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Duane Chapman Reveals Why He Proposed to Moon Angell After Late Wife's Death

Duane Chapman is explaining why he proposed to Beth Chapman‘s friend Moon Angell after his late wife’s death in June 2019.

Dog the Bounty Hunter got candid about continuing to mourn the loss of Beth in a new interview with ET.

“Oh, I miss her,” Duane said. “Eight months, that’s the worst part, it seems like yesterday and they say ‘time heals all wounds.’ No, it doesn’t.”

“She was the glue that held my family together,” he continued. “So now I got to redo it and restaple everybody — and we are all kind of brawling right now.”

“Well, the girls are very upset because of other girls I’d be looking at,” Duane added. “Or they may say, ‘Dad, they just like you because you are Dog the Bounty Hunter. They don’t like you because you are Dwayne or Dad.’ The boys are like, ‘Dad, you know, if you love them, if you like them, we are for you or whatever you decide.’”

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Duane Chapman Shares Family's Plans for First Christmas Without Beth

Duane Chapman (aka Dog the Bounty Hunter) is opening up about his family’s Christmas plans six months after his beloved wife Beth Chapman‘s passing.

The 66-year-old bounty hunter dished about keeping his late wife’s memory alive a new interview with ET.

“For the holidays, probably half of us, including me, will be in Colorado, and then the other half is in Hawaii, and of course Leland is in Alabama,” Duane said about his son and co-star on his reality series. “So this year, everybody’s all spread out.”

Beth was old style, old-fashioned,” he continued. “So, you know, that means the tree and the presents. All the stockings hung up… so I’m trying to keep that exact tradition. I’ve got it all decorated. All the stockings are hung. We always left — when the kids were young — cookies for Santa, and I think I’ll do that this year also.”

“Every little ball that’s on the tree, every ornament, you know, there’s 20 years plus of ornaments on that tree, so as I hung [them], I remembered where and when we bought each one,” he added.

Beth knew every single [Christmas song], and she made us all listen to Christmas songs like two weeks before Christmas,” Dog the Bounty Hunter shared. “As we decorated the tree, she’d put on Christmas songs. Every night before we went to bed she’d put them on. So I think the girls are taking it the hardest without being able to sing with mom.”

Beth Chapman died in June at age 51 after a two-year battle with throat cancer.

“It’s the worst thing you could ever go through,” Duane Chapman said. “I’ve been to prison, I’ve been let out of prison. I’ve captured some of the worst sons of bitches in the world, and nothing is worse than this. … What a terrible year I had. Ended this year with Beth being gone, so I know that 2020 has got to be better cause nothing can be that bad.”

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Dog the Bounty Hunter Contemplates Suicide After Wife Beth Chapman's Death

Dog the Bounty Hunter is getting incredibly candid about his immediate thoughts following the death of his wife, Beth Chapman.

The 66-year-old star of Dog’s Most Wanted opened up about contemplating suicide on the finale of the show on Wednesday (November 6).

“I’ve only been alone as I showered and I had to run out without a towel, because I can’t be alone right now. That’s when I start thinking about things. And I lay down to take a nap, and I reached over to touch something, and it was the freaking dog. I don’t realize yet psychologically that she’s gone gone and I’ll never, ever see her. I don’t realize that,” he said during the final episode.

“I just hope that I don’t live very much longer without her, because now she made the first step, she’s through the gate. She paved a way for me. I want to take a g–d-n pain pill so bad. I feel like if I did something to myself right now and passed away suicidal and I got to heaven and was like, ‘Hi honey,’ and would she go, ‘You dumb–s, why would you do that?’ Or would she go, ‘Wow, you’re here.’ I’ll be like ‘Of course I’m here. You left me. I’m here.’ So, am I obligated to do that?”

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Our thoughts are with Beth Chapman‘s loved ones at this difficult time.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Says This Is What Is Helping Him With Grief After Losing Beth Chapman

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Duane Chapman Gives Sad Update Following Death of Beth

Dog the Bounty Hunter is revealing some more sad news after the death of his beloved wife Beth Chapman.

Duane Chapman, 66, says that some of his kids are “barely making it.”

“Each one copes differently, there is a few that [are] really barely making it,” Duane told People Now. “We don’t know what to do. We haven’t read, we weren’t prepared. I lost my mother first, and when my mom passed away, I’m like, ‘I wish dad would have died first, you know, ’cause I love my mommy.’ So I went to them and said, ‘I’m so sorry that I didn’t die first and mom did.’”

“And they were like, ‘Yeah dad, why?’” he continued. “So I was like, ‘Oh my god, I know what that feels like, I should’ve been the one. The guy goes first.’”

“So that’s hard for them,” he added. “And I guess I’m the softy of the group, because I never wanted to punish. I said, ‘Your mom is gonna get you if you don’t do that.’ So now I gotta be the one that does that, and I don’t like that and they don’t either.”

“Its not been that long,” he said. “They are helping cook, because Beth was a fantastic cook. … I am doing their laundry, I’m vacuuming, making my own bed. So I don’t wanna lie, they do nothing. They’re kids. … It’s just, ‘Dad’s there, he can do it.’”

In addition to Duane, Beth is survived by four children: Bonnie Chapman, 20, Garry Chapman, 18, Dominic Davis, 34, and Cecily Chapman, 26 (Beth’s daughter with her ex-husband, whom Duane Chapman adopted).

Beth Chapman died on June 26 at the age of 51 following a battle with throat cancer.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter Reveals the Item Belonging to Late Wife Beth He Wants Back After Store Robbery

Dog the Bounty Hunter is now dealing with another tragic event just weeks after his wife Beth‘s passing.

The 66-year-old reality star, whose real name is Duane Chapman, revealed that the couple’s store in Colorado was burglarized, with the culprit not only taking thousands of dollars of clothing but also Beth‘s personal belongings.

“We had this 15 years…it was Beth’s…Cops have been here trying to see who was inside the building, when usually it’s only open during the day. We’ve got a list, a lot of stuff is missing. I had a lot of Beth’s bounty gear here, and all that’s gone. Some of her personal stuff was here, all of that is gone,” Duane said during a press conference.

Duane is giving the criminals 48 hours to turn themselves in without facing charges before things will get very serious.

But when it comes down to it, Duane said if he could get one item back, it would be Beth’s “taser.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter Tearfully Remembers Wife Beth at Her Memorial: 'I Miss Her So Much'

Dog the Bounty Hunter got emotional during his late wife Beth Chapman‘s memorial service in Colorado.

The 66-year-old reality star -whose real name is Duane Chapman – to the stage at the Heritage Christian Center in Aurora where he fought back tears while remembering his wife.

“I cannot believe that she’s gone. This is not possible, I want to wake up from a dream,” Duane shared. “She will never be dead to me. She is in another place. ’m gonna get to heaven and make her so proud. She’s gonna say like she said here, ‘That’s my man right there, that’s big daddy right there.’”

Beth lost her battle with throat cancer in June. She was 51-years-old.

“I walked through the closet the other day and I smell her,” Duane tearfully said. “Then this morning, I could smell her. I said, ‘Is it okay if I keep the closet like that?’ ” he shared, before adding that a loved one had responded: “Until you die, that closet is staying the same.”

“It is one of the worst feelings a man or woman could ever have. I’m telling you,” Duane continued. “I’ve never felt this bad, I’m sad. I didn’t want to do a celebration of life because I’m sad. I miss her so much.”