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Simon Cowell Explains Why He 'Never' Wants Son Eric to Audition for 'America's Got Talent'

Simon Cowell is raving about his son’s talents – but that doesn’t mean he wants to see him on America’s Got Talent anytime soon!

Last month, Simon, 63, revealed that his 9-year-old son Eric, whom he shares with fiancée Lauren Silverman, has big plans of starting a rock band one day and hopes to audition for one of his dad’s talent shows one day.

In a new interview, Simon explained why he hopes Eric “never” auditions for AGT.

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'American Idol' Judges Ranked By Who Appeared on the Most Seasons (Including Several Judges You Probably Forgot About!)

There have been 21 seasons of American Idol so far (with another coming next year) and throughout those two decades, there have been 14 different people who have sat behind the judges table.

The longest reign in the judges chair is 12 seasons while three different judges only appeared on one season. We bet you totally forgot that some of these people were even on the show!

Another fun fact is that only three seasons of American Idol have had four judges while the other 17 seasons all had just three judges.

One thing that has remained constant throughout all 21 seasons is that Ryan Seacrest has been the host every single year. The first season he co-hosted with Brian Dunkleman and then he was a solo host for the remaining 19 seasons.

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Simon Cowell Says Son Eric Plans To Audition for 'Britain's Got Talent'

Simon Cowell‘s son, Eric, has revealed that he wants to audition for Britian’s Got Talent.

While promoting the live shows of America’s Got Talent, Simon opened up about Eric‘s desire and what his planned talent is.

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Every Celeb Guest at Taylor Swift's Second & Third L.A. Shows of Eras Tour 2023

Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour is the new celebrity hot spot!

Every night during the 33-year-old “You’re On Your Own, Kid” singer-songwriter’s record-breaking trek, dozens of superstars are spotted enjoying the show, often showing off their experiences on their own social media, or being pictured trading friendship bracelets from the VIP section.

Night 2 (August 4) and Night 3 (August 5) of Taylor Swift‘s LA stop at SoFi Stadium was definitely no exceptions, as several stars were seen singing and dancing along, as well as taking selfies with eager Swifties in attendance. (See who went to the first night!)

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36 Most Memorable Celebrity Feuds of All Time, Ranked

Interpersonal drama is just a part of everyday life, and it’s certainly no different when it comes to superstars.

Over the years, bitter rivalries and longstanding feuds have made its way into the entertainment industry for a variety of reasons – from creative differences at work, to angry name-calling and physical fights, to ongoing high-profile battles between exes.

There are some celebrity feuds that stick out from the rest, and have lived on in headlines for years. We’re taking a look back at all of those feuds.

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Every Judge Who Left 'American Idol' & Why - Find Out Why Judges Like Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul & Randy Jackson Left the Show

American Idol is a cultural institution, and Season 21 is coming to an end tonight (Sunday, May 21) at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

The reality TV competition show – which kicked off as Pop Idol in the U.K. before launching in America in 2012 – has since spread all around the world with a bunch of international versions, all boasting major superstars for judges.

After airing on Fox from 2002 to 2016 for 15 seasons, it was on hiatus for two years until 2018, when a revival of the series began on ABC, and it’s aired ever since.

Over the years, plenty of talent has judged and mentored the contestants all the way to the top. And one by one, all of them have eventually left the show to go on and do other things – even the last remaining original judge from the U.S. series.

We’ve rounded up all of the judges who have since departed from American Idol, along with the explanations they’ve given for why they left the show.

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2023 'America's Got Talent' Judges Announced: See Who's Returning & Premiere Date Revealed!

America’s Got Talent is coming back this month!

Season 18 of the hit variety talent competition series is set to arrive on May 30 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC, starting with auditions that took place earlier this year. The show will also air the next day on Peacock.

Fans are concerned about whether some of their favorite celebrities will be back at the judges table for another season, so it’s time to check in and see who’ll be back for AGT in 2023.

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