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2023's 10 Biggest Global Music Stars Revealed & the Number 1 Topped This List Last Year, Too!

IFPI’s annual 2023 Global Recording Artists of the year list has been released, and this list gives an interesting look into the music industry!

The list looks at the artists’ stats across all mediums, including streaming, downloads, and actual physical sales.

Keep reading to see the top 10 Global Recording Artists of 2023 so far…

39 Artists Who Regret Their Hit Songs

There are plenty of pop stars who have second thoughts about their own music.

Over the years, plenty of different entertainers have spoken out following the smash success of their songs to reveal that, for one reason or another, they feel awkward, embarrassed or even ashamed about certain songs.

It might because of the lyrics. Or the song’s total over-saturation of the market. Regardless, these stars have enough distance between the song’s release and now to reflect on the choices they made.

We’ve gathered together some of the biggest hits from the likes of everyone from Taylor Swift to Radiohead, and how the artists really feel about the songs. Some of these are going to surprise you!

Click through to find out which hit songs artists now regret…

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Who Should Replace Katy Perry on 'American Idol' - Vote for Your Dream Judge in Our Poll

Now that Katy Perry has announced plans to leave American Idol behind, who do you want to see fill her seat at the judges table?

The 39-year-old “Firework” pop icon confirmed that she’d be stepping back from her position as a judge on the show after Idol‘s 22nd season airs. She’s held down a spot on the panel since 2018 when she signed on.

Katy leaving will create a gap that needs to be filled. Who should join Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie on the panel?

We pulled together some of pop music’s biggest stars and want to see who you think has it in them to take over!

Head inside to vote in our poll for your dream American Idol judge…More Here! »

Lana Del Rey Gets Knocked Down in Taylor Swift's Suite After Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl 2024 (Video)

Things got pretty rowdy in Taylor Swift‘s suite at the 2024 Super Bowl!

Lana Del Rey was sitting up in a suite alongside the 34-year-old “Cruel Summer” singer, Blake Lively, Keleigh Teller, and Ice Spice to cheer on Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs the big game against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday (February 11) at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At the very end of the game, Taylor and her friends went absolutely wild when the Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman scored the game-winning touchdown.

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Who's Sitting with Taylor Swift at Super Bowl 2024: Inside Her Suite & Identifying All of Her Friends

Taylor Swift is at the 2024 Super Bowl to cheer on boyfriend Travis Kelce and she’s joined by celebrity friends and family members in her private suite!

The 34-year-old singer has been in attendance at many of Travis‘ game during the football season and she flew back to the U.S. from Tokyo, Japan just to be at the game.

Taylor just performed four shows on the Eras Tour and will be heading to Australia after the game to resume her tour.

Instead of flying directly from Tokyo to Las Vegas, Taylor first flew to Los Angeles and then took a flight from Burbank to Vegas right before the game. She was spotted arriving at Allegiant Stadium two hours ahead of the game and she mingled with friends in her suite while watching the practice session.

Browse through the slideshow to see who’s sitting in Taylor Swift’s suite…

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Here's Why Lana Del Rey Doesn't Get a Grammy for 'Midnights' Win: Recent Rule Change Revealed

If Midnights was released one year earlier, Lana Del Rey would be walking away as a Grammy winner for Album of the Year, but she’s not because of a recent rule change.

Taylor Swift won the coveted Album of the Year award at the 2024 Grammy Awards on Sunday (February 4) at the Arena in Los Angeles.

Fans were confused why Taylor brought Lana on stage with her when her friend has just lost the award for her own album, Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.

As most Taylor fans likely know, Lana is featured on the song “Snow on the Beach” on Midnights. In previous years, featured artists on a Grammy-winning Album of the Year album also were named recipients of the award. That all changed in 2024.

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Expecting a Taylor Swift Lip Reading Moment at Grammys 2024? Fans Think She Came Prepared!

Hoping for another Taylor Swift viral lip reading moment at the 2024 Grammy Awards? Well, don’t get too excited!

Fans noticed Taylor has been holding a fan, and cameras caught Taylor raising the fan to her mouth to cover her lips while speaking at times. Lana Del Rey, who is also a nominee this evening and sitting beside Taylor, also had a fan!

CBS cameras showed Taylor speaking to Jack Antonoff with the fan covering her mouth as to not pick up what she was saying to him.

taylor hiding the tea with her friends with her fan PLEASE😭,” one fan wrote, while another posted, “lol Taylor brought a folding fan so no one can read her lips, I’m dying. #GRAMMYs.”

If you don’t know, Taylor was part of a convo that went viral at the Golden Globes involving Selena Gomez.

Make sure to tune in TONIGHT for the Grammys, hosted by Trevor Noah for the fourth time. The show is airing on CBS right now! Check out the full Grammys winners list, updating live throughout the night.

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