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Stacey Abrams' Newest Novel Being Adapted For Television Series

One of Stacey Abrams‘s novels is headed to the small screen.

The 47-year-old activist’s latest book, legal thriller “When Justice Sleeps”, is now being adapted for a television series with NBC Universal, according to Deadline.

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Stacey Abrams Talks About Creating Change & What She Wants to Do Next

Stacey Abrams is rightfully on the cover of the Changemakers Issue for Marie Claire‘s April 2021 issue.

The voting rights activist and former Georgia gubernatorial candidate has been credited with helping the Democrats regain control of the Senate thanks to her work in the state. Here is what she shared with the mag:

On her success: “My success is tied at the most base level with the success of my people, and my people are the South. My people are Americans. My people are people of color. My success can only ever be real if I’m doing it for the success of others.”

On defending voting rights: “I want to be defending voting rights. I want us to effectively leverage the census and redistricting, and I want us to serve the disproportionately harmed communities. I want us to rebuild the public infrastructure of the South, using COVID not as an excuse for what was broken but as a template for what we need to do right.”

On change: “Because there’s nothing permanent about the change that we’re making until people believe it’s a change they should defend and maintain. And so every election, every fight, you’ve got to remind people that they have the capacity to win, and you have to do it anew.”

On continuing her work in Georgia: “If you can do it [in Georgia], you can prove that it is possible in enclaves that have given up. If you can do this stuff in the Deep South— if you can elect a Black Southern preacher and a Jewish son of an immigrant to the U.S. Senate while Donald Trump sits in the White House, then, by God, everything else is possible.”

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Celebs React to Georgia Senate Race Results

The stars are speaking out amid a heated political race in the United States.

Celebs like T.I., Cher, Naomi Campbell, Billy Eichner and Mark Hamill are reacting to the incoming results from Georgia’s Senate race.

According to major news network projections, Rev. Raphael Warnock has won one of the two Senate seats up for grabs in the state over Senator Kelly Loeffler, a historic win as Georgia’s first Black senator.

The second race is still too close to call, between Republican senator David Perdue and Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff. Both seats are needed for Democrats to take control of the Senate.

Many celebrities are now speaking out about the results, with many celebrating the work specifically of Stacey Abrams in mobilizing voters in the state, as well as some mocking Mitch McConnell for losing control of the Senate.

This celeb wants to play Ossoff on SNL!

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David Boreanaz Disagrees With Stacey Abrams In The 'Buffy' Angel Vs. Spike Debate

David Boreanaz will always be Team Angel in the debate of just who Buffy Summers truly belonged with.

The 51-year-old SEAL Team actor weighed in on the debate brought up again by Stacey Abrams about who Buffy belonged with – Angel or Spike, who was played by James Marsters.

If you didn’t see, Stacey had commented about the television team romance and claimed that both of the vampires were right for Buffy, but just at different times in her life.

Many of the Buffy stars were quick to weigh in on the debate, including Alyson Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter and Nicholas Brendon.

Now, it’s David‘s turn.

“All I’ll say is this, man: True love is first love and first love is true love,” he shared with TheWrap. “Drop the mic. End of story. I don’t think we need to continue. I mean, it’s pretty simple, right?”

David continued, “Let’s think about that for really a second. Your first love is your true love, your true love is your first love. End of story. All due respect Stacey Abrams, I disagree. But you know, hey, you’re coming from the character’s mouth here. I think I’ll be the final word on it.”

Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, did react to Stacey‘s original tweet, but not about the love triangle. It was more excitement knowing Stacey was a fan of the series.

Sarah recently revealed that she and her two children, Charlotte and Rocky, were re-watching the series during quarantine.