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Watch EVERY New Beyonce Video Preview Right Here!

Watch EVERY New Beyonce Video Preview Right Here!

The new Beyonce album has unexpectedly arrived and we are in awe of the amount of work that was put into this release!

Every single song, and some extra ones as well, has an accompanying video on the album and now you can watch a thirty second preview of each video right here. Get the album now on iTunes.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Beyonce

“I see music,” Beyonce said about her decision to create a visual album. “It’s more than just what I hear. When I’m connected to something, I immediately see a visual or a series of images that are tied to a feeling or an emotion, a memory from my childhood, thoughts about life, my dreams or my fantasies. And they’re all connected to the music.”

Beyonce – “Blue” feat. Blue Ivy Preview

Click inside to watch sixteen more Beyonce video previews…

Beyonce – “Blow” Preview

Beyonce – “Drunk in Love” feat. Jay Z Preview

Beyonce – “Superpower” feat. Frank Ocean Preview

Beyonce – “Rocket” Preview

Beyonce – “Flawless” feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Preview

Beyonce – “Pretty Hurts” Preview

Beyonce – “Partition” Preview

Beyonce – “No Angel” Preview

Beyonce – “Mine” feat. Drake Preview

Beyonce – “Jealous” Preview

Beyonce – “Heaven” Preview

Beyonce – “Haunted” Preview

Beyonce – “Grown Woman”

Beyonce – “Ghost” Preview

Beyonce – “XO” Preview

Beyonce – “Yonce” Preview
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  • Sheyenne

    Well from the previews I can tell that I don’t like the songs. Maybe if I hear them more I’ll start to like them.

  • sdf

    At first listen, I don’t like any of the songs, but I know after the 3rd listen I will find one of them to like.

  • Anne

    Seems like a huge vanity project, I doubt her record label would pay to make a video for every song, especially because their isn’t a hit song in the bunch, I guess this was album she was to release in the beginning of year but didn’t , I can see why.

  • Mia

    WTF all the songs suck, her voice is pretty bad, flat and why she go and produce video’s for each song, she’s like some wannabe model . Another bomb for Beyonce, good thing Jay Z has her out hustling on the concert tour, make sure the money keeps rolling in, gotta keep Blue in her diamond tiara’s.

  • Bella

    Too much Hipster for my type. But I like at least “Pretty Hurts”. The rest is too less natural.

  • pika

    lorde released a new single today but nobody payed(paid?) attention cuz beyonce. she didnt even do promo so everyone is just freaking out on itunes@Mia: people have already bought the songs this aint a bomb and i dont like the songs either but the hype is making her win.

  • Alfred Miranda

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  • Anastasiya

    It is all about her and her art. You have to see this album as art and not only as something that should amuse you.

  • Zaire

    God! That ghost song is horrible. I cant hear any more songs. Blah.

  • blabla

    all the songs suks

  • Where are the genuine talents?

    terrible singer

  • queenB

    the album is for free ! get your copy now !! ON :

  • Bisho

    Are you all DEAF ?
    “Terrible singer”, “all the songs suck”. I’d be really amused to hear what you think is superior to Beyonce’s songs/voice.

    Haters gonna hate I guess…

  • Taking-A-Break

    I don’t know about you all, but I’m desperate for some new talent. There just isn’t anybody that good out there anymore. I don’t think it has to do with just a lack of talent either. It’s also has to do with lack of sincerity & heart. Too many artist, like Beyonce, are so stuck up on themselves. They have a sense of ‘entitlement’ to them – like we’re suppose to like their stuff JUST BECAUSE it’s them. GAGS!!! Beyonce has never been “all that” to me to begin with. There’s just something about her lacking. I’ll be honest, I think the last artist I’ve seen that had the kind of star quality to them that I’m now missing is Michael Jackson.

  • mew

    @Taking-A-Break: tbh the whole music industry needs a revamp, even the VMAs and the grammys need a revamp. in order to make the industry shine again, they need to add ALOT of new singers and bands to the major labels, as well as showcasing them on MTV and VH1 but make the competition aspect more accessible to more artists. for example, id rather see the VMAs and the grammys do 10 nominees for their categories over 5 which are composed of the same usual singers, don’t tell any of the winners that they won since all awards shows are setup, which will actually make the competing “exciting”. nobody knows who the real winners are, not even the artists themselves so they end up being intimidated enough to make better music and if there’s more nominees for the category, then there will in turn be an unpredictable element to the music industry that hasn’t been seen before. most of these singers don’t even make enough effort anymore once they earn the fame, that’s why their first albums are always creatively and musically the best and their albums afterwards are most of the time “meh”, that’s why they rely on their tours for cash. first beyonce had her solo album, then rihanna had her solo album a couple years later, then in 2008 lady gaga and katy perry were accepted by the industry at the same time and are inevitably competing against one another since then, adele in 2010. the point is that the industry is too damn selective because the record execs are in fact lazy with having more artists so then they latch on to their “big money artist”. more competition and more artists is exactly what the industry needs right now. its the same thing in hollywood cause its the same actors doing different roles, is hollywood that stupid enough to think that america won’t get bored with the same actors. cmon


    Is this site for all the sad miserable haters? lol must be.

  • For Real

    @IBEEJNY: It must be a site for miserable haters. I mean you don’t have to listen or click on the Bey post but I swear the ppl on JJ hate on Beyonce and Jay so tough but let something about Angelina or Brad come up they are quick to shout praises, so amusing.

  • allhailqueenbey

    You really have to hear the whole songs to get their full effect. Beyonce is a genius. She interrupts the whole song “Flawless” for a brilliant feminist speech and it works without derailing the song. This album will solidify her as a living legend.

  • kelli

    i don’t care for any of the songs, but she is admittedly one of the most talented women around. this is very artistic and interesting and at least she has the ability to grow and change as a woman/singer. she is always evolving and I like that about her. plus, she manages to remain somehow dignified and smart

  • me

    yawn she had one good album. Her first solo album is awesome. After that I never found any of it appealing.

  • Kresto


    Change as an artist? She doesn’t write her own songs, she uses ghostwriters.

  • KMacy

    It’s interesting how short people are with the things they experience. 30 seconds of a video clip with some audio and people know for a fact they do not like something that is 4-6 minutes long. These days people can’t even trust their own opinions. Experience something in totality before you cheat yourself of a potentially great experience. Pertaining to the album, it is an experience worth having before you make a premature assessment.

  • KMacy


    Beyonce has written plenty of songs or she has at least been apart of the process. No two singers convey the message of a song the same way so her not writing a song does not take away the artistic appeal she brings to it. When you wear a piece of clothing, it’s fair to assume you did not create it.However, the way you put the clothing together defines your “personal style.” I encourage you to look at it that way.

  • anony

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  • anony

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  • Verity

    @For Real: EXACTLY!!!

  • Verity

    @Kresto: And you know that, how?

  • Verity

    @KMacy: Well said.

  • Oh Please!

    The idea here is this site posted her video clips…Some listened and weren’t impressed. Just because BEYONCE wrapped brown stuff in a wrapper and dropped it online doesn’t makes it chocolate..It could be droppings concealed.

  • OK

    These songs and videos are not art..The only reason people are trying to say they are is because they know her followers have no clue to what art is and like that term because it sounds grand.
    At best these are stylized videos that are ALL ABOUT BEYONCE and her weaves flowing and lighting effects on her.
    No one is going to walk away remembering one of these repetitive songs by the end of next week.

  • T-Dot-O

    Bunch of haters and bullies! Beyonce is the best in her game – there is no other female like her in the music industry. Stop hating – be positive maybe you all might have positive comments instead of mean ones. Way to go Beyonce – keep working hard and stay positive :)

    A fan :)

  • aBeyfanbut…

    I love Bey, but agree with poster who stated that the industry needs to start focusing on fresh talent just a tad more. It’s getting ridiculous to see the same 5 or 6 names from the music industry in the news every day, whether they’re taking a stab at going vegan or “twerking” (I hate that word) while tweeting. Plus, it’d just be plain old refreshing and provide some sort of anticipation. I almost passed out when I heard Lorde’s song Royals, mostly because it was something different.

    Furthermore, as far as talent, there’s several artists who have better singing voices. They don’t get the same love and attention because they hold themselves to higher standards. It’s easy to get naked. But what’s everyone focusing on then? Therefore, they aren’t creating any noise- regardless of how loud they sing.

    As a marketing research grad, it amazes me how much we’ve been force-fed a small group of music artists since the millennium hit. Making it in the music industry has to be a depressing journey for most because it seems that you may just about have to sacrifice every moral or value learned in life (ahem, Miley) to get folks’ attention (and she’s BEEN in the industry!). All I can say is it seems that the music industry leaders aren’t going to fix what they think isn’t broken… Just yet.

    Don’t get on me too hard, stans. I love me some Beyoncé as much as you do. The industry just seems a little bland right now because the competition is truly nonexistent. Our girl needs a true challenge.