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Stars Who Got Banned From Dating Apps - More Than 1 Got Banned Twice!

It’s not easy being a celebrity.

Whether dealing with people trying to worm their way into your inner circle, invasions of privacy, and money problems, there’s no shortage of issues stars face once they reach a certain level of popularity…and that includes issues with dating.

Over the years, many stars have amusingly reported that they’ve been banned and kicked off of dating apps, usually for being accused of impersonation – when really, it’s them just trying to date like everyone else!

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Logan Paul Defeats Rey Mysterio at WWE Crown Jewel, Becomes U.S. Champion

Logan Paul is officially a WWE champ!

On Saturday (November 4), the 28-year-old YouTuber turned boxer was named the United States champion at the WWE Crown Jewel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Logan defeated WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio to become the new champ.

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Dillon Danis Hits Logan Paul in the Face With a Microphone During Pre-Fight Press Conference

Things are getting chippy between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, days before their MMA fight scheduled for Saturday (October 14).

Chaos broke out on stage during the final pre-fight press conference on Thursday (October 12) in Manchester, U.K., causing its abrupt cancellation.

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Logan Paul Dating History - See the YouTuber Turned WWE Star's Rumored & Confirmed Ex-Girlfriends

Logan Paul has had some pretty high profile relationships over the years!

The now 28-year-old got his start on Vine before turning to YouTube back in 2015.

On the video platform, he has built up quite the following, with his vlog channel currently sitting at over 23 million subscribers. He was even just named one of the top creators of 2023!

Over the years, he has gone on to appear in movies and on TV shows, joining the WWE and he’s also been caught up in controversy a couple of times.

However, his dating history is one that has caught the eyes of many, and he’s been attached to quite a few women, and we’re taking a look at all of his exes.

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How Tall Is MrBeast? Top Male YouTuber Heights Revealed, Ranked From Shortest to Tallest!

We might spend hours watching our favorite YouTube stars sitting down and chatting with us in front of a camera, but have you ever stopped to wonder how tall they actually are?

Some of the biggest creators of the platform measure up to some surprising heights!

Some of the biggest YouTube stars have hundreds of millions of subscribers, and they bring in tens of millions of dollars a year too. (Find out who made the most money in the last year!)

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Forbes Reveals Top Creators 2023 List - Top 10 Revealed, Top 50 Brought In Over $700 Million!

There are influencers, and then there are true Internet forces.

Forbes has identified the most powerful influencers on the Internet in their new yearly ranking, called the Top Creators 2023 list.

This year, the 50 honorees on the list amassed 2.6 billion followers and brought in a haul of an estimated $700 million in earnings, up more than 20% from 2022′s $570 million score.

Brands will spend an estimated $21 billion on creator marketing, up from just $1.6 billion seven years ago, via research firm Influencer Marketing Hub.

The influencers were determined based on their earnings, clout and entrepreneurship, as well as their engagement as indicated by likes, shares and comments. (Click here for a full list explanation.)

The Top 10 list features plenty of familiar faces, but likely some surprises you might not have anticipated.

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Nina Agdal Is Suing & Filing for a Restraining Order Against Dillon Danis Amid Constant Online Trolling

Nina Agdal wants a restraining order.

The 31-year-old Danish model, who recently got engaged to 28-year-old social media star and WWE wrestler Logan Paul, is filing for a restraining order against 30-year-old mixed martial artist Dillon Danis, via TMZ.

Dillon‘s online trolling of Nina has driven her to the point of suing him, as well as filing for the order to make it stop, according to the report.

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