMM

    @Lawrence: LOL so let me guess you think you’re the one with the upper hand in this argument, how so exactly? Your response are pretty lame even though you’re putting a lot of effort into carrying on this convo. Also if i’m in the stupid people category, you’re just as stupid for even engaging in this long argument with me. Seriously you just allowed someone to trolled the shit outta you on a comment board and you even took the time to respond to everyone of my comments. Regardless of how much effort you’re putting, it’s an effort. Thanks i appreciate that you care enough. A smart person would of quit a long time ago or not even bother to respond to STUPID PEOPLE. Peace!

  • lotta

    is minka much worse than Vida Guerra? He sure loves women with skank rep. I wonder if he has mommy issue!!

  • DiosLoSabeTodo

    HE HAS!
    And someone commented he might be on drugs, isnt it obvious?? Chris is one big mess of a man, poor thing all he could do is Minka. Hollywood is rough guys, and this one doesn’t have what it takes to walk out of it alive. i kinda feel sorry for him… well maybe not that much.. =\

  • Irene Adler

    He always looks so grumpy now! Part of what appealed to me about him was his smile. Anyone else catch Bones where Cam says that Daist should know that if you try and bring something back to life it will never be as good as it was? Not a direct quote but relevant. I think they just found old comfort because they’re both getting older and seem needy.

  • Irene Adler

    Blerg! I meant Daisy! Cam told Daisy! And the preggers rumor I saw was when she was seen wearing some shirt that looked like it was blowing in the wind. Who knows. I just wish he wasn’t Mr. Grumpyface anymore.

  • South

    @Christine: I read on comicbookmovie dot com the filming of Cap 2 might be delayed till June. Maybe that’s why he ain’t in such a rush to bulk up. Plus, they also wrote about how he hasn’t got the script yet and I imagine if Emily VanCamp is joining them she too might need time to prep herself for the role.

  • jen

    Chris what happened?? u look sick and underweight

  • Lawrence


    No effort at all, stupid people can be a huge source of amusement. Take away the Internet and who in they’re right mind would pay any attention to someone like you and others?*lol*. You compensate for personality defects by bullying and name calling, its rather obvious ploy to anyone with a hint of intelligence. So don”t flatter yourself by thinking your even a challenge. :)

  • jen

    @Lawrence: and @ummm: people please chill, this not a gerald butler thread

  • Lawrence


    I agree, don’t mind me. She’s the one that decided to attack my comment in the first place, I’m just amusing myself thats all. :)

  • http://@charchar_lewis All Right

    He’s making an appearance at the Oscars to present an award with the other cast mates of The Avengers… Let see if Minka will be on his arm during red carpet. God I hope not.

  • Beautiful Girl

    @All Right: Why not? That’s his girlfriend. They make a beautiful couple plus there is no better way to make their relationship official. Plus, his mom standing up for MK on twitter makes me think these two are far more serious than what anyone else think.

  • Erica D

    Here goes Captain Save-a-Hoe, oh oh oh I mean Captain America.

  • hneysa

    he was voted as a top 5 serial dater in some guy magazine. I wouldn’t touch that std drama, And being around his mom. yikes. When did she stop wiping his bottom?

  • Becky Rosen

    The thing is. The girl can’t win. If she goes with him she’s proving her fame whore-ness to the haters and if she doesn’t go it’s a mockery to their relationship. Oh and i wouldn’t hold much weight with his mom defending her. This is the lady who thinks her boys (because the girls aren’t famous?) can do no wrong and yet look how things are going with Scott and all we hear about Chris from those who meet him. There has to be a sense of reality and Lisa lacks it when it comes to how she talks about her boys. I don’t know. I once read this convo between 2 girls. One asked the other if she would forgive her bf and the other said “He had his chance and he used it to be a total ass so I’m going to give someone else a chance instead.” That leads me to agree with Irene. It makes both of them look pathetic. Him more so since she dumped him the first time around.