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'Shadow & Bone' Renewed for Season 2, Netflix Reveals How Many Users Watched!

Netflix has announced that Shadow & Bone has been renewed for a second season! If you don’t know, the fantasy series is based on Leigh Bardugo‘s worldwide bestselling Grishaverse novels/

The streamer also revealed that so many people watched the first season after it debuted a few weeks ago.

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Shadow & Bone's Ben Barnes Sings the 'Friends' Theme Song at His Piano - Watch Now!

Ben Barnes is showing off his vocal talents by putting his own spin on the Friends theme song!

The 39-year-old actor, who stars in the new hit Netflix series Shadow & Bone, has been doing covers on social media for a while now. Check out a cover he did of “All You Need Is Love” back in 2019.

“Who’s feeling nostalgic at the @friends reunion?! Felt compelled to mess with the theme song,” Ben wrote on Twitter. He added that the cast “were such a huge part of my teens. I got the VHS every Xmas. ”

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'Shadow & Bone' Star Ben Barnes Reveals the One Detail He Helped Change From the Book

SPOILER ALERT – This post contains Shadow & Bone spoilers so continue reading at your own risk!

Ben Barnes is opening up about his character from his new Netflix series, Shadow & Bone!

The 39-year-old actor revealed that he actually had a hand in changing a small detail from the book about the relationship between Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) and his character General “The Darkling” Kirigan, per THR.

In Leigh Bardugo‘s novel, Kirigan makes the first move and unexpectedly kisses Alina. After they show Alina’s abilities to the royal court, the pair kiss again and the book suggests that they come very close to having sex but are interrupted.

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Ben Barnes Talks His Career Ups & Downs, Leading to 'Shadow & Bone'

Ben Barnes is the star of Netflix’s new number one show, Shadow & Bone, and in a new interview, he opened up about his career ups and downs.

The 39-year-old actor first broke onto the scene as the title character in the 2008 movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. The movie was expected to be a big hit after the franchise’s first film grossed $745 million worldwide, but it ended up being a disappointment.

Ben talked to Variety about what it was like to be declared “the new prince of Hollywood” and to then find his career opportunities disappear.

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Ben Barnes Knew Fans Wanted Him As 'Shadow & Bone's The Darkling From Tumblr

Ben Barnes is opening up about taking on the role of General Kirigan, the leader of Ravka’s army, in Netflix’s Shadow and Bone.

The 39-year-old is well aware that fans have wanted him to play the character, who is also known as The Darkling, for quite some time.

“There was some chatter even a few years before the show — Leigh Bardugo had supported the idea of me playing that character,” he shared about fans dreamcasting him in the role. “I sort of felt a bit kismet that I was supposed to do it, in some way.”

Showrunner Eric Heisserer also opened up about the fan connection to the role for Ben, revealing that he personally didn’t know about it, but author Leigh Bardugo did.

“I had this old Tumblr post where somebody had done an edit of Ben with this fantastic quote, as the Darkling,” she recalled to Polygon. “And I sent it to Eric, and I was like, ‘Thumbs up for me.’”

Eric had then taken Ben out to lunch to talk about the role and towards the end, he had “slid over his phone at me, and it was the same Tumblr post, [and he was] like, ‘You’re gonna hire me now, aren’t you?’”

Shadow and Bone centers on Alina Starkov who has just discovered an extraordinary power that could be the key to setting her country free.

The series will premiere Friday, April 23. Watch the trailer here!

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'Shadow & Bone' Gets Full Length Trailer Ahead of Netflix Debut - Watch Now!

The trailer for Shadow and Bone is finally here!

Here’s a synopsis: Based on Leigh Bardugo’s worldwide bestselling Grishaverse novels, Shadow and Bone finds us in a war-torn world where lowly soldier and orphan Alina Starkov has just unleashed an extraordinary power that could be the key to setting her country free. With the monstrous threat of the Shadow Fold looming, Alina is torn from everything she knows to train as part of an elite army of magical soldiers known as Grisha. But as she struggles to hone her power, she finds that allies and enemies can be one and the same and that nothing in this lavish world is what it seems. There are dangerous forces at play, including a crew of charismatic criminals, and it will take more than magic to survive.

The show stars Jessie Mei Li (Alina Starkov), Archie Renaux (Malyen Oretsev), Freddy Carter (Kaz Brekker), Amita Suman (Inej), Kit Young (Jesper Fahey), and Ben Barnes (General Kirigan).

The show debuts on Netflix on April 23! Check out the trailer…

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Julianne Hough & Ben Barnes Look So Cute Together During an Ice Cream Date!

Julianne Hough and Ben Barnes are reigniting rumors that they’re a couple!

The 32-year-old dancer and the 39-year-old actor were spotted on an afternoon ice cream date on Thursday (January 28) in Studio City, Calif.

Julianne and Ben were seen getting a frozen treat from Salt & Straw and they even shared their ice cream cones while on their way back to the car.

E! News reports that an eyewitness said the possible couple debated over who would pay for the ice cream. In the end, Ben won and paid for the tab.

While Julianne and Ben definitely look flirty in the photos, sources have said in the past that they’ve known each other for years and likely are just friends.

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