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Kristoffer Polaha Interview -- Exclusive

Kristoffer Polaha Interview -- Exclusive

Kristoffer Polaha is opening up to in an exclusive interview about his series Life Unexpected!

JJ: Could you tell us about your character, Nate (aka Baze)?

KP: He goes by the name of Nate, he owns a bar that he lives above and he sort of is a ne’er-do-well who refuses to grow up, I suppose, until he is confronted with his 15-year-old daughter who he had with own Portland’s own Cate Cassidy and he sort of, without a moment of hesitation, decides to try to be a father figure to this kid and hijinks ensue. Hijinks and high drama!

JJ: What’s your favorite prop from the set?

KP: (laughs) The prop that’s gotten the most use and that we’ve talked about the most is a bong lamp – it’s a lamp that my character had as a college student, let’s say, and then they turned it into a lamp. He gifts it to Lux and you’ll see it in the episode as it unfolds – but I would have to say that that’s probably my favorite prop!

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Kristoffer Polaha Interview — Exclusive

JJ: So we’ll see it again after she’s sold it?

KP: Yes, you’ll see it again!

JJ: What’s been your favorite moment with co-star Brittany Robertson, on or off-set?

KP: Well, I call Brittany The Wonder Kid ’cause she’s 19 years old, she’s a young lady and she’s got this really wonderfully old soul. She’s wise beyond her years. There’s a lot of kids in Hollywood and they’ve either been spoiled by the business or jaded by the business, and she’s neither. She’s got this really great work ethic, so every scene I have with her is always a pleasure to do. We have a great off-set relationship. I wrote a little song as Baze for Lux, so for Brittany as Lux. I wrote this song and then it went to a friend of mine who could actually produce it and we laid down the piano tracks, then my voice. I played it for her and she flipped out, so that was fun!

JJ: Very cute. Being on this show, does that mean you won’t return to Mad Men?

KP: They brought me on every year for an episode or two episodes a season and my character’s always made little tiny appearances. So depending on when we start back up, Carlton might make a little comeback! But it’s never a definite thing.

JJ: If you could have any guest star, who would be the best fit?

KP: That’s a really tough question, Jared – I’ve never given it any thought! Okay, give me a category…like as Lux’s friend or a counterpart for me?

JJ: Someone who would change up the chemistry of the cast.

KP: Someone to shake things up? Oh man – I’m sure it’d be an actress. So say the show goes, right? And everyone’s rooting for Cate and Baze and then Cate and Ryan make a comeback and just as Baze is out of the picture, Cate starts to find Baze attractive again and that relationship takes off. Then another woman would have to come into the picture and sort of take Baze away from Cate.

JJ: And who would this woman be?

KP: It’d have to be Emily Blunt! She’s cute and British.

JJ: Two of your costars have been CW/WB shows – Shiri Appleby was on Roswell and Kerr Smith was on Dawson’s Creek. Have you seen those?

KP: Yeah, I’ve seen Dawson’s Creek! My wife actually really loved the show so I’ve probably seen the last two seasons of that and then I was actually a guest on Roswell at one point! Shiri and I never shared screen time together, but I’ve actually worked on that show.

JJ: Do you have any nicknames?

KP: Some friends call me K-Po but a lot of people just call me Kris.

A new episode of Life Unexpected called “Turtle Undefeated” airs next Monday (February 15) @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW.

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