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Jennifer Aniston Talks Surprising Fun Moments on 'Friends'!

Jennifer Aniston Talks Surprising Fun Moments on 'Friends'!

Jennifer Aniston keeps a low profile with a fedora and scarf while heading to a pampering session at a local spa on Friday (October 18) in Hollywood.

Last week, the 44-year-old actress’ fiance Justin Theroux kept it cool while doing some shopping in West Hollywood.

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“The energy of an audience, that sort of opening night jitters every Friday night or Tuesday night – depending on when we were filming,” Jennifer recently shared about her hit show Friends. “Not knowing when that was going to happen and just sort of allowing that night to sort of be totally spontaneous – of course knowing that we knew what we were supposed to do – but there would always be surprising fun moments.”

In case you missed it, Jennifer sported a “Key to the Cure” t-shirt to show her support for the fight against breast cancer.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston going incognito for a pampering session…

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  • A. Smith
  • Agnie Fan

    You ain’t got it anymore. Too fugly now and too bitter towar Angie girl. I hate the show and you now bc you are a mean mean person.

  • Joy B Angie

    Jen’s profile is so lovely !

  • Li

    @Joy B Angie:

    In what world? She has a manly profile. Her nose is even worse in side view.

  • Joy B Angie

    A little rounded, and a little snub-nosed wonderful nose.
    LOVELY !

  • !!!

    You can tell she just got her lips plumped from the profile. Still manly looking.

  • Joy B Angie

    Poor Jolie’s fans have so stupid looking look
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  • Wanda

    You can tell she’s trying to hide something by just the way she is walking. The scarf and hat come-on… I bet she had some more work done….and not just at a salon.

  • http://justjared zce

    Jennifer is DESPERATE TO STAY RELEVANT, HOW SAD. When are Justin getting married?

  • Lovely

    Somebody got some fillers, botox or chemical peel. definitely hiding her mug.

  • Joy B Angie

    Jen earned more than $ 100 millions
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  • Skinny Thighs

    @Agnie Fan: R u Angie Fan? How’D to you? I too love Angie and her family. I come here to defend Brangelina, my favorite HW family. Happy trails to you and the rest of the fans throughout the world.

  • ellie’

    No one needs to defend Angie nor Brad.. I happen to like Jen better then Angie. Just a matter of preference. Jen is beautiful so kind and an amazing actress. Actually like others actresses better then Angie.. Move on and get a life u are the only ones on here.. Do you know how to read. You are the only ones on here doing the bashing..!!! nite

  • Paul

    Poor alone old twat, no more friends. I’m sure Courtney and Eva found out how she uses them and how ugly she is in the inside. Money does not buy friendship or love. Start a new life with your almost dead mother and homeless brother and enjoy Justin instead of wasting time bashing at JM, KPerry, V V, BC, BP, AJ and their children.

  • Marieme

    I didn’t see any fun or appreciation on her expression. She was horribly rude and had such an ugly attitude when I went to see a Friends taping once. Fug was scowling the whole time she was near the audience bleachers, like we had cooties that could infect her. Had no opinion about her before, but after that night I felt I saw the real person behind the fug.

  • Janet in SF

    Oh no. Is she going back in history or what? This show was like 25 yrs ago before I was born. I fail to see the attraction to her, the cast and the show. WTH! Even my mom who used to like the show says it is idiotic now to watch it.

  • Boom Town

    Listen to her, this woman is illiterate. She lacks brains, beauty and class.

  • CC

    All of a sudden her thin lips are plump now. Notice the upper lip is hanging, OMG, she will never slow down with her fakes. I feel so sorry for her she is so empty.

  • imane assi

    Jennifer is gorgeous,heakthy,sexy ,down to earth.classy and doesn’t use children or her faux humanitarian work for personnal and professional publicity.
    Angelina looks like an anorexic drug daddict and uses herv children and her faux humanitarisn work for publicity.
    And everyone who worked with Jennifer said that she is the sweetest and the most prifessional…so you haters try something else.
    I hope brangelina get marriedd so that both Brad and Angelina stop obsessing over Jennifer.They’re not even on her radar but they can’t stop bringing her up.

  • Joy B Angie

    “Friends” was the most successful TV show
    for 10 years !!!
    Of course there are morons
    unable to get it.
    Their level – Mickey Mouse.

  • Heidi

    Jennifer is a mfker! A monster! Karma is a beaotch! She will always remain a monster, her heart is empty. No one to love her. Sad sad old used up woman.

  • Tess

    @imane assi: You are an ash! Your jealousy is so obvious and we fans have zero tolerance when it comes to Angelina and Brad. Jennifer, you are despicable, leave Brangelinas alone!

  • goopier

    @imane assi:

    Angie uses NADA for PR. She doesn’t do PR. Anyone who believes Angie uses her kids and/or is faking her humanitarian work has several screws loose. It must rattle when you walk. We rarely see the Jolie-Pitt kids anymore unless they are traveling.

    While your beloved Jen is calling the paparazzi to film her going to have her ******** waxed and her brows thinned …. all to get her name in the news. Have they announced her “hit” movie’s sequel yet?

  • KK

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