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Actor Jason Dottley Alleges Benny Medina Tried to Rape Him

In the wake of various ongoing sexual assault scandals coming to light in Hollywood, Sordid Lives actor Jason Dottley is coming forward with an allegation of his own against Benny Medina.

The 36-year-old actor claims that the 59-year-old TV and music manager tried to rape him in a story reported by The Advocate published on Friday (November 10).

Jason alleges that Benny, who currently manages Jennifer Lopez, met him around December of 2008 at The Abbey in West Hollywood, Calif.

Benny reportedly invited Jason and his friend to his home, when Benny allegedly got physical while giving a tour.

“There was no ‘Do you want to see my bedroom?’ We literally got to the door and he grabbed me by the chest of my shirt and threw me onto his bed. Now I’m 6 foot tall and was 155 pounds, and this is a stocky strong man. We all have these things playing in our heads of what would we ever do if someone ever tried to do something, and none of my preplanned motions would work.”

Jason‘s friend reportedly burst into the room and stopped it from going further. Jason says that he told almost nobody, including his husband at the time, out of fear.

“I was emasculated, I was humiliated, and at that time, no one was coming forward and I was afraid if I went to the police or the press that Benny Medina was powerful enough to ruin both my career and my ex-husband’s.”

The Advocate reports that they’ve made several attempts to contact Benny for comment. They also reached out to attorney David B. Feldman who represented Benny on several occasions. He had no comment on the matter but “said he would pass along the information.”

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