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Rihanna: Nude with Kate Moss for 'V Magazine' Spring 2013!

Rihanna: Nude with Kate Moss for 'V Magazine' Spring 2013!

Rihanna goes nude with just Kate Moss shielding her on the cover of V Magazine‘s “Dynamic Duos” issue for Spring 2013, on newsstands February 28.

Here is what the 25-year-old singer had to share with the mag:

On not knowing Kate had a kid: “I didn’t know she had a child, and she still looks like this? So there is still hope for people who want babies and still want to be sexy.”

On Kate wanting to join the Mario Testino shoot: “Kate overheard us talking and she said, ‘I want to do it with you!’ Again, I was like, Are you f**cking kidding me?”…”I was dying on the inside. All my fantasies were coming true: Mario, V, Kate Moss.”

On getting naked for the shoot: “And that was the best shot… Take her top off and put that b*tch on my lap!”

On not reading gossip: “I don’t read it anymore. I already have too many voices in my head right now! I don’t have room for that other stuff. If I let that other stuff in, it’ll take the space of productive sh*t, and that isn’t good.”

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Photos: Mario Testino for V Magazine
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  • Samantha

    I find Rihanna incredibly annoying and far too overrated

  • laura

    Isn’t this photo shoot old?

  • rachel

    rhianna and beyonce need to disappear

  • lazyeyekate

    kate moss is so overrated. ppl hate on miranda and other models yet this one is so idolized…. for peeing in designer clothes,heroin/coke abuse her whole dam* career,humping porn shop floors, showing up hours late to shoots et al. one hot overrated mess!

  • meh

    really. this shoot is so ooooollllldddd. this is already thrown over by their stylists. them celebs got nothing todo. atleast shedule them to make a lil more recent photoshoots. come on. this industry is all fast food. do it like that. you’re too slow. this is getting awkward. -_-

  • laly

    My girls crush….

  • jane


  • Ed

    Lots of skin and no heat whatsoever.

  • julie

    She thinks she sounds all tough and dopedealersh*t but she just sounds like a dumb little spoiled girl who is acting like a s*ut. I cannot believe a 25 year old woman speaks like this. It’s baffling.

  • xedos

    you just know the ugly bitchesposting by how press they are

  • Vgyuhb

    Is it just me or at there one to many arms… who does the hand over rhihannas breast belong too, because rihanna already had two as does Kate.

  • TheDudeAbides

    Moss is the word in No Country For Old Men…

  • Texas

    Straight to hell sinfulness.

  • Jovi92

    rihanna naked.


  • Olivia

    yep it’s an old shoot. Riri acting butch again like in Te Amo

  • yuk

    maybe they snorted together…

  • UGLY people are so BITTER

    ALL OF YOU ARE SOME HATING BIG GOAT TEETH HEIFERS… This shoot was great! You all wish that was you LOL.

  • hello777

    absolutely disgusting. vomit worthy

  • me

    cant wait to buy it!!!!

    this is NOT BUDGET.

    top players.

  • toriiw

    I never got Kate,am beginning to not get Ri. Tired shoot of two famewhores

  • Belle


    It is Kate Moss’s leg that actually looks like an arm but its her leg.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Samantha: And I find myself agreeing with you 100%

  • Love The Shoes

    Their decadence isn’t for us. They aren’t attempting to shock anyone; This is pure in”our world” narcissism” This is for their “I’m SO bored I think I’ll fly to Ibiza for a drink” crowd. It’s ridiculous and the 70′s jet set celebs did it SO much better.

  • Black on Black

    “So there is still hope for people who want babies and still want to be sexy”

    There’s a reason to live now!

  • Black on Black

    However, have to agree that Kate Moss still has that indescribable thing that made her really stand out as a waifish type of supermodel…

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  • Fred C. Hale

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  • whoa

    Two classless idiots right there.

  • Andamentothat

    Great observation! Photoshop mess

  • Diedre

    Rihanna just makes me want to puke.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Watchin this pic I at first took Kate’s leg as a part of Rihanna’s body..oops! But then..just like omg her boby color’s way more white(( & then it’s leg!! Rihanna-too much swearing, lookin like a real man-model((( No flattering- ugly!!

  • Ninseb

    Wtf? Why is it possible to thumb up/down just some comments and not all of them? Weird.

  • Kris

    Rhianna would you PLU-EASE get away from shock publicity and abusive boyfriends and work on your singing career!

  • Passing Through

    # 191 dawne @ 02/22/2013 at 10:26 am
    Every time I see Kim KarTrashian I wonder WTF are her 15 minutes going to be up? And her family’s, too. Khloe’s the only one in that family with a lick of sense – and the tabs keep saying her daddy wasn’t Robert Kardashian so that’s probably why. And don’t get me started on Kris Kardashian. That woman embodies “stage mother” like it’s something to be proud of. The whole lot of them need to fall back down whatever dark hole they crawled out of. And empire built on a her daughter’s sex tape. That’s taking “Mommy Dearest” to a whole new low. Joan Crawford would be proud of her.

  • Passing Through

    # 195 Phool @ 02/22/2013 at 11:58 am
    Phool -
    Yeah, it snowed like hell yesterday…but nowhere near what CT got the weekend before. They got something like 48″. We got 12-14″ – depending which news station is teling the tale. I had to abandon my car in a snow drift 2 blocks from my house yesterday. About 2 hours ago I went back and they’d plowed so I had snow piled up on the 2 passenger side tires. I was pissed but after I removed the snow around the tires I put it in reverse, backed up a little bit, the put it in Drive, but the wheel to the right and floored it…worked like charm and saved myself an overprice towing. As I mentioned yesterday – I FVCKING HATE WINTER!!!

  • Passing Through

    # 205 Go Figure! @ 02/22/2013 at 2:15 pm
    It’s supposed to a skit for Handjob’s After Lately show. Last year Ticky did the promo for it and they named dropped Brad and made “jokes” about “Brad who?”. Nobody laughed at that either. Mainly because Handjob is about as funny as going to Olive Garden and asking for spaghettit and getting a boiled plateful of Ticky’s old weave hair with meatless marinara sauce – and no free all-you-can-eat salad and breadsticks…

  • Passing Through

    # 213 Omgah @ 02/22/2013 at 3:04 pm
    ROTFLMAO. Puh-leeze. You people could at least read the “clues” for COMPREHENSION. BBT hasn’t been “goes in and out of coupledom” in donkey years. He’s been with Connie Anglund since 2002 – even if he did supposedly have an affair with Tea Leoni. And Angie isn’t helping BBT with any projects. BBT may be a flake but he can still get a project greenlighted without anyone’s help. Ticky he ain’t.
    PS – You people need to make up your minds. Either Angie’s pining away from Colin Farrell and doing him on the sly or she’s going hot-and-heavy with BBT. Your indecisiveness is giving me a headache. Meanwhile…Brad and Angie continue to lives their lives and intertwine them more and more each day while idiots are sitting around making up fake blind itmes for morons like you to slobber over thinking it’s Angie. As Angie said, “He’s not just the love mylife. He’s my family and I hold that very dear.”
    PPS – I’d like to know exactly when it is that these people think Angie has time for all these affairs? Six kids, a husband, humanitarian work, a wine business, jewelry designing, directing and acting projects, projects in Cambodia & Ethiopia to oversee, several charitable organizations she’s started or belongs to – and hot sex date nights with Brad. BUT…she’s secretly doing either BBT or Colin or both. We always knew Angie is an amazing multi-tasker, so you go girl!

  • Passing Through

    # 213 Omgah @ 02/22/2013 at 3:04 pm
    Oh yeah…one last thing…I love how all these BIs insinuating Angie’s cheating with an old lover always surface when they’re in LA for any length of time. I guess we should at least be greatful that Terd’s not around anymore claiming she’s still on smack. Major yawning here….


    @Passing Through:

    Maybe no one would speculate anything if Brad wasnt looking like BBT day by day. At least with the loonie hated Jen and Gwenyth Paltrow for that matter he looked like he actually bathed.With nannies around you cant blame it on him being a father–Angie sure has time to look good! But this is a Rhianna thread so………..

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan_whatelse!

    I really would like to know, what CB is now thinking about these pics?
    All Possibilities:
    A) It´s just for the money and for the fantasies of those, who like such pics.
    B) It´s because Ri is bi.
    C) Combination of A and B
    D) It just has been a fantasy of Ri without being bi.
    E) Combination of A and D
    F) It´s because Ri is a lesbian.
    G) Combination of A and F
    Any other possibilities? No!
    So, sing this like the Jackson 5: A,B,C – No one knows Ri !
    ************************************A,B,C – Not even me !
    ************************************A,B,C – Not even CB !

  • Louis

    Have you heard that Marc Jacobs cruelly tortures a talented young girl and steals her fashion designes? He copies anything she does. He fooled her with love. She is called Angel Barta. There are more articles with shocking details at: styleangelique.blogspot. hu/2012/12/marc-jacobs-godfather-in-sponge-bob.html

  • Sheena

    Kate Moss looks really young here. Had to be some airbrushing going on. But she does look nice.

  • yeah

    Rihanna is so gay.

  • Franson

    Wow Rhianna is so edgy…… She’s still an idiot. Remember the time Chris Brown beat her and she got back together with him?

  • mimi

    This is disturbing that they have to get her naked to be on a magazine.

    She is talented and was a victim of abuse, and this is what they put her through?
    Can’t she be wearing clothes and be chosen to grace the mag cover in her own right as an entertainer?

  • bebeca


  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    @Ninseb: First, I was like I have the same problem, but now, omg! Jared WTF yesterday twas impossible to download your page & now where’s the button like/don’t like. What’s going on?!?

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan_whatelse!

    @Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi:
    I think the button is gone in order to avoid an eventual influence towards the judgement of the jury of the “2013 Oscars”.
    Or is it just a coincidence and just the same problem they had at the end of 2012?
    After the “2013 Oscars” the button will appear again, I think.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    @Dirk_Reese-Fan_whatelse!: It’s actually the 2nd time you reply me, thx anyways. Don’t wanna offend you, but how old’re you. I ask b/c why you use these asterisks in your comments?

  • Courteny Cooks

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