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Gerard Butler Launches His New BOSS Bottled Campaign!

Gerard Butler Launches His New BOSS Bottled Campaign!

Gerard Butler suits up while launching the new BOSS Bottled “Man of Today” Campaign on Thursday (October 2) at the Standard Hotel in New York City.

The 44-year-old actor is seen in a bunch of super sexy campaign images, which can be seen in the gallery below!

“The Man of Today campaign is inspiring and encourages me to have focus, drive and compassion. I could really relate to the character and traits of the Man of Today,” Gerard said in a statement. “I pride myself on being focused and working hard. I’m dedicated but I also like to live my life in the moment, which is really important for the Man of Today. Being ambitious and striving for success in not only his career, but his whole life. He is multi-faceted and has many different interests, always giving back in some way. He’s chivalrous but also humorous.”

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gerard butler launches his new boss bottled campaign 01
gerard butler launches his new boss bottled campaign 02
gerard butler launches his new boss bottled campaign 03
gerard butler launches his new boss bottled campaign 04
gerard butler launches his new boss bottled campaign 05
gerard butler launches his new boss bottled campaign 06
gerard butler launches his new boss bottled campaign 07
gerard butler launches his new boss bottled campaign 08
gerard butler launches his new boss bottled campaign 09

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  • My, my.

    There may be truth to those rumors because he’s trying very hard to make the world believe he’s constantly in the midst of a passionate encounter with his new lady.
    I doubt he can’t ever get it up, but I would guess that he has trouble getting it up every time. Years of abusing his body have taken their toll.
    This photo from 2011 is not a result of just ‘cleanses’ or healthy weight loss
    Like others have said, he’s trying too hard to convince everyone that he’s all man.

  • Pamela

    Oh, he looks good. Be happy for people.

  • My, my.

    He is looking good in these photos. JJ gives him the thread he wants, and he gives them one, they want.
    I love PR.
    Next, we’ll have a girlfriend thread.

  • Pamela

    Yeah, he’s all about shock value, that one.

  • Pamela
  • Pamela


    Nope, NOOO, I AM NOT DOING THIS….nonononononnononononono!
    #5 Is NOT ME.

  • Pamela

    N6 not me . Hbbuhvyugugytui u

  • @@@???

    Too late the Debbie downers, the Wendy Whiners, Talking to Myself Theresas, the Pammy clones and the Conspiracy Theorists, already here.

    La revedere proșt!

  • Pamela


    lol You all are crazy…

  • John Ritter?

    He could have trimmed that beard. He Looks like John Ritter.

  • Time to Ask..

    What a nice Ad campaign.
    Saw the video and loved it.
    Well done Gerry. Congratulations!

  • From Russia with Love
  • The Boss
  • saralou

    At least the mystery is solved as to where he was going with his GF. Love this add campaign and oh boy he looks sooo hot in a suit. Definitely looking happy.

  • I hope not
  • GerryLovesCupCakes

    Last week he asked for a woman’s number on the beach after flirting with her for like twenty minutes, and then he jets out of L.A. with his mystery girlfriend?
    This has committed relationship written all over it *rolling my eyes*
    Thanks for the hard sell Gerard, but we’re not buying.
    He looks good here, but needs a shave and hair brush. -

  • Why not

    I enjoy seeing gerry, no matter what he does, I like seeing pictures and reading articles to know what he’s up to. Never have and will never meet a person so energetic and gets such a kick out of life. Every time I see him smile I can’t help but smile too, even when he is doing nothing but getting coffee. After all these years still enjoy him.

  • Why not

    @GerryLovesCupCakes: No hard sell. He is gerry and has never been any different. What’s the problem? You don’t hear anything about him in two days and this place goes nuts. Not that it doesn’t even when there is new news.
    People are never satisfied no matter what he does or who he’s with.

  • GerryLovesCupCakes

    @Why not:
    No hard sell? lol!
    Maybe you should look through the past few months of tweets, threads on JJ and Facebook posts. He is selling this relationship and going over the top with it.

  • Lower case g


  • GerryLovesCupCakes

    You haven’t been posting lately. What do you think is happening here with the LAX pap parade with this woman?
    I’ve never seen him bring a woman into the middle of paparazzi attention like this. He was papped with MG at the airport, but you could tell that he looked unhappy about it. Here with NobuGirl, he’s smiling and even smirking at the camera. What gives? Why push this thing so hard?

  • Why not

    @GerryLovesCupCakes: Well let’s see shall we…nobody talks about his movies, past or present, his charities or his ambitions unless of course it is to say that his career is over [every day some idiot brings that up], he does it for PR or nobody cares or bring up the old ex.
    What does that leave you with? JJ has been around for a while and his team knows what sells. Sex and love lives of the celebrities. That’s the bottom line. But that shouldn’t stop anyone who really cared about him to talk something other than trashing him. Should it? Gossip is one thing, condemning a person because of who they are is something else again.
    Everybody wants to change him and yet it is who he is that brings us here. If his life ended today would you miss him as a person or just miss the hate fest and pick someone else to trash?
    No I haven’t missed anything. Like the girl, like the surfing pictures and the pda ,
    So exactly who is he selling the relationship to? You? The thread? The nasty trolls? It is what it is. Bring it on, all of it. He does do other things you know. But what get discussed?
    U guessed it. Her hair, her boots her age her toes her boobs. Good grief. Don’t you find that a little disturbing just every now and again?

  • GerryLovesCupCakes

    @Why not:
    Most of your reply post has nothing to do with the comments I’ve made. I don’t care if he likes, loves or hates this woman. My interest lies in trying to understand why he is trying to sell it to the public.
    When was the last time he paraded a woman through LAX? Why does he feel he needs to be ‘seen’ being overtly sexual with her? Why her?
    His motivation for all of this is much more interesting that her boots. He’s playing a game and I want to know the rules, his opponents, what he considers to be a touchdown.

  • I’d like to know too

    Beautiful! Just Beautiful! FINALLY!!!!!
    I really hope they hired a new stylist at HB for this campaign. The pic with his eyes so blue is The keeper of all time. I don’t care if half of it is make-up and hair dye. This is business. I do wish they’d have cleaned him up just a bit more for the press conference.
    I strangely am looking forward to seeing Nobu girl in full make-up and NYC clothes. I was suprized she didn’t seem more done up in the LAX pics, just blew out her hair. Mine is exactly the same only more light auburn and longer, baby fine, Irish curly, and damned near impossible. She gives the appearance of not caring what other people think. That could be attractive to Gerard, but damaging, if she doesn’t play the HW game.
    As to the “rumor” post, Gerard was checking for a raise in this crotch after the first parking lot pics with Nobu, after the tush-grab snogg. He’s also been pic’d with a noticeable bulge several times since 2011. That recent pic, more than anything else convinced me he was aware of the paps. He’s an actor, and makes his living Not looking at the camera. I have no clue anymore what’s going on with him. I hope he does. If this relationship is “real”, then GOD bless them. It doesn’t even come close to the least one I have had.
    I have to distance myself from this. Not healthy. I really do like the new studio pics though.

  • There are NO rules

    I’m not GFW but 32 seconds is not exactly playing a game.
    Not exactly sure why you make such a big deal about it either. 30 seconds of a video from paps that hang out at LAX is not a conspiracy and selling you a bill of goods. I would think you should know by now that they are together. What don’t you understand? He literally sprinted into the airport, She delayed and sprinted up the stairs. Together, lovers that are together, to get her. Together. What the hell is wrong with you? Lovers, sleeping, eating, Get it? Overly sexual would be the act on video. PDA is not unusual. We are talking HW, Malibu, west coast. By the way, he already made a touchdown in case you hadn’t notice. You had a chance to ask him in the Q & A. Why didn’t you? This is not your game. You aren’t a player and don’t set the rules either. What you do need is a break from JJ.

  • K Keyvani

    @GerryLovesCupCakes: Stop asking me what I think. My lug and I have a special thing just between us. He tells me his secrets and I listen and comment, directing him to answers he may not have thought of before. We are as one, always. She is nothing and will be gone soon. Trust me on this and I’m updating my blog.

  • Argh!

    @There are NO rules: Yoi’ve missed tne point of what the poster was saying. They’re together. We know. They’re shagging. We know that too. Whatever.
    The question is: why now to flaunt it?

  • K Keyvani

    He won’t marry her, never ever. She’s using him to get film roles. Obvious to all of course.

  • There are NO rules

    @Argh!: Thought I made that point as plain as day. Who’s flaunting?
    They are a couple and traveling together and THE PAPS ARE ALWAYS AT LAX.
    What I don’t understand is why you aren’t getting it.
    What are they supposed to do, take separate planes? They couldn’t have run any faster without breaking their necks on the escalator.
    Why now. What do you mean? They have been together for quite a while now. Isn’t this what you all want to see? If you don’t, you’re on the wrong web site.

  • There are NO rules

    @K Keyvani: Okay sure, of course. Film roles now is it? Oh why didn’t I see that?
    In your dreams. Get out of your geriatric chair and get some wine….a lot of wine.

  • GerryLovesCupCakes

    “The question is: why now to flaunt it?”.
    Thank you for getting it and for putting it succinctly. You’re right. Why flaunt it?
    The woman at the school beach outing who made the comments about Gerry flirting with the teacher, and then getting her number has me more convinced that he isn’t as serious about Nobu Girl as he’d like us to believe.
    If any guy is interested in you, he’s not getting numbers on the side. Period.
    So why take another vacay with her? Running through the paparazzi permanent holding spot at LAX?
    Maybe they’re dating openly, but her anonymity in name (for now at least) doesn’t preclude her from gaining something in this Public PDA Affair. We already know he gets column inches, and Boss gets a mention.
    Hugo Boss, needs him to be trending for their brand to be mentioned too. Like it or not. Gerry plays the PR game.
    This is a new tactic and a new set of rules he’s trying out. I want to know why and what the end game is.

  • Right

    @There are NO rules: They’re all jealous hags. She’s a lovely girl and will give him beautiful tall lean children like herself. I can’t wait till they announce the engagement and we find out what her name is. I hear she’s Aussie? Anyone know? I like her a lot!

  • Charlene Dickerson says…

    I just watched the video and it doesn’t look like he’s parading her…It doesn’t even look like he wants to be around her. My opinion.


  • There are NO rules

    1.Maybe he got the teachers number to support the team. He will never call her but his team will put a check in the mail.
    2. He’s playing a game for the love of PR .
    3. He wants you to know he’s off the market for at least 2 months.
    4. He’s tired of hiding on the ranch.
    5. PR, Pr. Pr.
    6. He loves jj and wants to get more posts.
    5. She’s camera shy and trying to break her in and get her used to his crazy world.
    6. He wants to make sure she can take it.
    7. He is sick and tired of dumb posters trying to play out his life and giving back.

  • GerryLovesCupCakes

    @There are NO rules:
    Very true but it sounds like you’ve never been to LAX because then you’d know that there are like five different ways you can get into the upper level departures entrance. If she got dropped off first, no one would have known who she was and she could have met him at the terminal. He chose to parade her through the paparazzi.
    And I hate to shatter everyone’s rose colored glasses, but there is also a side door security entrance into LAX on the lower level (which is actually arrivals) that a LOT of celebrities take when they don’t want to be papped.
    Most celebs strolling through LAX on arrival, WANT to be seen.

  • There are NO rules

    You just go right ahead and spend the day trying to figure out doors and ways to get into LAX and escalators and your conspiracy theory. You sound more demented and crazed with every post. Done with it.

  • Right

    So they met in OZ, have been together for a few months now. She’s been to Iceland with him, to NYC and all over the beach and to restaurants and clubs. He’s off the market ladies. Get used to it. He’s not trying to hide her and he is pround to be seen with her. She’s the one! Took him long enough. I heartily approve. If only it made him a better actor.

  • just a thought

    He looks great and he looks happy and I for one believe it’s because he has someone who cares for him. Not how they can benefit from a relationship with him. MG no matter what anyone says hurt him.

  • Has anybody

    Read Ross King’s book?
    Taking Hollywood: New book co-written by Shari Low & Ross King is packed with sex and scandal

  • Wrong

    Oh come on. He’s hiding that pe/en that he keeps stiff for his real love Bosche. Everyone knows he’s got a thing for masculine hotties. He’ll do anything to cover up his real secret.

  • GerryLovesCupCakes

    @There are NO rules:
    ” You sound more demented and crazed with every post”.
    Why? Because I’ve been to LAX and you haven’t?
    How do you suppose he got in and out of LAX, multiple times with MG without being papped?
    Do you really think this is the first and only time by some miracle the paps got lucky and caught him with a woman at the airport? Grow up.
    Conspiracy theories about celebrities using the paps for PR purposes? How naive are you?

  • I give up

    @GerryLovesCupCakes: How many times did gerry and MG get in and out of Lax without being papped? Want to know the numbers. Aprox. is ok.
    How many other times did gerry get papped with other women at the airport? Rough count is ok. Not including Amy.

  • Time to ask…

    @From Russia with Love:

    Enjoyed the photos, he looks really great.
    Thank you.

  • http://gerard-butler-steps-out-out-gods-of-egypt-casts-more-actors/comment-page-96 CHOLITA♒

    caray !…mi gerard butler en hugo! ve cool!!..pero miren, que lindo bebito. alla arriba y con ese gorrito se ve precioso!…me trae recuerdos de cuando mis pequeños sobrinos y sobrinas nacieron tan adorables..y con mis hermanas menores ibamos a comprar las ropas para los bebes..los zapatitos..los vestiditos y camisitas…que lindo.Espero que a mi gerard le vaya bien en su promo de este perfume varonil..un besote amorcito…chaufis.

  • Sonia

    I really love how he looks with a beard and longer hair, just like when he was in Sydney earlier this year. And, of course, add a suit into that equation and you get physical perfection (in my books anyway). If only we had audio or video clips of this press launch or the one he did few weeks ago in London. Always nice to listen to that sexy voice.

  • Dimwit
  • How do you explain


    Then a real date with Carmella Casinelli in June who obviously was close to his family? He hasn’t been 3 mos with Nobu, probably didn’t even meet her in OZ but in Malibu when he moved there.

  • Pamela

    @There are NO rules:
    Ill take #6 for 200, Alex…….

  • guess who?