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30 Famous Actors Who Starred on Soap Operas (Including Oscar Winners & the First Actor to Play a Gay Teen on Daytime TV)

Soap operas are renowned for their drama and constantly twisting stories. But did you know that they are also a breeding ground for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars?

So many A-list actors have brought characters to life on some of the most beloved sudsers over the years.

For many of them, it was near the start of their career. Some of them made history in their role on the soap opera – like the actor who played the first openly gay teen on daytime TV. Others have gone on to find incredible success in blockbusters.

We did some digging and were able to round up 30 examples of famed actors who have starred on soap operas.

There are a few Oscar winners on this list, several musicians and, overall, a couple of big surprises!

Scroll through the slideshow to see who all made the list…

Who the Stars are Rooting For at Super Bowl 2024: Is Your Fav Celeb for the Chiefs or the 49ers?

So many sports-loving celebrities are gearing up to cheer their favorite football team to victory at the 2024 Super Bowl on Sunday (February 11).

This year’s game sees the Kansas City Chiefs facing off against the San Francisco 49ers, an epic facedown that also took place four years ago in 2020.

When the teams take the field at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, they are going to have a multitude of celebrity fans cheering them on both in the stadium and at home.

You might be wondering if your fav celebrity wants to see the Chiefs or the 49ers win the game this year, and we did some digging to answer that question for you!

Scroll through the slideshow to see who your favorite stars are cheering for at the 2024 Super Bowl…

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Morgan Freeman Weighs In on Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce's Romance

Morgan Freeman is sharing his thoughts on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

in a new interview, the 86-year-old Oscar-winning actor, who is a big fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, was asked how he feels about the 33-year-old “Blank Space” singer dating the 34-year-old linebacker.

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Josh Hutcherson & Morgan Freeman's Action Thriller '57 Seconds' Gets First Trailer - Watch Now!

The trailer for Josh Hutcherson and Morgan Freeman‘s new action thriller has been released!

The two actors star in director Rusty Cundieff‘s movie 57 Seconds based on the short story Lucifer by E.C. Tubb.

The movie also stars Greg Germann, Lovie Simone, Bevin Bru, and Sammi Rotibi.

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josh hutcherson morgan freeman 57 seconds trailer 01
josh hutcherson morgan freeman 57 seconds trailer 02
josh hutcherson morgan freeman 57 seconds trailer 03
josh hutcherson morgan freeman 57 seconds trailer 04
josh hutcherson morgan freeman 57 seconds trailer 05

Here's Why Morgan Freeman Is Missing 'Special Ops: Lioness' Press Events In London

Morgan Freeman was supposed to be on the Lioness press tour with Nicole Kidman and Zoe Saldana.

However, the 86-year-old actor is sitting out the overseas appearances for right now, after coming down with a fever.

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Zoe Saldana Leads the CIA's War On Terror in 'Special Ops:Lioness' Trailer - Watch Now!

Zoe Saldana leads a star-studded cast in a new espionage thriller, Special Ops: Lioness, which is inspired by an actual US Military program.

The 44-year-old Avatar actress is joined by Morgan Freeman, Nicole Kidman, Michael Kelly and Laysla De Oliveira.
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New Study Reveals the 20 Stars People Want to See at the Movies & Only 1 Celebrity Is Under 40 Years Old (Plus, See Where Zendaya, Tom Holland & More Rank)

Who do you most want to watch in a movie theater? A research group polled consumers and asked which movie stars they would actually go to the movies, in person, to see a film live in the theater.

The list is interesting to executives because the top 20 actors and actresses chosen are almost entirely above the age of 40 (with the exception of 1 name.) Respondents were able to choose 5 names when asked.

The results of this poll have allegedly called into question the power that younger stars have in Hollywood and if big young names are enough of a box office draw to lure consumers to movie theaters. So where do names like Zendaya, Tom Holland, and Michael B. Jordan then? Find out!

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