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Selena Gomez Completed Two-Week Stint in Rehab Last Month

Selena Gomez Completed Two-Week Stint in Rehab Last Month

Selena Gomez went to a rehab program last month for some peace and therapy, People reports.

Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse,” a rep told the publication about the 21-year-old entertainer.

Selena checked into The Meadows in Arizona for two weeks for treatment in their DAWN program, which is targeted towards 18-26 year olds for substance dependence, trauma, family dynamics, mental health and relapse prevention.

We hope Selena is feeling well rested now that she is back from the program. We wish her all the best. Selena looked great, as always, when she stepped out yesterday!

Stay tuned to Just Jared for more details.

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  • sarra

    there’s no hope for these generation!!! they are all the same

  • bb

    jeez! Disney really destroys these girls/boys after….

  • Lily

    I think I believe TMZ over her rep…

  • Mk

    It’s sad that teen kids can’t stay grounded. It’s not disneys fault, blame the parents and mostly themselves. Stay cool and humble, don’t let fame change you. The money, fame, the applause ain’t worth it.

  • Losers r us

    Worst generation of entertainers ever! Loser selina is just part of all these young brats with no talent who are overpaid and do nothing but buy drugs and get into bad s–. Hopefully next gen of stars will be better

  • sara

    the fact that she was always saying she didn’t know how to smok a weed in SB because she never smoked in her life …..i can’t right now

  • fa

    hahahah selena in rehab !!!! and everyone think she’s good girl lmao

  • Kiki

    @sara: Read the article, it says that she did NOT go for substance abuse

  • go go


    Go to TMZ

  • sara

    look i really really do hope she is good after this but you just can not tell me she actually dated JUSTIN BIEBER and doesn’t know how to take a weed with her hands i always knew she was lying during the SB promo tour i again i hope she is fine

  • Gretchen

    “This generation is AWFUL, all everyone does is do drugs and party. I grew up listening to The Beatles and Nirvanna” ( a lot of you seem pretty slow so do I need to explain where I’m going with this or do you get it?)

  • mike

    I am sure there is more to this story. There have been rumors for years. While ism sure Justin helped more is likely to come out. She was best friends with demi lovato while she was an addict.

  • Living in a box

    Maybe she just realize she not that talented.

  • Yep

    Met her in person. It was like meeting a grown person pretend to be an innocent child. Like all the other Disney actors. Not surprised.

  • pika

    @Living in a box: snap. But i think that a lot of stuff is gonba unravel

  • marco perez

    As I stated yesterday. The brunette lady who has been on selenas hip the past few weeks appears to be a sober coach (IMHO). They don’t assign you a sponsor to deal with exhaustion issues. Hints and suspicions about her partying have been circling for months. I hope she gets better!!

  • Warren

    I love sexy Selena, but it seems all the stars wear rehab like a thing of honor. Most normal people have never been to rehab, it seems to be a thing for the rich and famous.

  • Kylie

    She was on and off with Bieber for months. This is the ass that got smuggled out of a brothel and has a running account with every strip club in America. She had to be doing drugs or incapacitated to be able to hang out with and sleep with that guy. Get an HPV test honey.

  • http://facebook luis

    look like been famous,money and drugs going together is like they have a club for that

  • kami

    are there any young hollywood celebrities who haven’t been to rehab for drug/alcohol abuse? it’s like these poor kids don’t have parents to guide them.

  • AEM

    Selena was probably high/hungover when she crashed her X5 in December. So when Selena goes to rehab for drugs and booze, everyone supports her and wishes her well, because she is portrayed as a great role model. Miley is open about pot and molly, but if she had gone to rehab, people would laugh at Miley with no remorse. Such hypocrisy!! Unfortunately, it is ALL about perception.
    This is probably why all of the sudden we see Selena with Demi (for support).
    National Enquirer (Dec) said someone saw Selena do pot and molly at a party.
    This is why from Jan. 3 to Jan. 20, Selena was no where on twitter.
    Also, this is why Demi lashed out at drugs during Phillip Symour death.
    Everything is falling into place like Murder She Wrote.

  • Effy

    You guys have to be unbelievably naive if you think she didn’t go for substance abuse. Her rep only said that she didn’t have substance abuse in order to keep her “good-girl” image due to so many tweens still loving her. Plus Justin Bieber has been toying with substance for a while, it didn’t all start after Selena.

    Good for her for getting help though, that’s a huge thing that most people and celebs don’t do.

  • Cate

    I am surprised but I really shouldn’t be when she was was so obsessed with that mess Justin Bieber and their obviously toxic relationship. Good that she got help and i hope she can remain strong in recovery for whatever her issues were.

  • Joelle

    Two weeks is a band aid, people need continued outpatient treatment for all the stated problems. But celebrities think too much of their careers and being out of the limelight too long. They only go right back to what they know and hang around the same people. Work is great, but when you’re spiraling out of control where you can’t handle your own problems, you have to think what is more important, your physical or mental health or the next audition. All the money in the world won’t make you a whole, healthy , happy human being.

  • no way

    she was sad that she was caught lip synching.

  • Next in line

    Arianna grande… your next girl.,.

  • Emma

    Her reps are covering up for her again. These celebrities have too much money to blow away on their a$$. Read all the details at

  • Priya

    Even after a long journey of her , i could say that she has special talent as well.

  • leelee

    Rehab, all the cool kids are doing it.

  • dsffdesgf

    You will live papa you are going to live.

  • Susan

    Being a celebrity is so not even worth it. Life is too precious.

  • Betty

    Blame it on greedy parents and managers. Let those kids be kids!

  • fedupwiththisshit

    Why make heroes of these clowns. I am fed up with these clowns who think the rules don’t apply to them. These little boys who think they are grown men. If you are grown, get a job. Go to school. Being a man doesn’t mean you can just father children. If they get two tickets, take the cycles. Crack down before someone gets killed from a traffic accident and it is not these trash people.

  • paula

    it’s good that she got some help; people who judge that are only idiots.
    good luck selena. i hope you’ll be fine; stay away from shady people, they don’t deserve your attention

  • j b

    she’s such a loser

  • Cezara

    If you think that Selena was drugged or smoking, you are wrong. Selena had a specialized need help because for 6 years only been dealt with and only her career and her personal life hangs by a thread, as so to speak.
    No longer listen to all animals, that is to say about it, she’s a good girl! There will never get drugged by Miley Cyrus a. .. ….

    Please, Selena is a good girl and always will be so!

  • Yuck

    She is starting to look more and more like a wide faced Mexican so no wonder she needed rehab!

  • Warren

    @Yuck: Selena is hot and beautiful. I’d kiss those lips!

  • Roma

    wow what a nice beauty. I like her – Selena is gorgeous.

  • Jasmine

    Thanks for the ultimate pic of Selena , like her very much

  • http://CierraACall92 CC

    How about everyone leaves this girl alone!
    Everyone screws up in their life, an I’m sure you wouldn’t
    want people to be talking hurt full things about you. Because
    in all reality it would just make you feel worse about
    yourself.whatever she went to rehab for that’s her business
    and I’m just glad she got the help she needed for whatever
    reason. Only she knows what she went for and whatever
    it was AWESOME JOB SELENA!! Dont let
    Anyone tare you down, keep pushing:)