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Bruce Jenner Undergoes Adam's Apple Surgery - See First Post-Operation Photo

Bruce Jenner Undergoes Adam's Apple Surgery - See First Post-Operation Photo

Bruce Jenner shows off his neck after undergoing surgery to shave down his Adam’s Apple on Monday (February 10) in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

The 64-year-old reality star and former Olympian was filming a scene for Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Bruce reportedly wanted to have the surgery done in December of last year, but postponed the surgery when media caught wind, Us Weekly reports. The mag speculated as to why he postponed with a quote from Dr. Michael Jones, an NYC based cosmetic surgeon.

“[The surgery] is, in many cases, a part of gender-reassignment surgeries,” he said. “But that’s not the only reason to have it.”

For reference, see a picture of Bruce from early last year, before his Adam’s Apple surgery, with his son Brody.

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bruce jenner undergoes adams apple surgery see kardashians star see first photo post surgery 01
bruce jenner undergoes adams apple surgery see kardashians star see first photo post surgery 02
bruce jenner undergoes adams apple surgery see kardashians star see first photo post surgery 03
bruce jenner undergoes adams apple surgery see kardashians star see first photo post surgery 04
bruce jenner undergoes adams apple surgery see kardashians star see first photo post surgery 05

Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Wenn
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  • True

    His 6 children and 4 stepchildren must be puzzled. Has he always wanted to be a woman, or did the Kardashian women do this to him?


    hhahahha sorry but what kind of hairdo is that for a supposed “straight” man?

  • O

    You can’t make someone want to be a woman you twat. I’m so sick of hearing people say s hit like that and that gays choose to like the same gender. No one wakes up and decides to make their life he ll. gays get beat and ridiculed on a daily basis all around the world. If he does want to be a woman then he’s been that way since birth. He’s just been hiding it.

  • Paulie

    Please be respectful! Her name is Brigitte Jenner, NOT Bruce Jenner.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    there’s no doubt he’s trying to be a woman. Good luck to him. This is clearly why he and Kris split.

  • wow

    Just another freak in this family of freaks.

  • vicki

    What happened to this guy?? When he was in the Olympics, although many years ago, he really was good-looking. Then he hooked up with Kris and his masculinity disappeared.

  • zey

    the kardashians turn everyone into freaks man.. I swear they’re the devil. I am looking forward to that album when Kanye and Kim split tho..

  • zey

    YO!! He’s got ombre hair now too.. aint that about a bish,.. wtf..

  • @

    @O: shut up , yes they do..theyre all ill.

  • Chris M. (@Europewalker)

    This is what happens when you’ve lived with the Kardashians.

  • Sai

    Bruce Jenner clearly has mental issues. No one in their right mind would be associated with Kartrashians, let alone marry one.

  • Belle

    He is SO HOT!! So are the Kardashians……they make lives fuller and happier. Go Bruce and Go Kris!!! Love ya both :)

  • lol

    He looks horrible, I feel bad for his youngest daughters. How embarassing isn’t it if your dad wants to become a WOMAN.

    SCOTT- Already f****d
    Lamar- CHECK

  • Barty

    You’re just jealous because you aren’t rich and hot like the Kardashians. Go eat a pint of icecream and sit on your futon :)~

  • olive

    @Belle: are you on crack?

  • Tia

    Wow, he is looking’ fine! Who ccares if he takes care of himself? He’s still a FINE specimen! Come bump uglies with me Bruce! Or Rob!!!!

  • Ned

    I agree with Belle. He is really hot n sexy….I love his hairdo too. I want to run my fingers thru his hair. YUMMMM.

  • Roma

    He looks so good now! Not that he didn’t before…he’s always been sexy, but I think that surgery makes him look more youthful. Definitely makes me want to bed him now more. Just adds to my misery of not being able to have him :( sexy.

  • T.H.

    This makes exudes sexy.

  • Bernilla

    @lol: ladies and gentlemen, i present to you, a bitter and lonely person

  • lol

    @Barty: you’re one of those delusional kardashian fans, you’re so brainwashed by all the glitz and glam. Are you that vain that you think money and looks matters, look what it did to justin, lindsey, hiltons, carters, jackons and many others. I may not be rich but I am most def happy and can live a normal life without f****g cameras in my face all the time.

  • So sad

    Satan’s home girl Kris and her Katrashian daughters has emasculated Bruce to the point that he no longer want to be a man!!! Damn, that is some cold blooded s#!t right there!

    Soon he will make his debut as Jennifer Jenner since you know he doesn’t want to be associated with the “B” name anymore.

  • jj

    uhm….people commenting on his hair, he’s clearly wearing a lace front in the recent pictures.

  • Skyler

    @Roma: Ewwww! You made me throw up in my mouth. You’re disgusting!

  • Laurent

    @Barty: That’s what a Kartrashian would do. That’s because they’re all fat. I bet you are fat too!
    I feel sorry for bruce. Poor rich old man.

  • Riley

    He really wants to be a KARDASHIAN SISTER!

  • Looslipz

    See what all those years with vain daughters and step daughters and a narcissist wife did to him…confused him about his own gender. He secretly wants to be one of the girls…well not so secretly anymore. Bryce Jenner. Oy.

  • sos

    Kris has herself to thank for this sorry sight. She gave up her role as wife when she decided to manage her children and she gave up her role as mother when she decided she wanted to be the sibling to her children instead of being their mother. This is truly a family of pathetic circus clowns.

  • kelli

    I kinda think he’s always been gay, but kris wanted someone very famous and at the time they hooked up he was very famous because of his Olympic wins. she likely knew all along but had her own agenda. this is not shocking

  • cndi

    Maybe he has always been gay but he did manage to father six children!!

  • Disgruntled Sleepyhead

    what a very beautiful lady she is….i think ill start calling him Brie….

  • friends

    Jennifer aniston looks great with her new bob!!!

  • Laura

    This is friggin hilarious! ROFLMAOOOO

  • SS

    What the F? Get a life. This guy makes me retch inside.

  • SS

    Thanks Jared for making me lose my lunch. Now who will come and clean up my keyboard?

  • lauren

    why, just why?

  • Susan

    I think this is what happens when you’re afraid of getting old and think for some odd reason you look good when in reality you look like a fool. Whether you’re a man or wanting to be a woman, you’re 64. Act like it!

  • Haley


  • june


    no just 3 kids are his. I’m pretty sure the other 3 serious whack jobs are Kris’ from another marriage

  • Heather

    OH WOW is he HOT!!!! OMG I want to ravage him inside and out!!!!

  • cndi

    @#40 – he fathered four children with his first wife and two with Kris.

  • cndi

    Sorry, I should have said that he fathered four children with his first two wives and two with Kris.

  • leah

    hair implants ? really ? At least make it look real ! And concerning the adam apple – This is a sign that you’re a man . It’s manly , not that he removed it looks weeird

  • Nik

    He looks so handsome and attractive! I want a real man like him to be my sugar daddy! I hope he has nice body hair on those big manly pecs.

    I liquid dream the thought of being cradled in his ams, flowing my hands through his long beautiful locks, as he coos a lovesong to me.

  • Melissa

    Some people will do anything to stay in the public eye and make money…

  • suzybel

    He looks like he had one too many facelifts.

  • chelsea

    If I ever wanted to do a study on transphobia at least I know where to find it.

  • Lol

    Ugly puppet!attention seeker crazy man!

  • holyfukitshideous

    KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!