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Ree Drummond Says Her Husband Ladd Broke His Neck During Accident

Ree Drummond is updating fans on her husband, Ladd‘s situation after his accident with their nephew, Caleb.

Both of the men had been driving separate fire trucks en route to extinguish fires that have been burning through thousands of acres of land throughout Oklahoma.

Caleb “was ejected approximately 70 feet from point of rest” and transported to the hospital, while Ladd reportedly “refused treatment at the scene.”

“This was partly because he wanted the paramedics to focus on Caleb, partly because he was still a little stunned by the accident, and partly because cowboys don’t like to admit when they’re hurt,” Ree shared in a new update about Ladd refusing treatment at first.

She added that he did break his neck during the accident, in two places.

“Evidently one of the two fractures was very close to being catastrophic,” Ree said in the update and added that he underwent surgery where a few rods and “other hardware” were used to stabilize the severe fracture.

Ree adds that Ladd “will have to wear a neck brace for several weeks to let the other fracture heal, and the girls and I will bling out the brace for [daughter] Alex’s wedding…but we are just grateful he will be here for Alex’s wedding.”

After the accident, Ree shared a thank you to fans for their thoughts and prayers.