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Ed Sheeran Addresses His Eating Disorder, Quitting Hard Alcohol But Choosing Not to Be Fully Sober, the Death of His Friend (& the Rumor About Them), the Amount of Times He's Had COVID & More in 'Rolling Stone'

Ed Sheeran is giving a brand new interview and revealing a ton of personal information in the pages of Rolling Stone.

The 32-year-old singer spoke about a variety of topics [trigger warning] including suicidal thoughts, the eating disorder he has, the sudden death of one of his best friends, giving up hard liquor, and so much more in this wide ranging interview.

Ed also makes references to his wife, Cherry Seaborn, and their two daughters, Lyra Antarctica, 2, and Jupiter, 8 months.

We’ve collected the highlights here for you.

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Ed Sheeran's Very Personal Docuseries 'The Sum of It All' Releases Trailer - Watch Now!

Ed Sheeran‘s journey from an unlikely child with a stutter to a global music superstar is followed in the upcoming docuseries Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All, which has just released a trailer.

The 32-year-old singer-songwriter who is normally private, opened up to share some of the most difficult parts of his life.

“I’ve always been very guarded in my personal and private life; the only documentary I’ve ever made has been one that focused on my songwriting,” Ed said. “Disney approached me to make a four-part documentary, and it felt like the right time to open the door and let people in. I hope people enjoy it.”

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Ed Sheeran Reveals Wife Cherry's Tumor Diagnosis, Opens Up About Best Friend's Death in 'Subtract' Album Announcement

Ed Sheeran is making some exciting professional news, as well as some very emotional personal life updates about his wife, Cherry Seaborn, as well as his late best friend, Jamal Edwards.

The 32-year-old “Shape of You” singer-songwriter confirmed that he is releasing a new studio album called - (Subtract), following a line of mathematical-themed album titles.

“I had been working on Subtract for a decade, trying to sculpt the perfect acoustic album, writing and recording hundreds of songs with a clear vision of what I thought it should be. Then at the start of 2022, a series of events changed my life, my mental health, and ultimately the way I viewed music and art,” he began.

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British Music Entrepreneur Jamal Edwards' Cause of Death Released After His Sudden Death at 31

Jamal Edwards‘ mom has revealed his cause of death four months after his sudden passing at the young age of 31.

If you don’t know, the 31-year-old’s online media platform helped launch the careers of Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, Rita Ora and so many more stars.

Jamal‘s mom, Brenda Edwards, who is one of the hosts of the UK talk show Loose Women, released a statement that confirmed his cause of death was officially listed as cardiac arrhythmia caused by recreational drugs.

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British Music Entrepreneur Jamal Edwards Passes Away at 31

British music entrepreneur and YouTube star Jamal Edwards has died at the young age of 31.

The music industry insider founded the music platform SBTV and helped launch the careers of many popular stars. The platform featured the early work of stars like Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, Rita Ora, and more.

SBTV has 1.22 million subscribers on YouTube and over a billion views on its videos.

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