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Miley Cyrus Misses Quick Change, Performs in Her Underwear!

Miley Cyrus Misses Quick Change, Performs in Her Underwear!

Miley Cyrus hits the stage for her Bangerz Tour in just her underwear on Sunday evening (March 9) in Milwaukee, Wis.

The 21-year-old entertainer had to perform in her undies after not having enough time to finish her quick change.

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“not a new outfit for 23 😁😁😁 I didn’t make my quick change and I couldn’t not come out for the song so I just had to run out in my undies :(” Miley tweeted. “Never happened to me before. But I love my fans as much as they love me! I couldn’t miss 23 ❤️. Show must go on :(”

Bigger picture inside…

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miley cyrus misses quick change

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  • Honk honk!

    yeah right! She just wanted to take her clothes off as usual. She and Bieber need to be sent up into space, never to return!!!!

  • anon

    she has a great body

  • Sam

    if only this could happen to an attractive celebrity…

  • Mrs. Nobody

    What an ugly, desperate, talentless twat…

  • km

    @Mrs. Nobody: She’s far from talentless.. Get a life

  • Lee

    Yes little clown child

  • Onna

    We’ve all seen all there is to see of her already…ugh… I feel sorry for the little kids that look up to her.

  • Not Bella

    She gained some weight. That is good!

  • No Excuse

    It is her tour therefore the band could’ve played while she changed like every other performer do. She just used that as an excuse to try and shock. Well Miley that ship for you has sailed. Everyone has seen all you have to offer except for your hooha and you can save us from that nightmare by that keeping that under wrap. Save it for your future in porn and Hustler because you have nothing else to offer and that seems to be your next stop, if you don’t change your ways.

  • next

    Soapy Miley Vyrus runs out of hot water in her pre-concert shower and has to perform nude!….eeek

  • kami

    i feel kinda sad for her.

  • Sam


  • Living in a box

    I would be not surprise if she suddenly start masturbate on the stage.

  • Looselipz


    Yes, but do we need to see it daily?

  • exmiler

    she didnt have enough time for the change because she was doing coke backstage.

  • :3

    @km: a nasal voiced “singer” that thinks “sex sells” is the key to success equates to talentless. sorry not sorry bro

  • Warren

    Hannah would never do that. Miley sure has a sexy body.

  • gus

    intelligence is sexy NOT Miley and her stripper shows low class lame

  • http://justjared Ana

    she looks FAT …is this even a news Pathetic

  • http://justjared Taylor


  • Warren

    @Ana: Miley looks fine, she could even use a few lbs.

  • EUREKA!!

    No.19; Miley put on a few extra pounds just for a Nurse Betty magazine joke about Bridget Jones’ Diary.

  • Total trash

    For sure she has gain some pounds and I dont believe her one bit by saying she did not have time, that is the lamest excuse ever. Like one said her the band could had played something while she changes backstage, most performers do that on stage. She just want to be seen in her undies and she wanted to be seen like a brainless trashy slut whore hat is what she wants. But are those really undies, cause those undies are too flashy and fancy?

    Soon we will see her performing sexual acts on stage. Gross!!

    Her mom still proud of her?? Her mother is as trash as her then to endorse that kind of behavior from her own daughter. Her family is really a crap!!!

  • JoleneJolene

    Miley has serious issues that need addressing. She’s an exhibitionist to the point of pathology. Where are the adults in her life? Someone, please, help her.

  • Frida

    LOL, so how much difference is it between wearing just panties or having ass-less chaps over them? This is nothing she hasn’t worn before. Still looks stupid.

  • Christina

    @Ana: If you consider that fat, I’m scared for what you consider skinny…

  • enough miley

    soooooo edgyyyyy!!!!!!!! whooooaaa so punk wow so rock she’s out of ideas and even she knows it

  • lisa

    Hahahahahahaha….yeah thats an excuse for publicity, but sadly no one doesnt care anymore. The shock wave is over. Its true even i was one of those who was quite shock over mileys transition…as they call it…but maybe it was already in her just that she wasnt brave enough to exploid. Now she has tons of support of her behaviour and blaming poor liam for her not being herself when with him and this fear of being alone. Hannah montana was a star that gained tons of admiration and attention and the show died…her other movies werent that hot except for hannah montana movie and the last song…they were good…alot of teens were still her support. She desires attention. Britney was popular with sexuality but hers was different. She didnt go at it all at once and she stilm had respect for herself. Eventually miley will fall when there is no one giving her attention and whats worst is that liam is not there anymore. Those available celebs out there wont want her for a person but more for a quick fix. Miley please rethink your actions. You are a gorgeous young lady. Think!!!

  • Catherine Todd

    Good thing Miley had such great underwear on that day! Never saw any with red and black stripes. Watch and see if this doesn’t “catch on” and become the next big thing! Oh Lord, what have we come to next?

  • bonbon

    someone needs to take out the trash

  • rod

    She actually looks more covered in her”underwear” than some of her stage outfits. Put on a few pounds too!

  • Fruitfly

    She does have a good body but I am tired of seeing it.

    She should keep the extra pounds though.

  • close minded

    All the pop stars are doing the same thing, beyonce simulating sex with her husband on T.V. and showing her booty all over the place. So Miley has learned from example…Riri is always half naked, etc. etc. etc.

  • http://michaela_brull Michaela

    I was at this concert and this actually true. Don’t talk badly about her she is 100% real in saying she did not have enough time. The crowd was getting a little out of control so it took her longer to get back and change. She even had to start singing back stage and when she got out, a man from back stage had to run on and clip on her mike. Don’t bash someone until you get their side of the story.

  • sweetness

    so what if she wants to perform in her underwear which looks like a bikini…oh wow Beyonce performs in what looks like a stripper’s attire…
    if you go to her concert you know what to expect…has she not made it clear already this is who she is and what she is about?

  • Jessie

    She was naked on the Wrecking Ball video, so this is nothing. Meh! She needs to stop making excuses, she just loves being naked or near naked for the attention. No shock value here. Sounds like a lot of other singers, nothing new either. Yet this girl thinks she’s the baddest b*itch in town. She does have some vocal talent, but people are playing more attention to her antics than her singing.

  • Hu

    My first and last post about her. Lame excuse. She wants to use sex to sell. Her voice is less than pleasing so she is desperate to stay in the spotlight with the only thing she can do. Take off her clothes. Big deal. Grow up. Show some class.

  • Belen

    @No Excuse: Not wanted on the tour there is a screen showing a video. Once it finishes the video has to leave Miley, you understand that? So I do not I’ve gone to his tour because there is no date for my country, and also seeing other concerts of other artists, there is a certain time, which must comply and not delay the concert.

    @Total trash: You can’t judge a family, because there is a good family to say. It is a lack of respect that you talk so of someone who I can imagine that it is greater than you. Nor is that you goals in the family, I would like to tell you all the bullshit you said you on the Cyrus family it not good? Think a bit before you write. If you were taught to be bullying the other part here not. Kisses

  • Michael

    Miley’s a true professional and has real talent even in her underwear. Never change, Miley, never change.

  • Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed.

    Obviously it was all planned in advance and the person entrusted with getting her ready between songs isn’t going to lose their job. And isn’t that a nice job? Who wouldn’t want that job? I wonder if it is a man or a woman who gets to dress and undress her. I bet even a woman would feel something when she is doing it. And it doesn’t have to be a highly paid job: it must be pure joy to put those panties on her. And even more exciting to pull them off. I wonder if there is anything at all that she does for herself. Dressing and undressing is likely all done for her. Performance or no performance.

    But what she is wearing here is probably much thicker than your regular underwear. Something resembling the fabric of a bikini and gives her better coverage. Women’s underwear is too light a fabric and would easily reveal her fabulous private areas.

    But she is getting there. The next step would be a performance in real underwear. This is a woman who has to continuously outdo herself. She cannot remain static. She is a dynamic performer who always has to keep us focused on her. Focused and shocked. And shocked is the only way to keep us focused. She always has to find new ways to shock us. It is the only way she can remain a viable performer. The only way to keep making money.

    There isn’t much by way of talent. No content to her songs and no melody to thrill us. So it will be real underwear next time. And it will not be long before the underwear comes off.

    It is only a matter of time before we see Miley Cyrus in all her glory. Something that so many of us dreamed about when she was still Hannah Montana. Since the very beginning of Hannah Montana.

  • Michelle


    Guess your name is Mrs. Nobody for a reason.

  • Michelle

    Yea I am so sure, as if she bought that underwear just to wear under her clothes? Sure looks like some fancy underwear..

    I still haven’t stopped laughing over Katy Perry denying her slutty kiss, Miley as always trying so hard to be the center of attention when she clearly knew Katy was not trying to tongue her nasty ass.. God only knows where that poor child’s mouth has been lately.. I wouldn’t make out with her either.

  • Michelle

    LOL and her reasoning.. The poor kid isn’t that bright either..

    “I couldn’t not come out for the song”

    That girl is so full of it though If she cared so much about her fans in all honesty, she wouldn’t need to lie to them just for some publicity while desperately trying to stay relevant.. Pretty pathetic if you ask me but to each their own.

    I guess when your music is meaningless, you have to resort to other means of getting it out there…

  • such a perfect body!

    if all her ‘haters’ had that body, they would go out naked!! *couch* jealous *cough*

  • freya

    @such a perfect body!:

    Jealous? LOL as usual ya’ll Miley apologist has the combine IQ of a rat’s ass. with all the pot she is smoking it she will definitely be plumpy to the hilt. As for her act What will you all do if that’s the only thing she can offer you? Don’t you all get it she’s making you all worse than a creepy dude who enjoys strip club. Here’s a thing when you go to her concert you should have cash handy to put in her panties.

  • Asg

    She’s the hottest thing happening now

  • The Dude

    You can’t stretch out the songs when you’re playing to mostly midi sequences and prerecorded backing tracks…

  • jacemace

    Love her skin and body tone.

  • chester

    That’s one of the best excuses there is with not enough time to change. And just watch it will continue to happen. Just another attention hog cock tease that needs to make it to Playboy or porn.

  • anna

    wondering when it all the clothing will be removed. and to be naked