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Marina Releases 'Venus Fly Trap,' Her 'Celebration of Self-Ownership' - Watch the Music Video!

Marina is back with more new music from her upcoming album!

The “How to Be a Heartbreaker” hit-maker returned on Wednesday (June 9) with her newest tune, “Venus Fly Trap.”

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Marina Debuts Empowering 'Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land' Title Track - Listen!

Marina is back with even more music!

The 35-year-old “How to Be a Heartbreaker” singer-songwriter released the title track from her forthcoming record, Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land, on Wednesday (May 19).

You don’t have to be like everybody else,” she declares on the uplifting tune.

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Marina Collaborates With Protest Group Pussy Riot on 'Purge the Poison' Remix - Read the Lyrics!

Marina is putting a new spin on her latest record!

The “Bubblegum Bitch” superstar just dropped a remix of her new single “Purge the Poison” featuring provocative protest group Pussy Riot on Wednesday (May 5).

“Political pop has always been my dream genre. Catchy and contagious, ‘Purge The Poison’ is an ear-worm, and it feeds your brain with the right questions and encourages you to think. I was blown away by this track, and it’s my pleasure to be on ‘Purge’’s remix. In my part I reflect on topics of sisterhood, female and queer power, matriarchy, Christianity and female sexuality,” said the group’s Nadya Tolokonnikova of the collaboration.

Matriarchy runs the state / we are here to dominate” she declares on the remix.

Marina‘s new album, Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land, arrives on June 11.

Prior to this upcoming record, Marina got candid about insecurity after her last studio album.

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Marina Opens Up About Insecurity After Releasing 'Love + Fear' Album: 'Stop Saying I'm Underrated'

Marina, formerly known as Marina + The Diamonds, is opening up about what she’s been going through after releasing her new album, Love + Fear.

The 33-year-old “Handmade Heaven” singer posted a candid update on her social media on Saturday (May 18).

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“My head’s been a mess lately. I’d forgotten about the difficult parts of releasing a record because it’s been so long since I did it. Criticism, opinions, pressures, the comedown after a release etc thinking ‘did I even make something good or valuable?’. I created Love + Fear from a place that was not influenced by ego or validation. It came from a soft space in my spirit. But releasing it is pressing those old buttons and I am trying to figure out why. Maybe it’s natural. Maybe artists need egos? I don’t know. I just often feel in conflict that I am not following my true/ spiritual path because I get sidetracked by aspects of this industry that contaminate my thinking and distract me from my own strengths,” she wrote.

“I don’t lack for anything and it’s a true blessing to have been given an extraordinary chance to contribute to the world with music, so I don’t know what has got me feeling like I am. If I could ask you all of anything, it would be to stop saying I’m underrated. I know it comes from a good place but it reignites this idea that I’m lacking, when in fact the very opposite is true,” she added.

“I think even for those with the thickest skins, it’s almost impossible not to be affected by it all if you’ve created something that is genuine and valuable to you… Every night for a month I have nightmares. I’m usually falling out of the sky or falling out of aeroplanes.”

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Marina Opens Up About Social Media & Shaming Women Online

Marina, formerly known as Marina + The Diamonds, is on the cover of the May 2019 issue of Gay Times, out now.

Here’s what the 33-year-old LOVE+FEAR singer had to say…

On how her music has evolved: “I realized that a lot of my motives were coming from a place of ego as opposed to creativity or love, but then I lost that feeling and it worried me because I thought all artists have big egos, or at least really good ones do. I thought: if I don’t have that feeling anymore, maybe it means I’m not a good artist and I should just stop.”

On social media and shaming women online: “Instagram culture shows these amazing lives, and that taps into your sense of what your life should be and what you should be doing. Reality just can’t compare…when a woman uses her voice in public or speaks up, men send abuse to that female figure, what matters is you’re saying something, and they basically want to silence you.”

On her current outlook on life: “You just take it day by day, because tomorrow there’s going to be other stuff, I can either get very stressed about it or just realize that I can do what I can and that it’s not really realistic that I’m going to achieve everything. If it’s not realistic, then what can I do? There’s no point beating myself up.”

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Marina: 'LOVE + FEAR' Album Stream & Download - Listen Now!

Marina is back!

The 33-year-old singer-songwriter, previously known as Marina + The Diamonds, returned on Friday (April 26) with her fourth studio album, LOVE + FEAR.

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The album is split into two different eight-song collections, LOVE and FEAR.

The album includes previously released tracks “Handmade Heaven,” “Superstar,” “Orange Trees” and “Baby” with Clean Bandit and Luis Fonsi, and was “inspired by psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ theory that all emotions stem from love and fear.”

Listen to Love + Fear! You can download and stream the album across all digital platforms.

Marina: 'LOVE' Album Stream & Download - Listen Now!

Marina, formerly known as Marina + The Diamonds, is back with one of the two records in her forthcoming double album, Love + Fear!

The 33-year-old “Handmade Heaven” singer released her LOVE collection on Thursday (April 4).

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“I created LOVE + FEAR as 2 separate records to be listened to individually. I’m releasing LOVE today so you can listen to it in full before we move onto FEAR,” she explained on her Twitter.

Listen to Love! You can also stream and download the album across all digital platforms here.