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Rachel Maddow Is Going on Hiatus From MSNBC For This Reason

Rachel Maddow has announced that she’ll be taking a leave of absence from MSNBC.

The 48-year-old newscaster revealed that she’s stepping back from the network for the time being and focusing on a few other projects that are part of her overall deal with NBCUniversal.

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Rachel Maddow Reveals She Underwent Surgery for Skin Cancer

Rachel Maddow is on the mend after being treated for skin cancer.

On Wednesday night (October 6), the 48-year-old political commentator opened up about her recent health scare on her The Rachel Maddow Show.

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Rachel Maddow Signs New Deal with MSNBC (Report)

Rachel Maddow is staying with MSNBC.

According to a new report from Variety, the 48-year-old news anchor has opted to stay with the network after negotiating a new deal that will keep her at the outlet beyond 2022.

It was previously reported earlier this month that she had been considering leaving the network in 2022 at the end of her contract.

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Rachel Maddow Is Possibly Leaving MSNBC in 2022

Rachel Maddow may be leaving.

The 48-year-old MSNBC anchor is reportedly considering leaving the network in 2022 at the end of her contract, via Variety.

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Rachel Maddow Reveals Longtime Love Susan Mikula Almost Died From COVID-19

Rachel Maddow is back on air.

The 47-year-old talk show host returned to hosting her show The Rachel Maddow Show from her home on Thursday night (November 19) after she took two weeks off after a “close contact” tested positive for COVID-19.

During her return, Rachel revealed that her longtime partner Susan Mikula was the one that battled the virus, and that it almost killed her.

Rachel started off by saying that the 62-year-old photographer is the “center of my universe” before adding, “My relationship with Susan is the only thing at the end of the day that I would kill or die for without hesitation.”

Rachel went on to say that Susan got “sick and sicker” after testing positive a few weeks ago.

“And at one point we really thought that there was a possibility that it might kill her,” Rachel admitted.

Rachel then shared an emotional plea with fans to take this virus seriously because it could kill someone you love.

“What you need to know is that whoever is the most important person in your life, whoever you most love and most care for and most cherish in the world,” Rachel said. “That’s the person who you may lose, or who you may spend weeks up all night freaking out about and calling doctors all over all over the place and over and over again all night long, trying to figure out how to keep that person, breathing, and out of the hospital.”

“I would have done anything, I would have moved mountains for it to have been me who was sick these past couple of weeks instead of Susan. I would still give anything for that,” Rachel said, while getting emotional. “But this thing does not give you that choice. You can’t say I’m willing to just get it myself and play the odds, you don’t get that choice.”

Rachel added, “It won’t necessarily be you. It’ll be the person you most care about in the world and how can you bear that? And all you can do to stop that is move heaven and earth to not get it, and to not transmit it.”

Rachel then shared that Susan is “recovering” from the virus, but admitted that it was “scary as hell” to think she could nearly lose the love of her life.

If you didn’t know, Rachel and Susan have been together since 1999.

A new study is showing some promising results for killing the virus.

Kamala Harris Reveals If She Saw The Fly On Mike Pence's Head During VP Debate Last Week

Rachel Maddow asked Kamala Harris the question we’ve all been wondering since the Vice Presidential debate last week with the Senator and VP Mike Pence – did she notice the fly on his head?

The MSNBC correspondent hosted Kamala on her show on Wednesday night (October 14) and asked her about it.

If you didn’t see, a fly had landed on Mr. Pence‘s head during the debate and it quickly spawned into memes and even an SNL skit. Presidential hopeful Joe Biden even got in on the jokes about the fly by doing this.

“I would kick myself if I didn’t just ask you, if you noticed the fly on Vice President Pence’s head, at the time during the debate?” Rachel asked. “We could see it at home, but could you see it, sitting next to him?” And if so, Maddow followed up: “Did you have the instinct to [shoo it away for him]?”

Kamala didn’t utter a word, but did shake her head up and down, before laughing with Rachel, who had burst into laughter about it.

“I think it’s important to find a way to move on… and fly away from this subject onto something else,” Kamala later stated, making a punny joke about it.

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Donald Trump's Niece Says She's Heard Him Use the N-Word & Anti-Semitic Slurs

Donald Trump‘s niece Mary Trump just released her bombshell book “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” and she’s opening up about his alleged history of making racist remarks.

Mary went on Rachel Maddow‘s MSNBC show on Thursday (July 16) and said that it was “sort of normal” to her people in her family use the N-word while growing up.

Maddow asked if the president “was an exception” to that or if she heard him use the N-word.

“Of course I did,” Mary replied. “And I don’t think that should surprise anybody given how virulently racist he is today.”

Maddow then asked Mary if she specifically heard the president say the N-word and any anti-Semitic slurs and she said yes to both.

Mary also made some big claims about how the president has cheated in the past.