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'Instagram Famous' Woman Goes Viral for Plane Rant, Identity Revealed!

Another day, another viral airplane passenger video.

Over the weekend, a video began circulating on social media of a mystery woman in a bodysuit getting into a heated fight with other passengers on a plane.

At one point, she yells “call me a b-tch again, I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Another passenger yells at her to shut up, and she responds: “No, you shut the f-ck up! You shut the f-ck up, and your b-tch.” When she notices someone filming the heated exchange, she declares to the camera: “Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you f-cking bum.”

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'Nepo Baby' Joins New Terms & Words Added to Dictionary, Phrases Updated to Be Gender-Inclusive

It’s time to learn some new words! announced its latest update this week, which includes 566 new entries, 348 new definitions for pre-existing entries, and 2,256 revised definitions, via Literary Hub.

New additions include terms like “nepo baby” (a celebrity with a parent who is also famous”), “decision fatigue” (mental and emotional exhaustion resulting from excessive or relentless decision-making) and “box braids” (a hairstyle originating among Black people), as well as lesser known terms like “shower orange” (an orange that is peeled and eaten under a steamy shower) and “mountweazel” (a decoy entry in a reference work).

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Director Paul Feig Speaks Out After His Friend Laura Ann Carleton Was Shot & Killed for Displaying a Pride Flag at Her Shop

Paul Feig is speaking out after a devastating murder.

The 60-year-old Bridesmaids and The Office director issued a statement following the death of shop owner and mother of nine Laura Ann Carleton, who was shot and killed by a man who confronted her for displaying a Pride flag.

“Our wonderful friend Lauri Carlton (seen in this picture) was murdered yesterday in her store @magpi_shop in Lake Arrowhead by a 27 year old man who didn’t like that she had a large pride flag hanging outside of her shop,” he wrote.

“He ripped it down and when she confronted him about it he shot and killed her.”

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15 Stars with Crazy Hidden Talents (One Star is a Fire-Eater & Another Can Sing With Their Mouth Closed!)

Hollywood is full of super talented actors, musicians, and athletes, but many of those stars also have crazy and weird hidden talents.

From fire eating to smelling cavities to being a trained magician, some stars have some crazy hidden talents.

We’re now taking a look at some of the craziest hidden talents that celebs have revealed they have over the years!

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Woman Says She Divorced Her Husband For 'Stranger Things' Star Dacre Montgomery Catfish, Sent Him Over $10,000

A woman is claiming that she was scammed by someone pretending to be Dacre Montgomery!

The Kentucky woman, named McKayla, said she started a relationship online with who she thought to be the 28-year-old Stranger Things actor.

The Youtube series Catfished revealed that McKayla divorced her husband after hitting it off with a user who began “doing things” that made her believe he was Dacre, who plays Billy on the popular Netflix series.

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Succession's Crystal Finn Attacked by Otters in Northern California

Crystal Finn had an unfortunate encounter with otters.

The actress, who played Lauren Pawson in the Season 4 “America Decides” episode of Succession, was attacked by otters in Northern California, she told the San Francisco Chronicle.

She said she was swimming in the Feather River near Plumas National Forest in July.

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Stars That Left Hollywood for Normal Jobs (One Actor Became a Police Officer After Playing One on TV!)

Despite successful careers, several stars have left Hollywood behind for normal jobs!

Over the years, stars including Frankie Muniz, Jennifer Stone, and Kal Penn said goodbye to the acting careers in Hollywood and pursued jobs in different fields.

We’re now taking a look at 15 stars that left Hollywood for normal jobs – and one star even became a police officer after playing one on TV!

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